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【2010安徽省卷】VIII. 补全对话(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)


A: What's the date today?

B: It's June 16.

A:  71 Then it's Dragon Boat Festival today, isn't it?

B: Yes. 72

A: Did you have rice dumplings this morning?

B: Sure. 73

A: I didn't.

B: What a pity! But I happen to have got some with me. 74

A: I'd love to. By the way, why do you call it Dragon Boat, Festival?

B: Because in China, people race dragon boats this day every year.

A: Oh, I see. 75

B: You are welcome.


A. We Chinese usually eat rice dumplings this day.

B. I hate eating rice dumplings.

C. Thank you for your rice dumpling.

D. I don't think so.

E. Would you like to have one?

F. Already?

G. How about you?


71.F 询问对方日期后对方回答"6月16日"。后面提到这一天是端午节。此时发出感叹 'Already?',意思是"已经(6月16日)了吗?"

72.A 由上文的端午节以及下文对方询问有没有吃水饺可知,此处是在向对方介绍中国人过端午节吃水饺的习俗。

73.G 'Sure'告诉对方自己今天早上吃过粽子了。根据下文对方的回答 'I didn't' 可知,此处是在询问对方有没有吃。'How about you?'意思是"你(有没有吃)呢?"。

74.E 上文说到A没有吃粽子而B恰好带了几个。根据下文A的回答'I'd love to.',可知'Would you like to have one?'询问对方要不要吃一个符合情境。

75.C 由下句You are welcome(不客气)可知此处是在表示谢意。



A: Hi, Li Jun. You were not at school yesterday.     56   

B: Oh, I had a headache and I had to ask for a sick leave.

A: Sorry to hear that.     57   

B: Yes, my mother took me to the hospital.

A:     58   

B: The doctor checked me over and said I had a cold.

A:     59    

A. Did you see the doctor?

B. Are you feeling better now?

C. Was it serious?

D. What was wrong with you?

E. What did the doctor say?

B: Yes, a little. The doctor told me to take the

medicine three times a day and have plenty of water.

A:     60   

B: Yes, much better. But I've missed so many lessons.

A: Don't worry about it. I'll help you later.

B: Thanks a lot.

【主旨大意】:这是一段师生对话,老师(A)询问学生Li Jun(B)昨天为什么没有上学。当得知Li Jun生病了后,老师关心询问其病情并安慰Li Jun,让他不要为落下的功课担心。

56.D Li Jun昨天没有上学,根据他的回答"我病了,要请假"可知'What was wrong with you?'(你怎么了?)符合情境,故选D。

57.A 根据Li Jun的回答"是的,妈妈带我去过医院了"可知问句为'Did you see the doctor?'。

58.E 由Li Jun的回答"医生检查过后说我有点感冒"可知问句为 'What did the doctor say?'(医生怎么讲),故选E。

59.C 问句为'Was it serious?',得知Li Jun感冒后A表示关心,询问严重不严重。从下文Li Jun的回答"是的,有点儿(严重)"可以确定。

60.B 由Li Jun回答"好多啦。"可知问句为"你现在感觉好点儿了吗?",故选B。

【2010福建?晋江】情景对话 (附加题)


  1. 当有人赞扬你发型漂亮时,你应该回应说_____________.

    A. Thank you.      B. That's right.             C. Where, where.


    A. Good afternoon!            B. Good night!      C. Good evening!


    A. How do you do?         B. Are you OK?             C. Are you sad ?


    A. Excuse me.      B. Never mind.         C. I'm sorry.


    A. No, thanks.         B. No, no, no.             C. Why not?

1.A 由于文化差异,东方人在听到赞赏、赞美时通常表示谦虚,而西方人通常会说'Thank you.'

2.B 'Good night!'意为"晚安",通常在夜晚使用,有告别之意。

3.B 'Are you OK?'意为"你没事吧",是表示对方的关心。

4.C 'Excuse me.'有少许致歉的成份,但通常在打扰对方或给对方带来不便时使用。'Never mind.'意为"别担心",通常用于安慰对方。而'I'm sorry.'用于由于过失之后,是实实在在的道歉。

5.A 拒绝对方善意的要求,需委婉且不忘致谢。

【2010湖北·咸宁】八、补全对话 阅读下面一则对话,在空白处填入适当的句子,使补全后的对话意思完整,结构合理,上下连贯。每个空白处只能填写一个句子。[有的小题可能有多个答案,请写出你最满意的那一句。](每小题2分,共8分)

A: Hi! You look unhappy. (78) ____________________?

B: I got very bad news from the News Report. It happened in Jiangsu Province.

A: What was it?

B:A crazy man entered a kindergarten and wounded(杀伤) 31 persons, including kids and teachers.

A: (79) ____________________. Something must be done to keep schools safer.

B: Right. (80) ____________________ when I grow up. Police can protect them from being hurt.

A: I think that's a good choice. (81) ____________________ if you want to be a policeman?

B: I am going to study harder and exercise every day to be stronger.

A: Oh, cool enough! I wish your dream come true.

B: Thank you.


78.What happened to you / What's the matter / What's wrong  / Anything wrong/What's your trouble / What's up。由上句的"你看起来不高兴"和下句的"我听到了坏消息,事情发生在江苏省"可以推测这里是在询问"你怎么了?出了什么事?"。

79.That's terrible / That's too bad / Bad enough / (I am) sorry to hear that/ How terrible。 上句说到有个发疯的人闯幼儿园杀伤了31名师生,令人震惊,所以感叹"真可怕啊!"。

80.I want/wish/plan/hope/would like to be/become a policeman/I'm going to /will be a policeman。 要采取措施制止校园暴力事件,我长大了"要或将要当警察",用want/wish/plan/ hope或将来时态。因为后面说到了"警察可以保护他们的安全"。

81.What are you going to do / How are you going to do that / What's your plan。 承接上文的"想当警察",且由下文的我将更加努力学习,所以这里是如果你想当警察"你将怎么办呢?"。





A:Hello! May I speak to Tom,please?

B:Speaking.  76   

A:This is Bill.I called you yesterday,but you were not at home.

B:  77   I need to prepare something for my trip to Shanghai.

A:Shanghai? That's where the World Exposition(世博会) is being held.How lucky you are!

B:So I am.  78   

A:I'II have a birthday party next Friday.Would you like to come?

B:  79   My plane will take off next Wednesday.

A:What a pity(遗憾) that you can't come!   80   

B:Thank you very much.Bye!


A.Who's that?

B.I'd like to, but I'm afraid I can't.

C.I'm buying something for my aunt.

D.Have a good trip!

E.1 was shopping at that time.

F.Who are you?

G.What did you call me for?

76.________  77.________  78.________  79.________  80.________

76—80 AEGBD

76.A 根据答语This is Bill可知此处是在询问"你是哪一位"。但需注意,根据电话应答的习惯,正确答案应为A项,而非F项

77.E 由上文"我昨天给你打电话了,但是你不在家"和下文"我需要为上海旅行准备一些东西"可知,此处是在解释当时在做什么。选项C的时态有误,需排除。故选择E项。

78.G 根据答语"我下周五举行一个生日晚会。"可知问句是"你给我打电话有什么事吗?"。因此,答案选择G项。

79.B 由下文 'My plane will take off next Wednesday '和'What a pity(遗憾) that you can't come!'可知"我去不了"。故选B。

80.D 根据对话所提供的情景以及下文的Thank you very much.可知此处是"祝你上海之行玩得快乐"。所以,答案为D项。



A:Hi, Li Yan! Have you ever been   81   the local library before?

B:You mean the one near the Dragon Tower?

A:That's the one.

B:I go to the English Comer in the library every Saturday.A lot of English lovers practice spoken English together.Why   82   you join us?

A:Sounds great! Could you tell me how to got there?

B:The No. 7 bus will take you right there.

A:How   83   is it?

B:It's about twenty minutes' ride.

A:  84   is the nearest bus stop?

B:Walk along the street.and take the first turning on the left.It's opposite the post office.You can't   85   it.

A:Thanks a lot.

B:You're welcome.

81.________  82.________  83.________  84.________  85.________

81. to 82. don't 83. far 84. where 85. miss


81.to        have bee to sp去过某地。

82.don't        上文告诉对方我每天都去英语角,有许多英语爱好者在那里一起练习口语。用反问的方式建议对方也参加。

83.far        由答语'It's about twenty minutes' ride.'知,询问距离有多远。

84.where        由答语可知此处询问地理位置。

85.miss        从上文可看出站台的位置很好找,你不会错过(miss)的。


     A B

46. Can you speak more slowly, please?         A. Go along this street to the end

47. I don't feel well today.             B. Thanks, but I am full..

48. Help yourself to some dumplings C. Sorry, I thought you can follow me.

49. Excuse me, how can I go to the Bank of China? D. OK ,it's a piece of cake.

50. Can you repair my watch ?                     E. You had better see a doctor.

答案:C E B A D


46.C 对方请求说慢点。说明没有注意,以为对方能跟上、听得懂。此时表示谦意,并加以解释。

47.E 对方说今天身体不舒服。'You had better see a doctor.'建议对方去看医生符合情境。

48.B 'Help yourself to some dumplings'这是餐桌上的客套话,要客人随意多吃点水饺。 'Thanks, but I am full.'表示了谢意并说已经饱了,符合情境。

49.A 对方问路。'Go along this street to the end'是向对方指路。

50.D 对方询问能否把手表修好。需要注意的是it's a piece of cake是俚语,意为"小事一桩"。


A. What's it made of?

B. How about the green one?

C .What do you think of it?

D .Why not try on a Chinese Tang costume?

E. How much is it?

A. So many nice coats! I can't decide which one to buy.

B. 51

A. Oh, it looks nice. 52

B. Let me see. It's more than 400 yuan.

A. It's too expensive. I prefer the pink one. 53

B. It's OK, but 54 . I know you want to appear special.

A. Good idea! 55

B. It's a silk one.

A. Perfect. I'll try it on.

答案:51-55 BECDA

51.B 顾客A说"这么多漂亮的外套,我都不知道买哪一件了",这时店主B提供了建议'How about the green one?'。

52.E 由店主B的回答"400多元钱"可以确定顾客A问'How much is it?'。

53.C 由店主B的回答It's OK(不错,还可以)可以推测顾客A在向店主征询意见。'What do you think of it'符合题意。

54.D I know you want to appear special(我知道你想要显得与众不同)。这句话说明店主B在迎合顾客的心理。想要显得独特时尚,与众不同,唐装是最佳选择。因此反问句'Why not try on a Chinese Tang costume?'符合题意。

55.A 由店主B的回答"这是一件丝绸的"可以确定顾客A问' What's it made of?'。


【2010甘肃?兰州】七、口语交际 (共5空;每空1分,满分5分)


A: You must be really excited about leaving for America tomorrow, Li Ping!

B: Yeah. 81______

A: Nervous about what?

B: I don't know many of the customs and manners in the USA. 82______

A: Sure.

B: 83______

A: Well, it's important to be on time when you're invited for dinner. 84______ Americans expect their guests to be on time.

B: Then how long may I stay there?

A: 85______ Or you seem to have come only for the meal. When your friends seem to be getting tired and running out of things, it's time to leave. The next day, call or write a thank-you note to say how much you enjoyed the evening.

A. It's good to stay at home for you.

B. After the meal, don't leave at once.

C. Could you give me a hand?

D. What rules do they have in America?

E. But I'm a bit nervous.

F. You're supposed to leave before the meal.

G. It's impolite to arrive late.

81.E 根据下文的Nervous about what?可以看出李平有些紧张。故选E。

82.C 根据"我对许多美国的风俗和习惯都不懂"和下面的回答'Sure.'可知此处是在寻求帮助。注意习惯用语'give a hand',意思是"帮一下忙"。故选C。

83.D 根据下文it's important to be on time when you're invited for dinner.可知上文问的是风俗礼仪。故选D。

84.G 根据下文Americans expect their guests to be on time.可知迟到是不礼貌的。故选G。

85.B 根据问句'Then how long may I stay there?'和下文''you seem to have come only for the meal'以及'When …,it's time to leave.'可以确定,此处是告诫用餐后不能立刻就走人。故选B。



Jack: Was the concert good?

Sadie: (96) ____

Jack: Why are you angry then? (97) ____

Sadie: Well, after the concert I waited outside the theatre—in the rain. I wanted their autographs.

Jack: Did you see them?

Sadie: (98) ____

Jack: Did they talk to you?

Sadie: No, they didn't. They didn't wave. They didn't smile. They didn't say hello. (99) ____ They just jumped into a big, black car and then disappeared.

Jack: (100) ____

Sadie: Yes. But that was yesterday.

  1. They didn't even look at us.
  2. No. You love them as before.
  3. Yes, it was great!
  4. What's the matter?
  5. Were they friendly to you?
  6. You once loved them so much.
  7. Yes, I did. 


1. C问句是有was引导的一般疑问句,所以答句应该用Yes, it was. 或No, it wasn't.回答,

2. D根据答句得内容是叙述的所以上一句应该是询问发生了什么事。

3. G句是由did引导的一般疑问句,所以答句应该回答yes, sb did. 或No, sb didn't.

4. A选项句式与上文相同、句意递进。

5. F根据下文句意:是的,那时昨天的事情了。所以上文应该说的是以前的事。根据上下文的意思可知"我以前很喜欢他们。"


M: You look unhappy. 61

W: Oh… my clothes are out of style. I don't look cool.

M: Well, maybe you should buy some new clothes.

W: Yes, but I don't have enough money.

M: Huh. 62

W: I can't, because my parents want me to stay at home every night. I argued with them about it.

M: Well, you shouldn't argue with your parents. 63

W: And guess what else is wrong?

M: What?

W: 64


A. My brother plays his CDs too loud! I can't go to sleep.

B. You should talk about your problems.

C. Maybe you could get a part-time job in the evenings.

D. What's wrong? 


61 D, M看W不高兴,所以会问怎么

62C W没钱买衣服,M建议做份业余工作挣钱。

63B M建议W和父母谈一下




A: Hi, David!      46      ? 

B: Hi, Sarah! I am going to see Anna. She is in hospital.

A:      47      ? 

B: She had a traffic accident on her way to school and was hurt.

A:      48      . Is there anything serious?

B: Yes, there is something wrong with her head.

A: Oh, my God!      49      . 

B: I hope so, too.

A:      50      ? 

B: Sure. Let's go!


答案:46.What are you going to do             47.What's wrong with her

48.I'm sorry to hear that         49.I hope she will be well soon

50.Can I go to see her with you




A. I'll take them.

B. Can you go to other shops?

C. I feel sorry about it.

D. May I have a look at other shoes?

E. How much are they?

F. I'd like a pair of shoes for my daughter.

G. She likes white and black. 

A: What can I do for you?

( ) B: 71

A: For your daughter? Look, the shoes are really nice. Do you like them?

( ) B: Yes. But I'm afraid my daughter doesn't like the color. 72

A: Sure. There are different kinds of shoes over there. What color does she like?

( ) B: 73 And black is her favorite.

A: What size does she need?

( ) B: Size 9. Let me see. Um, this pair of shoes must fit her. 74

A: They are not expensive, only 199 yuan.

( ) B: That would be fine. 75 Here is the money. Thanks very much!

A: You are welcome.


答案:71~75 FDGEA





(Mrs. Cook arrives home after shopping for food.)

Walter: Mom, I can't find my eraser.

Mrs. Cook: Again? That's the fourth (71) this month! Have you checked your pencil box?

Walter: Yes, but it's not there.

Mrs. Cook: Did you look (72) in your room?

Walter: Yes, I did.

Mrs. Cook: How about the living room?

Walter: It (73) be there. I was doing my homework in my room and didn't even go into the living room.

Mrs. Cook: Well, then, borrow one from your brother for now. I'll (74) you find it after I put all the food in the refrigerator.

Walter: OK.

Mrs. Cook: Walter! Look what I've (75) .

Walter: My eraser! Oh, I remember! I got some juice from the refrigerator, and...and....

Mrs. Gook: And put the eraser in the refrigerator.

Walter: Well, I don't remember that part.

Mrs. Cook: Well, take it, and be more careful next time.


答案:71. time 72. around 73. couldn't /can't 74. help 75. found

【四川·内江】口语应用(共5 小题,每小题1分,满分5 分)从对话后的选项中选择适当的选项补全对话,并将其正确答 案写在题后相应的横线上。

(X : Xiao Lin L : Lin Xin S : Salewoman )

X :Hello ,Lin Xin ! Where are you going ?

L : 71

X :To Junlin Mall ? 72

L : Don't you know what the date is tomorrow ?

X :Oh , I remember ! Tomorrow is Women's Day !

L : Yes , you're right ! I'm going to buy a gift for my mother . 73

X :Of course , I'd like to . Let's go to the mall together .

(At the shop )

X : 74

L : I think scarfs are the best ones .

X :That's great ! I agree .

L : How about these ones ?

X :They're beautiful .

X and L : 75

S:¥80 for each . They're¥160 in all .

X and L :Here you are .

A. How much are they ?

B. Would you like to get a gift for your mother ?

C. To Junlin Mall .

D. Can you go with me ?

E. What kind of gifts should we buy ?

F. What are you going to do there ?

G. Can I help you ?

71.__________ 72.___________ 73.____________ 74.___________ 75.____________



【2010福建?晋江】情景对话 (附加题)


  1. 当有人赞扬你发型漂亮时,你应该回应说_____________.

    A. Thank you.      B. That's right.             C. Where, where.


    A. Good afternoon!            B. Good night!      C. Good evening!


    A. How do you do?         B. Are you OK?             C. Are you sad ?


    A. Excuse me.      B. Never mind.         C. I'm sorry.


    A. No, thanks.         B. No, no, no.             C. Why not?

1.A 由于文化差异,东方人在听到赞赏、赞美时通常表示谦虚,而西方人通常会说'Thank you.'

2.B 'Good night!'意为"晚安",通常在夜晚使用,有告别之意。

3.B 'Are you OK?'意为"你没事吧",是表示对方的关心。

4.C 'Excuse me.'有少许致歉的成份,但通常在打扰对方或给对方带来不便时使用。'Never mind.'意为"别担心",通常用于安慰对方。而'I'm sorry.'用于由于过失之后,是实实在在的道歉。

5.A 拒绝对方善意的要求,需委婉且不忘致谢。



A:Hello, Charles.

B: Hello, Claire. Nice to see you here. How are you?

A: Fine, thanks, Where are you going for your summer holidays, Clarles?

B:76. . I'm going to stay with my uncle for three weeks.

A: You certainly are lucky. How are you going there?

B: By air, of course. 77 ?

A: I'm going to visit my grandparents in a small village.I go there every summer.

B:Sounds great! I've never been to the countryside.What do you do there?

A:I do many things·78 .·

B:It's fantastic! Are you going there alone?

A:N0.79 .By the way, what's John going to do this summer?

B:He says he's going to the mountains with his parents.Well,I've got to 90.Have fun,C1aire.

A:80 .I'11 see you in September.

76 To my hometown/Australia/Shanghai/

I'm going to my hometown/Australia/Shanghai/…

77 Where are you going(for your summer holidays)

What are you going to do this summer

What's your plan (for summer holidays)/What are your plans (for Summer

holidays)/What plans do you have (for summer holidays)/…

What about you/How about you/…

78 1 help my grandparents do farm work

I feed chickens,water plants and ride horses

l go swimming and boating/I play basketball or tennis/…

79 I'm going with my cousin/my brother/…

With my cousin/my brother/…

My cousin/brother/…is going with me

My parents/…are going with me …

80 You too(,Charles)/You,too

The same to you

Thanks(a lot)/Thank you(very much)/A lot of thanks


  1. 【2010黑龙江·鸡西】Choose the best response from A to F according to the sentences given. Each choice should be used only once.

    ( )51. Helena, how do you study English?

    ( )52. What do you think of your Chinese teacher?

    ( )53. John, I won the 400-meter race in the school sports meeting.

    ( )54. I got home late yesterday and missed the cartoon movie.

    ( )55. It's raining harder! Let's stand under that big tree.




    (A)51~55 ECFDA


    【2010黑龙江·鸡西】(B)Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

    A: Whose basketball is this?
    B: (56) ______________________. Look, here's his name Ted on it. Let's go and find him.

    A: I'm afraid he can't come to school today.

    B: (57) ____________________________________?

    A: He was hurt by a crazy person on the way to school and now he's in hospital.

    B: (58) ____________________________________. From his lesson, we get to know

    the importance of self – preservation (自我保护) . Do you think so?

    A: Absolutely. It's necessary for our school students to keep safe.

    (59) ____________________________________? He'll be happy to see us.

    B: OK. When and where are we meeting?

    A: At 5 o'clock this afternoon outside the school gate.

    B: All right. (60) ____________________________________.

    A: See you.

    (A)51~55 ECFDA

    (B)56.It must be Ted's.

    57. What's up?/ What's the matter?/ What's wrong?/ What happened?

    58. I'm sorry to hear that.

    59.What/How about going to see him?/Shall we go to see him?/

    Why not go to see him?/Why don't we go to see him?

    60. See you (then).



    Peter: Hi, Sally. Come and have a look at my photos.

    Sally: Are these the photos you took in Africa, Peter?

    Peter: 41 Look, this is a wildebeest. It's an animal in Africa.

    Sally: 42

    Peter: No, it doesn't. It only eats grass.

    Sally: Are there a lot of animals in Africa?

    Peter: 43

    Sally: Oh, this photo looks interesting. What are you doing there?

    Peter: 44

    Sally: Did you have a good time there?

    Peter: Of course. 45



  2. Yes, there are many.
  3. Yes, they are.
  4. I really enjoyed myself.
  5. Does it eat meat?
  6. I am riding the elephant. 






    41. B 解析:上文为be的一般疑问句,下文用相应的简略回答。

    42. D 解析:下文为一般现在时简略回答,上文为相应的一般疑问句。

    43. A 解析:上文为there be的一般疑问句,下文用there be作简略回答。

    44. E 解析:上文为现在进行时问句,下文用现在进行时作答。

    45. C 解析:上文为一般过去时问句,下文用一般过去时作答。

    【2010福建?龙岩】VII. 口语运用(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)

    第一节 从方框中选出最佳选项完成下面的对话。

    A: Good afternoon. Welcome to our restaurant.

    B: Thank you.

    A: Here is a table for two. 56

    B: Thank you. May I have the menu, please?

    A: OK. Here it is. (A few minutes later) 57

    B: Sure. We'll have Beijing Roast Duck and vegetable soup.

    A. It's 55 yuan.

    B. Some rice, please.

    C. Take a seat, please.

    D. May I take your order?

    E. Would you like something to drink? 

    A: 58

    B: Yes. Two cups of coffee, please.

    A: Anything else?

    B: 59

    A: OK. Thank you for your order.

    B: (Forty minutes later) May I have the bill, please?

    A: Let me see. 60

    B: Here you are.

    A: Thank you.

    56-60 C D E B A



    A:How are you?

    B: 16

    A:It's a great party, 17

    B:Yes,it is.Do you like the music?

    A: 18 I play this kind of music with my band(乐队).

    B:You're in a band?

    A:Yeah, 19

    B:Really? Well,I work on the Internet all my free time.

    A: 20

    B:You're right,it's cool.

    A.What do you mean?

    B.isn't it?

    C.That sounds good.

    D.Oh,no.What a pity!

    E.we play in our free time.

    F.I Iove it.


    答案:16.G 17.B 18.F 1 9.E 20.C



    A: Good morning, madam.

    B: 61

    A: You look worried. What's wrong with you?

    B: My daughter got lost when I did shopping in the market this morning. I've looked for her everywhere in the market, but I can't find her. What shall I do?

    A: 62 Tell us something about her. We can help you.

    B: Thank you,sir.

    A: Now please tell me how old she is.

    B: She's five years old.

    A: 63

    B: She's kind of heavy,and she has a round face and long curly hair.

    A: What color dress is she wearing today?

    B: 64

    A: What's your telephone number?

    B: It's 9256480.

    A: OK.We'll start to look for her right away. We'll call you as soon as we find her.

    B: 65




    1. 61.B互相问好62D,安慰话63A从下句可以看出是问长什么样64。F根据上举所问65C表示感谢

    【2010黑龙江·齐齐哈尔】Choose the best response from A to F according to the sentences given. Each choice should be used only once.

    (    )51 This is Kate speaking. May I speak to Mr. Brown?
    (    )52 You look weak. What`s the matter?

    (    )53 Hi, Jane. Could you tell me what day it is today?

    (    )54 I`m afraid I have to go now. Thank you for your coffee.

    (    )55 I`m sorry to keep you waiting so long.

    51E电话对话,请稍等52 D问怎么啦,应回答我患了感冒53A问星期几,应回答星期二54F谢谢你的咖啡,应回答不客气55C很抱歉让你等这么久,应当说不客气。

    【2010黑龙江·齐齐哈尔】Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

    A: Hi, Li Hua. Our summer holidays are coming. What are you going to do?


    A: Visit Shanghai? For the World Expo(世博会) in Shanghai?

    B: Quit right.

    A: You`re so lucky!(57)___________________________?

    B: By plane. I know you often go there. Could you tell me something about it?

    A: Of course.

    B: (58)_____________________________?

    A: It`s very hot. You`d better take a pair of sunglasses and some cool clothes.

    B: Thank you for your advice. It`s said the World Expo is quite wonderful. Would you like go with me?

    A: I`d love in, but I`m afraid I can`t. My grandfather is ill. I have to look after him.

    B:(59)____________________, I hope he will be better soon.,

    A: I hope so.. By the way, when are you leaving for Shanghai?

    B: Next week.

    A:(60)______________________! Bye-bye.


    答案:56 I`m going to visit Shanghai./ I`m visiting Shanghai./ I want to go to Shanghai./ I will visit Shanghai.

         57 How are you going there?/ How will go there?/ How will you go to Shanghai?/ How to get to Shanghai? How to get there?

         58 What`s the weather like there(in Shanghai)?/ How is the weather there(in Shanghai)?

         59 Sorry to hear that/ I`m sorry to hear that.

         60 Have a nice trip!/ Have a good trip/ Have fun!/ have a good time!/ Enjoy yourself!


    A:Where are you going for vacation?


    A: Hainan Island? 81_____________________,isn`t is?

    B:Yes, it is. But I don`t mind the hot weather because I like swimming and surfing.

    A: Sounds great. 82___________________________.

    B: For about two weeks — from June 28th to July 1lth. How about you? Where are you


    A:I'd like to go to Shanghai.


    A: Because, you know, the World Expo(世博) is going on Shanghai.

    B: 84________________________! It`s a good chance to learn about foreign countries.

    A:And it's also a good chance to know about our future life.

    B:That's ture.


    答案:80 I`m going to Hainan Island/ To Hainan Island/ Hainan Island

    81 It is very hot there

    82 Why/ Why did you choose Shanghai/ Why are you going to Shanghai

    83 How interesting/ exciting/ How lucky you are/ Lucky you/ What a great idea

    【2010四川·广安】第一部分 口语运用(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)







    Mr. Green:Hello! This is English-help Centre. 1

    Li Lei:Yes. I have some problems with English.

    Mr. Green: 2

    Li Lei:First, I can't speak English well.

    Mr. Green: 3 Why not join a language club to practice English?

    Li Lei:OK, I'll try it. Also I can't understand the teacher when she talks to the class.

    Mr. Green:Listening to more tapes will help a lot. Remembering the words of English songs also helps a lot.

    Li Lei: 4 I'll do that as much as possible.

    Mr. Green:You're welcome. 5

    A. Don't worry.

    B. I hope your English will improve soon.

    C. Can I help you?

    D. Thank you very much.

    E. What are your problems? 

    1.____________ 2.____________ 3.____________ 4.____________ 5.____________


    1.C 根据答语知道英语有问题需要帮助,故选C.

    2.E 根据答语陈述自己的问题,所以可以判断问话是E.

    3.A 根据上下文知道先安慰,另外根据选项知道选A. 

    4.D 由于自己得到了一些帮助所以感谢对方,所以选D.

    5.B 最后的祝福语言结束对话,另外根据选项只有选B.


    Tony:Hi, Joy. Would you like to help to save the environment?

    Joy: 6 What can I do?

    A. You can ride a bike.

    B. I don't know.

    C. Don't use plastic bags.

    D. What else?

    E. Try to recycle paper. 

    Tony:Well, first, you can start by turning off the lights.

    Joy:Yes. That's easy. Sometimes I turn on the lights without thinking. What's next?

    Tony:Second, listen. 7 Don't take a bus or a taxi if you don't have to.

    Joy:That will save money, too. 8

    Tony: 9

    Joy:Mm, newspapers, magazines, mails … We get a lot of paper at home. Good idea.

    Tony:And last, take a bag when you go shopping. 10

    Joy:OK. My parents do most of the shopping. I'll tell them.

    6.____________ 7.____________ 8.____________ 9.____________ 10.____________


    6. B 根据Tony的话和选项只有选B恰当.

    7.A 根据后句可以推断骑自行车而避免坐车,故选A. 

    8.D 根据Toy的话知道9选E,故8为D.

    9.E 根据Toy的话"Mm, newspapers, magazines, mails … We get a lot of paper at home."知道前面谈论内容是关于paper的,故选E.

    10.C 根据前后话可以判断是关于plastic bags的故选C.

    【2010甘肃.定西】八.补全对话(每空1分,共5分) 。


    A:We have many rules at school.

    B:______( 1 ) do we. For example, we have to ( 2 ) school uniforms every school day .

    A:We usually do, too. We are not allowed to play soccer at school because we don't have a soccer field.

    B:Oh, we are luckier than you. We have a big soccer field but we can only ( 3 ) it in P. E.

    A:Our teachers are very ( 4 ) to us but sometimes they are strict. I think it's good for us.

    B:I ( 5 ) with you. I'll miss them when I graduate.


    【2010解析】So do we.意思是"我们也一样",说这样的话一定是要有上文的,因为这是对上文的肯定。








    【2010解析】B对A的观点表示赞同,agree with sb同意某人。



    Jack: Was the concert good?

    Sadie: (96) ___________________

    Jack: Why are you angry then? (97) ___________________

    Sadie: Well, after the concert I waited outside the theatre—in the rain. I wanted their autographs.

    Jack: Did you see them?

    Sadie: (98) ___________________

    Jack: Did they talk to you?

    Sadie: No, they didn't. They didn't wave. They didn't smile. They didn't say hello.

    (99) ___________________ They just jumped into a big, black car and then disappeared.

    Jack: (100) ___________________

    Sadie: Yes. But that was yesterday.


    1. They didn't even look at us.
    2. No. You love them as before.
    3. Yes, it was great!
    4. What's the matter?
    5. Were they friendly to you?
    6. You once loved them so much.
    7. Yes, I did. 


    1.C 问句是有was引导的一般疑问句,所以答句应该用Yes, it was. 或No, it wasn't.回答,

    2. D根据答句得内容是叙述的所以上一句应该是询问发生了什么事。

    3. G句是由did引导的一般疑问句,所以答句应该回答yes, sb did. 或No, sb didn't.

    4. A选项句式与上文相同、句意递进。

    5. F根据下文句意:是的,那时昨天的事情了。所以上文应该说的是以前的事。根据上下文的意思可知"我以前很喜欢他们。"

    六. 补全对话 (本大题共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)


    ( It's Friday today. Bob and Dave are talking about their weekend plans.)

    Bob: Dave, the radio says it is sunny tomorrow. Do you have any plans?

    Dave: 71 . I want to go to the beach. 72 ?

    Bob: I'm going to do some sports.

    Dave: 73 .

    Bob: I like basketball best. I think it can help me grow taller.

    Dave: 74 .

    Bob: I will play it in the gym. By the way, who will you go to the beach with?

    Dave: I'll go with my parents.

    Bob: 75 ?

    Dave: We will go there by car.

    Bob: Have a good time.

    Dave: The same to you.

    答案:71. Yes,I do/ Of course/certainly. 解析:从后文可以看出是有计划。

    72. What are you going to do/ What about you


    73. What sport do you like best/ What's your favorite sport


    74. Where will you play it 解析:从回答可知问的是地点。

    75. How will you go there 解析:从回答可知问的是方式。

    【泸州市2011】完成对话 (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

    根据对话内容,在每个空缺处填入一个适当的词,使整段对话意思完整,并将答案完整地写在题后答题栏中对应题号的横线上。 (每空填一词)

    W: Excuse me, sir.

    M: Yes, what can I __56__ for you, madam?

    W: It's 12 o'clock. I have been here __57__ an hour to meet my father. But I saw all the passagers come out except __58__.

    M: Are you sure of the __59__ his flight arrives?

    W: Yes, I think so. He told me he would reach the airport __60__ about 1:00 this afternoon.

    M: That's true. Flight BA506 has just __61__.

    W: What? BA506? Well, I don't think it's __62__ flight number.

    M: Do you __63__ his flight number?

    W: It's VA407. I think … Oh, a minute, please. Here. I wrote __64__ on my notebook. Sorry, it's VA408.

    M: VA408? I see, madam the flight was to arrive at 1:00, but it will be two hours and twenty minutes late because of the bad weather in New York.

    W: OK. Then I will __65__ to wait longer. Thank you very much, sir.

    M: Good luck! Madam.

    56. ________ 57. _____ 58. ______ 59. _______ 60. _______

    61. ________ 62. _____ 63. _______ 64. ______ 65. _______


    56. do 客套用语:What can I do for you?意为:我可以为你效劳吗?\我能为你做点什么吗?

    57. for for+时间段, 是固定用法。

    58. him except是介词,后面接宾格形式。Him指代"父亲"。

    59. time 句意:你知道他的航班抵达的时间吗?time 意为"时间"。

    60. at 介词 at+几点钟,是固定用法。

    61. arrived 联系后文可知句意:BA506航班已经抵达了。

    62. his 由于作者根本不相信。可推知句意:我认为那不是他的航班。

    63. remember 联系下句可知询问:你记住他的航班号码了吗?

    64. it it 指代航班号码。

    65. have have to 意为"不得不;必须",句意:我将必须等待更长的时间。



    A: Hello, Betty. The examination is over. What are you going to do tomorrow?

    B: I'm not sure. 76.________________?

    A: I want to go to the Science Museum. B: Why do you want to go there?

    A: 77. ___________________,

    B: That sounds interesting.

    A: 78.______________________?

    B: Yes, I'd love to.

    A: Great! I'm sure we'll have a great time.

    B: 79. ___________________? I want to take some photos.

    A: I'm afraid you can't. We are not allowed to take photos inside the museum.

    B: Got it. Oh, 80.____________________________?

    A: At the gate of the museum. Be sure to get there before 9 o'clock.

    B: OK. See you then.

    76. How about /What about you? What are you going to do? What do you want to do? What's your plan?

    77. Because there is /there will be ... Because I want to go to ..,

    78. Would you like to go with me

    79. Can/May/Could I take a camera with me

    80. where shall we meet

    【2011.云南昆明】根据对话内容,在空白处写出恰当的句子,使句子连贯完整。 所写句子应与所给的标点一致。(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)

    John: Uncle Smith, this is John speaking. I'm sorry to call up so late, but may I speak to Jim?

    Smith: Jim is out. 86

    John: OK, please. Jim and I applied an adventure(冒险)tour competition on the Internet a week ago. Today I was told that we were accepted.

    Smith: Oh, that must be dangerous. 87

    John: Because we want to do sports and something exciting.

    Smith: You'd better not. 88

    John: Uncle Smith, don't worry. We can take good care of ourselves.

    Smith: 89

    John: Yes. We are ready for it.

    Smith: Good luck.

    John: 90

    Smith: OK. I'll tell him to call you back later.

    答案:86. Can/ May I take a message for you?

    87. Why do you want to do it? /Why?

    88. We will sorry about you.

    89. Are you ready for it?

    90. Thank you/Thanks/ Thank you very much

    【2011陕西】B) 根据下面对话中的情境,在每个空白处填入一个适当的语句,使对话恢复完整。

    A: Good afternoon, Tom. Where are you going?

    B: 81. I'm going (to the store) to buy some books/I'm going to the bookstore/ To buy books/ To the book store(book shop).

    A: Oh, to buy books? You are out! Why not go to the Readers' Room?

    B: The Readers' Room? 82. What (place) is it/ What is the Readers' Room ?

    A: It is a place where students can exchange() their old books with Others.

    B: That sounds great! 83. Where is it ?

    A: It's next to Renmin Hospital, across from City Park.

    B: Oh, it's a little far. 84. How can I get(go) there / Which bus can 1 take ?

    A: You can take No. 7 bus.

    B: How long does it take?

    A: 85. It lakes ten minutes (to get there)/ About ten minutes/Ten(10) minutes.

    B: Ten minutes isn't a long time. OK, I will go there. Thanks!


    A: Good morning. Sit down, please.

    B: Morning, doctor.

    A: What's the matter 81 you?

    B: I was caught in the rain yesterday. I've got a bad cough and my head hurts.

    A: Do you have a fever?

    B: Yes, My 82 is 380C. O fee; terrible.

    A: Oh, let me see... There's nothing serious. You just have a cold. Have a good rest, and you'll be fine soon.

    B: Thanks, I will. Any other suggestions?

    A: You 83 better choose your clothes according to the weather report. The weather often changes in summer.

    B: 84 will the weather be tomorrow?

    A: Now, we're in the season of rain. 85 still be rainy tomorrow. When you go out, please take an umbrella.

    81. _______ 82. _______ 83. _______ 84. _______ 85. _______

    81. capital 82. Over 83. population 84. Different 85. symbol


    【2011湖南湘潭】第三节 补全对话 根据上下文把下面的对话补充完整。(共5个小题,每小题2分)

    A: What are you going to do after the exams?

    B (76) . Do you have any good ideas?

    A: Yes l went to relax myself .So I want to go on a trip

    6: Sounds great! (77) ?

    A: I'd like to go somewhere interesting and exciting.

    6: There is a new zoo in Changsha (78) ?

    A: No, I haven't .What about you?

    B: (79) . But my cousin went there last week. He told me people could watch the animals there in a more natural environment.

    A Really? That sounds interesting. Let's go to the zoo together B: OK. We can go there by bus tomorrow.

    A (80) ? It's not too far from here. And riding a bike is a kind of good exercise .

    B. OK I can't wait.

    76. I've no idea /I'm not sure /I don't know / I'm going to... 77 Where would you like to go?

    78 Have you ever been there?

    79. Me neither / Neither have I /I haven't been there, either.

    80. Why not ride a bike? / Why don't we ride a bike?/ What about riding a bike?



    A: Why are you so excited. Wang Hua?

    B: Don't you know? Li Na has won the French Open.

    A: 21 ?

    B: The French Open is a very important tennis match in the world.

    A: Then it must be difficult to win the match, isn't it?

    B: 22 .It's the first time for China to win the match. It's really worth watching.

    A: Oh, really? 23 !I missed it.

    B: Don't worry. 24 .

    A: On the Internet? 25 !I'll watch the match tonight.

    21. What is the French Open/What is it/What does the French Open/it mean? 22.Yes/Yes, it is./Yes, of course./Sure. 23.What a pity!/That's too bad/Too bad. 24. You can watch it on the Internet. 25.Good idea./Great!/Wonderful.


    (Tony is talking to his net friend Mark on QQ. )

    Tony: Hello, Mark. _____ (76) are you today?

    Mark; Fine, thanks. I've just____ (77) my homework.

    Tony: How many classes did you have this morning?

    Mark: ____(78). Math, English, Music and P.E..

    Tony: Do you like the P. E. class?

    Mark: Of ______ (79). I like playing basketball very much. My favorite basketball _____ (80) is Yao Ming.

    Tony: Did you have any classes this afternoon?

    Mark: Yes, we ____(81) two. After that I played basketball with my classmates.

    Tony: Really? I played basketball, ____ (82). We had a game with Class 2 this afternoon. Mark: ____ (83) you win the game?

    Tony: No, we didn't. I hate to lose. I'm not_____(84) at basketball, you know.

    Mark: Don't be sad. You should always practice it.

    Tony: You ____-(85) right. Thank you.

    76. How 77.finished/done 78.Four 79. course 80. player/star 81.had 82.too 83. Did 84.good 85. are

    【2011郴州】IV. 写作技能 (两部分,共计25分)


    M: Good morning, doctor.

    W: Good morning, Jack. You don't look well. 71_____________.    

    M: I have a sore throat. W: Have you got a fever?

    M: 72____________. My temperature is a little high.

    W: When did it start?

    M: 73________________.

    W: Did you have any medicine?

    M: No, I didn't. 74 ______________?

    W: You should drink some tea with honey, and take the medicine. You will feel better soon.

    M: 75________________.    

    W: You're welcome.

    71. What's the matter / the trouble / wrong (with you)? / ???

    72. Yes (, 1 have).

    73. It started two days ago. / Yesterday. / Last night / ???

    74. What should I do? / What can I do? / Can you give me some advice? / ??

    75. Thank you (very much). / Thanks (a lot). / ???

    【2011黑龙江齐齐哈尔】 ( B ) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

    A: Good morning, madam!

    B: Good morning, sir!

    A: You look worried. (56) ?

    B: My son got lost when I was talking with my friend in the park. I've looked for him everywhere, but I can't find him. What shall I do?

    A: (57) . Tell us something about him, and we can help you.

    B: Thank you, sir.

    A: Now please tell me (58) .

    B: He's six years old.

    A: (59) ?

    B: He's thin and tall with big eyes.

    A: What is he wearing today?

    B: He's wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

    A: (60) ?

    B: It's 13803677057.

    A: OK. We'll call you as soon as we find him.

    B: Thank you very much.

    56. What's wrong with you / What's the matter (with you) / What's your trouble / What's the trouble (with you)/ What's up / What happened

    57. Don't worry / Take it easy / Don't be (too) nervous/ upset / worried / sad

    58. how old he (your son) is/ what his (your son's) age is

    59. What does he (your son) look like / What's he (your son) like

    60. What's your telephone (phone) number/ Your telephone (phone) number, please


    Bob: Hi! How are you doing?

    Tom: 71.

    Bob: I heard you went somewhere for vacation.72. ?

    Tom: well, I went to Hainan Island.

    Bob: 73. ?

    Tom: Yes,I went there with my parents.

    Bob: 74. ?

    Tom: By plane.

    Bob: 75. ?

    Tom: We stayed there for five days.There are many exciting things there,especially diving in the real sea!

    Bob: That sounds great! I hope I can go there some day.


    71.Very good.

    72.Where did you go?

    73.Did you go there with your parents?

    74.How did you go there?

    75.How long did you stay there?


    David: Oh, the fridge is empty, so we have to go out for __81__ tonight.

    Susan: What __82__ the French restaurant on Broadway Street?

    David: Oh, no. Maybe it's the best in town, but it's too __83__.Let's go to a cheaper one.

    Susan: There's a new restaurant called Tortilla Flat.

    David: Where is it?

    Susan: It's on Hope Street, just __84__ to the post office.

    David: We'd better hurry. It's already 7 pm, and most restaurants stop serving food by 9 pm.

    Susan: Don't worry. We can __85__ the restaurant in 5 minutes.

    81. dinner 82. about 83. expensive/ dear 84. next 85. reach

    ( 2011大庆)VI. Communication (本题共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)

    Complete the dialogue with proper words, one word for each blank.

    A: I'll miss you, Diana!

    B: Oh, I feel just the 51 ! We must try to continue our friendship, even though we will no 52 be at school together.

    A: Yes. I wish we weren't going to different senior high schools. I feel really sorry to have to say 53 to you and all our other old friends.

    B: We'll make new friends, too, though! But let's promise to stay in 54 . We may not see each other so often, but we can get together in the summer vacation.

    A: Yes, that's a good 55 . And think of all the happy times we'll have then!

    51.____52. ____53. ____ 54. ____ 55. ____

    答案:51.same 52.longer 53.goodbye 54. friendship 55.idea


    【2011福建福州】Ⅱ. 用恰当的词语填空,完成对话。每空一词。(每小题1分,共5分)

    A: Hello! 68307142.

    B: Hi, Judy! 101 is Tony.

    A: Good afternoon, Tony! How is it going?

    B: Very 102 , thanks. I'm calling to ask where you had your family party last week.

    A: At Hilton Restaurant. Why?

    B: I'm 103 for a proper restaurant. Some of my friends want to get together for a big dinner.

    A: Hilton Restaurant opened last month. It's a little bit expensive, but it's 104 the money.

    B: Is the restaurant 105 from my home?

    A: No, it isn't.

    B: Thank you very much.

    A: You are welcome.

    Ⅱ. 101. This 102. well 103. looking 104. worth 105. far


    A: What do you want for breakfast?

    B: I want 96 .

    A: If you don't eat anything, you'll 97 at school.

    B: I've got some chocolate in my bag.

    A: Oh, Sam, if you don't eat properly, you'll get sick.

    B: OK, I'll eat an apple as well.

    A: 98 is not enough. It's a long time until lunch.

    B: But Mum, I'm not hungry.

    A: It doesn't matter. You must eat something. It's good for you.

    B: OK, but it must be quick.

    A: Here's a sandwich and 99 .

    B: OK. I'll drink the milk, but I'll take the sandwich with me and eat it on the bus.

    A: Tomorrow you must get up earlier.

    B: Mum, I must go. I'll 100 if I don't go now.

    A: Bye.

    B: Bye.

    96. nothing         97. be hungry         98. Eating an apple/ It/ That     

    99. some/ a glass of milk                 100. miss my bus/ be late



    A: Hi, Tom! Tomorrow is Sunday. What are you going to do?

    B: I've no idea. 21_____?

    A: I'm going to work on my uncle's farm. Would you like to come with me?

    B: 22_______. How far is it?

    A: About 10 kilometers.

    B: 23.________?

    A: We can go there by bus.

    B: How long will it take us to get there?

    A: About half an hour.

    B: 24._______?

    A: Let's meet at the bus stop at 7 o'clock.

    B: 25_____. See you then.

    A: See you tomorrow.


    21. What about you? 22. Yes, I'd love to. 23. How can we go there?

    24. Where and when shall we meet? 25. OK.

    【2011邵阳IV. 写作技能


    A)完成对话 通读对话,然后根据上下文补全对话内容。(共5小题,每小题2分)

    A: Li Hua, the summer vacation is coming ___66____?

    B: I'm going to visit my grandparents in the countryside.

    A: Oh. I've never been to the countryside. It must be fun.

    B: Of course. ___67____?

    A: I'm going to visit some famous universities in Beijing.

    B: ___68____?

    A: I'm going to Tsinghua University, Peking University. By the way, how will you go to the countryside?

    B: ___69____.

    A: I hope you'll have a good time. Will you please e-mail me some photos of countryside?

    B: ___70____.


    A ) 66. What are you going to do?

    67. Where are you going?

    68. Which universities will you visit?

    69. By bus.\ By car.\ By bike…

    70. Thanks, I will.

    第三节 补全对话 根据上下文的意思,把下列对话补充完整。(共5个小题,每小题1分)

    A: (75)_____________________________?

    B: Yes, please. I want a sweater for my daughter.

    A: Look! Here are some sweaters for girls.


    B: Size M.

    A: Do you like this red one?

    B: Yes. My daughter likes red best.


    A: $25.

    B (78)____________________.

    Do you have any cheaper ones?

    A: How about this one? It's only$18.

    B: Ok, I'll take it. Here's the money.(79)_________.

    A: You're welcome.

    75. Can I help you? / What can I do for you?

    76. What size do you want / need? / What size would you like? / What size?

    77. How much is it? / What is the price?

    78. It is a little / too expensive / dear.

    79. Thanks. / Thanks a lot. / Thank you.


    2011湖北黄冈】第二节 补全对话(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分)

    ( Han Mei is our monitor. She' s talking to Li Ming. ) Han Mei = H Li Ming = L

    L:Hi, Han Mei, you look unhappy. 87.__________________?

    H: I am going to the hospital. Our English teacher Mrs. Gao is ill and now in hospital.

    L: 88. ______ What's the matter?

    H; She has a terrible stomachache.

    L: 89. ______________?

    H: Three days ago. She is always around us before exams. She is too busy to see the doctor. We'd better go and see her tomorrow. 90. __________?

    L: What about fruits and flowers? You know, some presents are never too small. She treats us all as her own children.

    H: I agree with you. 91.___________?

    L: Outside the hospital gate at 8:30 a. m.

    H: 8: 30? It's too early. Let's make it 10:00 a. m. Some classmates live far from the hospital.

    L: OK. By the way, remember to tell the others about it by using QQ.

    H: Yes, I will.

    答案:87. What happened?

    88. She is in hospital. 89. When did she have a terrible stomachache? 90. What should we take? 91. When and where will we meet?

    【2011湖南怀化】第二节 完成对话 请根据自己的实际情况完成你与主考老师之间的虚拟口试。(共5个小题,每小题2分)

    T = Teacher Y = You

    T: Now, may I ask you some questions about your family?

    Y: Sure.

    T: How many people are there in your family?

    Y : (66)______________________________ .

    T: Well, who are they?

    Y: (67)______________________________ .

    T: By the way, what is your father?

    V: (68)______________________________ .

    T: Then, where does he work?

    Y: (69)_______________________________ .

    T: Um. Does your mother work too?

    Y:(70)________________________________ .

    1 : Oh. what a happy family you have!

    Keys: 根据个人实际情况,写出答案。

    【2011贵州安顺】D. 根据汉语提示完成对话。

    A: Mr. Wilson, (16) ___________? (你来安顺多久了?)

    B: Three days.

    A: (17) ___________? (你游览过哪些风景区?)

    B: Huangguoshu Waterfall and Dragon Palace.

    A: (18) ______________? (你觉得我们这座城市怎么样?)

    B: It's beautiful and quiet. It has changes a lot during the past two years.

    A: Oh? (19) ________. (好像你很了解我们这座城市。) Have you ever been here before?

    B: Yes. I came here to give a report on food safety two years ago.

    A: Then this time you are here for …?

    B: Just for a holiday.

    A: I'm very glad you like our city. (20) _____. (希望你玩得高兴)

    B: Thank you.

    答案:16. how long have you been in Anshun

    17. Which places of interest have you visited

    18. What do you think of our city/How do you like our city

    19. It seems that you have known our city/it very well

    20. I hope you will have a good time/ have fun/enjoy yourself

    Have a good time/ Have fun/Enjoy yourself



    A: Hello, Lin Feng. (1)____________

    B: Oh, hello, Li Lei. I'm going to watch the football match between our Chinese team and the Korean


    A: Oh, that's such an important match. I don't want to miss it. (2)____________

    B: Of course. Let's go.

    A: It seems that you like football very much. Do you like P.E.?

    B: (3)____________

    A: Why not?

    B: Because the teacher just lets us play games ourselves. What about you?

    A: I like it very much. (4)____________

    B: You are lucky.

    A: (5)____________

    B: Yes, having sports can make us healthy.

    A: That's right. I agree with you.

    1. Where are you going? /What are you going to do? /Why are you in such a hurry?

    2. Can I go with you?

    3. No, I don't. / I don't like it at all. / I'm not interested in it. / Not at all.

    4. Our teacher teaches us a lot in P.E. lessons./ We have many kinds of activities in our P.E. lessons.

    5. Do you like (having) sports?/ Do you often do sports?/ You are good at sports, aren't you?

    2011襄阳六、完成句子 (本大题满分14分,每小题2分)


    66. ---- Can you come to my birthday party?

    ---- Sorry, I can't. I . (have)

    67. ----Does he do exercises every day?

    ----Yes. It evry morning. (take)

    68. ---- Do you know anything about the singer?

    ----Yes. I hear she at the age of six. (sing)

    69. ----- Did you go to the movie last night?

    ---- Yes. But by the time I got there, the movie . (for).

    70. ---- I've waited here for along time. It's too late.

    ---- Bon't worry. You . (until)

    71. ---- what do you think of the hotel?

    ----They . (enough)

    72. ---- Could you tell me ? (put)

    ---- Sorry, I don't know.

    66. have to (stay at home and/to) look after (take care of/ care of) my grandmother at home

    67. takes him half an hour to run to keep (stay) fit(healthy) to make his body strong

    68. began (started) to be (become) interested (take an interest) in singing foreign songs

    69. had been on for more than (over) ten minutes

    70. won't (can't/aren't going to) leave (aren't leaving) (here) until you are called (someone calls you)

    71. serve(d) (us) warmly enough to make us feel at home

    72. if (whether) the math (game/competiton) should b put off (we should put off the match/game/competiton) because of the rain (because it will rain/it is raining)

    【2011湖南长沙】Ⅳ写作技能 (三部分,共11小题,计30分)

    第一节 完成对话 通读下面的对话,根据上下文补全对话内容。(共5小题,计10分)

    W:What are you going to do for your vacation, Jack?

    M:I'm going to travel with my sister in Italy.

    W:Oh, a great country! 66___________?

    M:It's always sunny and warm.

    W:67 ___________?

    M:We are going to leave on July 15 th.


    M:We'll stay there for a few days.

    W:What are you going to do there?


    W:Oh, that's wonderful. Have a good time!

    M:Thank you. Goodbye!


    答案:66 How about the weather there?

    67 When are you going to leave?

    68. How long will you stay there?

    69. We are going shopping and visiting some famous places . or We are going to the beach.

    70. Goodbye.


    第一节 补全对话(每题2分,共10分)

    A: 71 . Could you please tell me the way to the post office?

    B: Sure. Go down the road and then turn left. It's next to Xinhua Bookstore.

    A: 72 ?

    B: It's about 10 minutes' walk. A: Can I take a bus?

    B: 73 .

    A: 74 bus can I take?

    B: The No.9 bus or the No. 12 bus.

    A: I see. Thank you very much.

    B: You're 75 .

    71. Excuse me 72. How far is it? 73. Certainly/Sure 74. Which 75. welcome

    (2011 湖南衡阳 )B)补全对话。根据下面的对话情景,在每个空白处填上一个适当的句子,使对话的意义连贯、完整。(共5小题,计10分)

    A: Hi, Wang Lin! 68______________________________________?

    B: My weekend was great. I felt very happy.

    A: 69__________________________________________________?

    B: I went to a small village. I visited my grandpa with my parents.

    A: 70__________________________________________________?

    B: Yes. It's a little far. It's about forty kilometers away.

    A: What did you do there?

    B: I did many things.71_______________________________________.

    What about your weekend?

    A: 72__________________________.I didn't have any fun. I just stayed at home and did my homework.

    68、How was your weekend?

    69、Where did you go?

    70、Is it far?

    71、Such as I played football, went fishing and so on.

    72、That was terrible.



    A: Morning! What can I do for you?

    B: We'd like to make a trip for a weekend holiday, please.

    A: There are many travel paths. (1)

    B: We'd like to choose Jinggang mountains.

    A: It's really worth visiting. (2)

    B: We're not sure. Which hotel do you think is comfortable?

    A: The Holiday Home is very good. What's more important, (3)

    B: We don't want to live in an expensive hotel. That's what we'll do.

    A: (4)

    B: OK. I'll ask my wife to fill in this form. By the way, is it all right if we pay by credit card?

    A: (5) Enjoy your weekend.

    B: Thank you.

    1. Which(path/one) would you like to choose?

    2. Which hotel do you want to live/stay in?

    3. it's quite/very)cheap/it's not expensive.

    4. Will/Could you please fill in this form?

    5. Sure./Certainly./Of course./Yes, it is quite all right.



    81. What can you see in the picture?

    We can see that a school a skating Marathon.

    82. How many people are there in the picture? And who are they?

    There are seven. Five are students and the of them are .

    83. What are the they doing?

    A man and a woman are Alison, most students are skating and two of them are on the ground.

    84. What is Alison doing?

    He is the woman's .

    85. When did Alison started skating?

    He started skating hours .

    答案:81. is holding 82. rest; reporters 83. interviewing; resting 84. answering; question 85. five; ago


    Police: Miss Snow, can you tell me what happened to you yesterday evening?

    Miss Snow: I was attacked (攻击) .

    Police: Now, what do you remember about the 1 ?

    Miss Snow: Well, I was so 2 the whole day yesterday that I couldn't stop my job for a 3 until I finished it very late in the evening.

    Police: What time did you 4 your office?

    Miss Snow: At a quarter past nine.

    Police: Are you 5 ?

    Miss Snow: Oh, yes. I wear a watch every day.

    Police: What did you do then?

    Miss Snow: Well, I closed the door and quickly went 6 to the first floor. When I got to my car I found that I hadn't 7 the door of the office.

    Police: Did you go back then?

    Miss Snow; Yes, I quickly returned to my office. At the door I was about to take out my 8 from my purse when suddenly 9 from behind hit me on the head.

    Police: Did you see the person 10 at that moment?

    Miss Snow: No, it was dark then and he wore a stocking(长筒袜) over his head.

    Police: OK. Thank you Miss Snow, please take care!

    答案:1. accident/attack 2. busy 3. break/rest 4. leave 5. sure

    6. down 7. locked 8. key 9. somebody/someone 10. clearly


    (2011湖南岳阳中考)B)完成对话 通读下面的对话,然后根据上下文不全对话内容。

    Gina: Hi, Mary. Your skirt is so beautiful.

    Mary: Thank you very much.

    G: 71 ?

    M: I bought it in Yunnan.

    G: Yunnan? Oh, you are so lucky.72 ?

    M: Yes, I went there last summer. I had a good time.

    G: 73 ?

    M: It was sunny and warm. I visited many beautiful places.

    G: 74 ?

    M: The people there are very friendly and kind.

    G: I hope to visit it one day.

    M: I'm sure you'll love it.

    G: I think I will. Oh, I'm afraid I must go now. See you.

    M: 75 .

    71. Where did you buy it?

    72. Did you go there last summer?

    73. How was the weather there?

    74. What do you think of the people there?

    75. See you!

    【2011湖南益阳】 通读下面的对话,然后根据上下文补全对话内容。

    A: Good afternoon, Miller! 66 ?

    B: I'm drawing a horse.

    A: A horse? Can you let me have a look?

    B: 67 . Here you are.

    A: Oh, the horse looks very nice. Do you often draw in your free time?

    B: 68 .

    A: Do you like drawing?

    B: Yes. I like drawing very much.

    A: 69 ?

    B: Because it's very interesting. And my art teacher is very kind to me.

    A: 70 ?

    B: I have an art lesson once a week.

    66. What are you doing?

    67. Sure/Certainly/Of course/No problem

    68. Yes, I do.

    69. Why

    70. How often do you have an art lesson?



    A: Welcome to I COOL, YOU COOL, madam. How can I help you?

    B: ___71____

    A: This way, please. These are the latest fashion.___72____

    B: It looks cool. But I don't like bright green.

    A: We've got other colors: pink, grey ,dark red and yellow.____73____

    B: Pink. Could you show me that light pink one?

    A: ____74____ And it's very thick.

    B: I like it.___75____

    A: It was 100 dollars and now it's only 80 dollars.

    B: That's a great price. I'll take it.

    A. What's your favourite?

    B. How much is the bright green one?

    C. Certainly! It's very beautiful, isn't it?

    D. How much does it cost?

    E.I want to buy a coat.

    F. Yes, I think it's my size.

    G. What do you think of this one? 









    71-75 EGACB




    A: Excuse me. ___56____

    B: Yes, there is. It's on the Fifth Street.

    A: ___57__

    B: You can take a No. 6 bus.

    A: ___58___

    B: It will take five minutes.

    A: —59—

    B: Maybe fifteen minutes' walk.

    A: Thank you very much.

    B: ___60__

    A. How about walking?

    B. Is there a bank near here?

    C. With pleasure.

    D. How long will it take to get there by bus?

    E. How can I get there?

    56. B 57. E 58. D 59. A 60. C


    【2011贵州贵阳】B. 补全对话,从所给选项中选择五个选项填空,使对话完整,并将答题卡上该选项涂黑。

    A. You can start by turning off the lights.

    B. We get a lot of paper at home,

    C- You'd better clean your room every day.

    D. Turn off the shower.

    E. Can I help you?

    F. Don't use plastic bags.

    G. Don't take a bus if you don't have to.

    A; Hi, Janet. Would you like to help save the environment?

    B: Yes. But what can I do?

    A: Well. 51

    B: Yes, that's easy. Sometimes I turn on the lights without thinking. What' s next?

    A: Second, you can ride a bicycle. 52

    B: That will save money, too. What else?

    A: Third, try to recycle paper.

    B: Mm. Newspapers, magazines, mail... 53. Good idea.

    A: The fourth idea is turning off the shower when you're not using it.

    B: You mean when I have shampoo in my hair?

    A: Yes. Get wet. 54 Put the shampoo in your hair and then turn on the shower and wash it out.

    B: Will that help the environment?

    A: Yes, we have to save water. And fifth, take a bag when you go shopping. 55

    B: OK. My parents do most of the shopping. I'll tell them.


    【2011湖南湘西】 完成对话 从方框中选出恰当的句子回答问题。(共5小题,计5分)

    A: It's raining.

    B: I'm reading.

    C: He's playing basketball.

    D. She's cooking.

    E. Great! 

    61. How's it going?

    62. What's she doing?

    63. How's the weather?

    64. What are you doing?

    65. What's he doing?


    61. E 62. D 63. A 64. B 65. C



    【2011福建莆田】Ⅱ. 补全对话 从方框中所给的选项中选择正确的句子补全对话。(10分)

    A. How often should 1 take the medicine?

    B. Yes, I do.

    C. I have a bad cold.

    D. Good afternoon, young man.

    E. About two days.

    A: Good afternoon, Doctor Huang.

    B: 38 What's wrong with you?

    A: 39

    B: Do you have a cough?

    A: 40 I cough now and then.

    B: How long have you been like this?

    A: 41 And I'm feeling terrible now.

    B: Let me check you over. Oh, you have a fever, too.

    A: Is it serious?

    B: Nothing serious. Take this medicine and drink more water.

    A: 42

    B: Three times a day. Have a good rest and you'll be all right soon.

    A; Thanks a lot.

    B: Not at all.

    38. _________39. _________ 40. _________ 41. _________ 42. _________

    38—42 DCBEA

    【2011云南昆明】五、补全对话 根据对话内容从方框内的七个选项中选择五个适当的选项补全对话,并将其字母代号填入答题卡中相应题号的横线上。(本大题共5小题,每小题1分,共5分)

    A: Sally, are you free tomorrow evening?

    B: (71) __

    A: Why not go to the movies?

    B: ______________ I like seeing movies very much.

    A: ______________

    B: Well, I like comedies because they are funny.

    What about you?

    A: I like them, too. I hear Mr. Bean is on. ___________.

    B: Sure. Let's meet at seven o'clock tomorrow evening.

    A: Oh, it's a little earlier.

    1. That's a good idea.
    2. Yes, I am.
    3. I'm afraid I have no time.
    4. How about half past seven?
    5. What kind of movies do you like?
    6. Where will we meet?
    7. Would you like to go to the movies with me? 

    B: ______________

    A: OK. See you tomorrow evening.

    B: See you.





    答案:B AEGD



    It is the Lantern Festival(元宵节) today. Lin Jie comes to me his American friend Jim.

    Jim: Hi, Lin Jie. Nice to see you.

    Lin Jie: Hi, Jim, 76. Here are some sweet dumplings for you.

    Jim: Sweet dumplings? 77. Wow, thanks! I know people eat them on the Lantern Festival.

    Lin Jie: How great you are! 78. What else do you know about this festival?

    Jim> Well, on the day people will watch lantern shows at night and guess the riddles On the lanterns. This festival is on the 15th of the first, lunar (农历) month. It is handed down from Tang Dynasty, 79. You know I really love Chinese culture.

    Lin Jie: So glad to hear that! I am proud of you. Now it's time to cook the delicious food. 80. I hope you will like it.

    What else do you know about this festival? I'm fine.

    Here are some sweet dumplings for you. I hope you will tike it.

    Do you want to know too re about it? Wow, thanks!

    You know I really love Chinese culture,








    1. It's Susan here.
    2. I've got my computer.
    3. Is that Alice?
    4. When shall we meet?
    5. It's bad for your eyes.

    Alice: Hello?

    Susan: Hello. 41

    Alice: Yes, it is.

    Susan: 42 Would you like to go to the bookstore

    with me tomorrow? I'd like to buy some books.

    Alice: Sorry. I don't need any books. 43

    I can read books on the Internet.

    Susan: Yes, but you can't always read on the computer. 44

    Alice: Oh, I see.

    Susan: And in the bookstore we can find many wonderful books.

    Alice: OK. I'll go with you. 45

    Susan: What about three o'clock tomorrow afternoon?

    Alice: Great. See you then.

    Susan: See you.

    答案:41-45 CABED



    friends interesting film where do 

    David: Hi, Tom.

    Tom: Hi, David. 76 were you last night?

    David: I went to the cinema.

    Tom: Oh, yes? What film 77 you see?

    David: I saw Kong Fu Panda II.

    Tom: Really? Is it 78 ?

    David: Sure. It's about a panda called Po, he saved his 79 in danger.

    Tom: It sounds exciting, too. I will go to see the 80 this evening.

    David: OK. Enjoy yourself.

    Tom: Thanks.

    76. Where        77. did         78. interesting     79. friends         80. film

    【2011黑龙江绥化市】( A )

    Choose the best response from A to F according to the sentences given. Each choice should be used only once.

    ( )46. Thank you for the gift. It's so nice.

    ( )47. Wish you good luck in the final exam!

    ( )48. My computer doesn't work. May I use yours?

    ( )49. Animals are our friends. We should protect them,

    ( )50. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave home.


    A. Of course. B. Ok, I will.

    C. Thank you. D. I agree with you.

    E. Don't mention it. F.I am glad you like it.

    (A) 46—50 FCADB


    ( B ) Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

    A: Good morning, madam! B: Good morning, sir!

    A: You look worried. (51)_?

    B: My son got lost when I was talking with my friend in the park. I've looked for him everywhere, but I can't find him. What shall I do?

    A: (52)_. Tell us something about him, and we can help you.

    B: Thank you, sir.

    A: Now please tell me (53)_.

    B: He's six years old.

    A: (54)_?

    B: He's thin and tall with big eyes.

    A: What is he wearing today?

    B: He's wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

    A: (55)_?

    B: It's 13803677057.

    A: OK. We'll call you as soon as we find him. B: Thank you very much.

    (B) 51. What's wrong with you / What's the matter (with you) / What's your trouble / What's

    the trouble (with you)/ What's up / What happened

    52. Don't worry / Take it easy / Don't be (too) nervous/ upset / worried / sad

    53. how old he (your son) is/ what his (your son's) age is

    54. What does he (your son) look like / What's he (your son) like

    55. What's your telephone (phone) number/ Your telephone (phone) number, please


    A: Hello, Xiao Hong!

    A. Maybe you're right.

    B. Is there anything wrong?

    C. I'll try to understand her.

    D. She nags me about almost everything.

    E. That's a good idea.

    F. But she doesn't like it at all.

    G. Could I use your telephone, please?


    B: Hello!

    A: You look a little upset. 76 .

    B: Yes. It's just my mom. She always nags(唠叨)me.

    A: Really? What does your mother nag you about?

    B: 77 " Get up now... Everything must be in place... Don't forget your piano lesson..."

    A: Well, all the mothers like saying these words to their children.

    B: Also, I'm fond of pop music. 78 We don't have the same interest in many things.

    A: 79 But I should say she nags you because she cares about you. You're lucky to have such a good mother.

    B: I agree with you. 80 .

    A: That's right. Understanding is important. If your mom knows that everything is fine, she will never nag.

    76. _______ 77. _______ 78. _______ 79. _______ 80. _______

    76-80 BDFAC



    A:Have you ever read the novel Jane Eyre?

    B: 56 .

    A:What a pity!It's a wonderful book, you know.

    B:Well, I've been wanting to read for a long time, but I can't get a copy. The library has only three copies and 57 .

    A:Well, 58 If you like, I'll lend it to you.

    B:Tahnk you. 59 By the way, when can I get it?

    A: 60 Will you please come to my house after school?

    B:OK. I'll go as soon as school is over.

    56. E57. D 58. G 59. A 60. F


    【2011四川达州】第四部分 口语应用(共4小题。每小题1分,满分4分)


    M: I hear there's going to be a basketball match this Sunday. Tom and I are going to watch it. 61

    W: Of course. Basketball is my favorite, but I have no ticket to the match. What a pity!

    M: You're lucky. I have some free tickets. 62

    W: Great! 63

    M: Let's meet at the bus stop at half past five.

    W: I think there must be a big crowd of people there at that time. 64

    M: OK. See you at five o'clock.

    W: See you.

    A. What about making it a little earlier?

    B. Let's share them together.

    C. Do you want to watch the match?

    D. When and where shall we meet?

    61-64: CBDA


    W: Hello, this is Sally speaking.

    M: Hello, this is Bob.

    W: 61

    M: Reading a book.

    W: 62 we can watch a video.

    M: OK. 63

    W: Go along Peace Street. When you get to the second traffic lights, turn left. At the end of the street, you'll see a new hotel.

    M: Oh, OK. I know where that is. 64

    W: Yes. My house is across from the supermarket.

    M: OK. 65 _


    A. How can I get to your house?

    B. There's a small supermarket next to the hotel.

    C. It's on the right.

    D. Do you want to come over to my house?

    E. What do you do?

    F. What are you doing?

    G. I'll see you at two thirty.

    61.___________ 62. ___________ 63. ___________ 64. ___________65. ___________


    (2011四川宜宾) 第四部分:口语运用(共5小题;每小题1分,满分5分)


    Woman: Can I help you, sir?

    Man: 66

    Woman: OK. What about this pair?

    Man: Sorry, I don't like black. 67

    Woman: Yes ,we do. We also have got blue, brown and white.

    Man: 68

    Woman: Yes, please.

    Man: How much does each pair cost?

    Woman: Eighty-six dollars.

    Man: It's too dear! 69

    Woman: How about seventy dollars?

    Man: No, it's still dear. What about sixty?

    Woman: Sixty? Er…all right. Try them on, please.

    Man: That's fine. I'll take this pair. 70

    Woman: Thank you.


    A. Can it be cheaper?

    B. I'd like to try them on .

    C. Do you have you got any other colors?

    D. Here's the money.

    E. I'd like to have a pair of sports shoes.

    F. Can I have a look at the brown ones?

    G. Wait a minute. 

    66. ________ 67. ________ 68. ________ 69. ________ 70. ________

    66-70 ECFAD


    A: Good morning, Miss Li.

    B: 86

    A: May I ask you a question?

    B: 87

    A: What's this in English?

    B: 88

    A: Can you spell "cup"?

    B: 89

    A: Thank you very much.

    B: 90

    86. B 87. E 88.F 89. A 90.D



    1. 从方框内选择恰当的句子完成下面对话。

    Tom: Hi, Amy.

    Amy: Hi, Tom. 16 What's wrong with you?

    Tom: I have a stomach ache.

    Amy: What did you eat for lunch?

    Tom: 17

    Amy: I see. Maybe it is caused by them.

    Tom: 18

    Amy: Do you often just have snacks for lunch?

    Tom: Yes, very often.

    Amy: Oh! 19 Snacks are bad for health.

    Tom: I know that. 20 But I really enjoy them.

    Amy: Anyway, you should try to eat less.

    Tom: You're right. I'll try.

    A.I ate nothing but some snacks.

    B.I hope so.

    C. You look happy.

    D. And my parents often tell me not to eat them.

    E.I guess so.

    F. That's not a good habit.

    G. You don't look well.









    16-20 GAEFD【2011凉山】从对话后的选项中选择适当的选项补全对话,并标在答题卡上的相应位置。


    A:You must be really excited about leaving for London tomorrow, Judy!

    B: Yeah. 73

    A: Nervous about what?

    B:I don't know many of the customs and manners in UK. 74

    A: Sure.

    B: 75

    A: Well, it's important to be on time when you're invited for dinner. It's impolite to arrive late.

    British expect their guests to be on time.

    B: Then how long may I stay there?

    A: 76 Or you seem to have come only for the meal. When your friends seem to be getting sleepy and running out of things ,it's time to leave. The next day, call or write a thank-you note to say how much you enjoyed the evening.

    1. After the meal, don't leave at once.
    2. Could you please give me a hard?
    3. What rules do they have in Britain?
    4. But I'm a bit nervous.

    答案:73—76 DBCA


    B: Bob D: Doctor

    D: Come and sit down, Bob. 77

    B: I have a terrible pain in my stomach, doctor.

    D: I see. When did it start?

    B: 78 I didn't want to eat anything. I'm not feeling well now.

    D: Let me see, er, you have a fever.

    B: I've got a headache, too. And my throat hurts.

    D: Well, you've caught a bad cold.

    B: 79

    D: No, not very serious. But you must stay in bed for 2 or 3 days and take the Chinese medicine.

    B: 80

    D: Three times a day after meals.

    B: Thank you.

    1. What's the problem?
    2. How often should I take it?
    3. Is it serious?
    4. It started yesterday. 

    答案:77—80 ADCB


    I II

    56.How were the patato chipa invented? A.In a bank.

    57.Why were you late? B.Yes.sure.

    58.Could you please sweep the floor? C.It's eight thirty.

    59.What time is it? D.By mistake.

    60.Where does your sister work? E.I overslept.

    56. D 57. E 58. B 59. C 60. A


    A: Hi, Mikc!

    B: Hello!

    A: ________

    B: Yes, but one thing annoyed me.

    A: ________

    B: On the bus, I saw a woman eating bananas and threw the banana skins out to the window.

    A: ________

    B: I told her what she did was not right.

    A: You were right. Throwing the litter away will pollute the environment.

    B: I Agree with you.

    A: _________

    B: She didn't take my words at all.

    A: No wonder(难怪) you are so angry.

    1. What happened?
    2. Why did she do that?
    3. What did she do then
    4. How did you get here?
    5. What did you do then?
    6. Did you enjoy your bus trip?
    7. Have you had something to eat? 

    61. D 62. F 63.A 64. E 65.C



    A. Can you tell me the way to the supermarket? B. It's a bit far.

    C. go straight on. D. You're welcome.

    E. Is there a supermarket near your home?

    F. I'm very hungry so I want to buy something to eat.

    G. when you pass a bridge you can see the supermarket on your left.

    A: Hello, Jim.(71)________________

    B: No, there isn't.

    A: Oh, but where is the supermarket?

    B: Do you want to go there?

    A: Yes I do.(72)_________________

    B: Now let me tell you the way. Walk down the street,(73)________

    A: Really? How can I get there?

    B: You can go there by bus.(74)_________

    A: Oh, I see. Thank you very much.


    Ⅳ. A. 71. E 72.F73.G 74.B 75.D

    【2011广西贺州】 A.根据对话内容,从方框中选出其中五个合适的句子补全对话,并将答案的对应标号在答题卡是涂黑。

    A; Who is your favourite singer? J A. Why does she like singing?

    B: Li Yuchun. B. She likes sports, singing and dancing.

    A: (71) C.When and where was she born?

    B: She was born in 1984 in Chengdu, Sichuan. D. She was a good student in the college.

    A: So she is twenty - seven years old now. E. Why does she become famous?

    B: (72) F.?How old was she when she was in college

    A: Do you know where she studied? Gt That's right.

    B; Yes. She studied at Sichuan Music College. (73) '

    A; Do you know what her hobbies are?

    B; Sure. (74)

    A: I know many young people like her. (75)

    B: Well, I think that's because she sings well.

    71. C 72.C 73.D 74.B 75. E

    【2011遵义】W:May I help you?

    M:Yes.I want to visit the Summer Palace and the Tsinghua University. 51

    W:Yes,this one does.You visit Tsinghus University in the morning.Right after lunch,the rest of the afternoon is spent in the Summer Palace.

    1. Where is ti?
    2. What is the cost of the tour?
    3. Do you have any tours that include both of them?
    4. On,that'll be very helpful.
    5. How long does the tour take?
    6. How much do you have?
    7. Where are you staying? 

    M: 52

    W:About seven hours. 53

    M:At the Hilton Hotel.

    W:Let's see.The bus stops there at 8:50 am.

    You should be back by 5:30 in the afternoon.

    M: 54

    W:It's 180 RMB,including lunch.

    M:Are there any English-speaking guides?

    W:I'm afraid not.But we have this guide book.

    It tells everything about the places you'll

    see.It's free.Please take it.

    M: 55 .Thank you very much.

    1. C 52、E 53、G 54、B 55、D

      【2011黑龙江齐齐哈尔】 ( A ) Choose the best response from A to F according to the sentences given. Each choice should be used only once.

    ( )51. Thank you for the gift. It's so nice.

    ( )52. Wish you good luck in the final exam!

    ( )53. My computer doesn't work. May I use yours?

    ( )54. Animals are our friends. We should protect them.

    ( )55. Remember to turn off the lights when you leave home.

    A. Of course. B. OK, I will.

    C. Thank you. D. I agree with you.

    E. Don't mention it. F. I'm glad you like it.


    51—55 FCADB


    1. Yes, this is Mike speaking.
    2. Well done!
    3. Do you go to school every day?
    4. What is your favorite subject?
    5. That's too bad.
    6. Yes, I am.
    7. How many subjects do your have? 

    John: Hello! Is that Mike speaking?

    Mike: 71

    John: Mike, do you enjoy your new school?

    Mike: Yes, very much. But things are quite different here.

    John: Really? 72

    Mike: Yes, I go to school every day. But on Friday afternoon we do a lot of activities in the school clubs.

    John: Sounds great! 73

    Mike: Seven subjects. They are English, math, history, science, physics, art and P.E.

    John: 74

    Mike: I like math best. My math teacher says I am doing well in it.

    John: 75

    71-75. ACGDB


    【2011广东深圳】II 选择下列词汇,完成下面对话。(共5小题,每小题 1分)

    A. plane B. much C. ever D. look E. bus F. arrived

    Sally: Have you_______(51) visited any places in China before?

    Paul: Yes, 1 have been to Shenzhen.

    Sally: How did you go there, by bus or hy train?

    Paul: Neither. I went by______(52).

    Sally: When did you go there?

    Paul: Last year. When I______(53) there, it was already midnight. It______(54) me 3 hours.

    Sally: What do you think of Shenzhen?

    Paul: Very nice, and people there are________(55) nicer


    【2011广东深圳】选择下列句子,完成下面对话。(共5小题,每小题 1分)

    A Prepare breakfast for him.

    B. What would you like me to do? C'. Good idea"

    D. We can't take our child with us.

    E. Tan you tell me why? F You are welcome.

    G. With pleasure!

    Mrs. White: Mrs. Green, could you do something for mc. please?

    Mrs. Green: Yes, of course, Mrs. White!______(56)

    Mrs. White: Well, my husband and I are leaving for London for a holiday.________(57)

    Could yon look after him while we're away?

    Mrs. Green:________(58) Tom is a smart boy. I'd love to look after him. What do I have to do?

    Mrs. While: Nothing ________(59) Cook dinner for him and put him to bed at ten.

    Mr. Green: Don't worry.

    'Mrs. White: Thank you so much. Mrs. Green.

    Mrs. Green:_(60)




    根据对话内容,从下面的方框中选出填入空白处的最佳选项,使对话完整,将答案的字母代号填入右边的方框内。ont-fami倍分) ty>

    Mrs. Whay I stay there?

    倍Φ淖顃yondon for aeim n> SnAfont-family:2分,hat内rg"text-d >W > pair offootb璦ll bocts for my fither.

    Whay I stay Whach"colo, do youlio r a77

    Whay I stayTheye're1:50yhua.

    r518 !

    79 !

    Yes,Them while bocts cost only100yhua..Aand thye'regGooy.

    r 60

    A.A'reith're anyacheaped oney?

    B.>How much doithMy csct?

    E.>How much is it?

    ( )How long have youfelat Mike thiy?

    ( )( )How was yoer holidao?) ( )( )  









    【201山东菏宰蟆(共5小;啃√1分,满55) 阅读下面对话,从方恐>选孕五缸项适当敌句最完成对 (ㄆ渲杏27个选鲜侵) 的)ty>) ) ) ) Where are you goino?) Way? What's happet-d in theepark? rg wort-d withithoy.

    A. What would you likk?




    E. What's right.

    G.>It doeon't aittes.


Mrs.PetteA: Hello,Lwina. Nnicptd) mlet yon.


r r r r es there.

fon/spap style="font-family:Times New Roman;" >A.>How do yoI do?

B.iIt's agGooy placptd) trvels.

fon/spap style="font-family:Times New Roman;" CD. What's yory plns for it?

D. When till yoI gy?

E. No,.I Don's.

fon/spap style="font-family:Times New Roman;" F.Nnicptd) mlet yoe, too.

G.>u'llithare by trais.

【201福建福刂荨 A: Good morning, doctoc!

B:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r 9eim <.y

A: 1 have gsorke throay. 917 B:>How long have you been Mike thiy?

A: 918 ! B:>Have yol takon yourtemapea ture?

A: Yet. Mytemapea turt is OK. B: 979 !

A: is iu srimous?

e: Nothing serious.n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r 1009 ! A: Thank yoh, doctoc!













  1. <
B. Sounds Gooe!

fon/spap style="font-family:Times New Roman;" CD. When andwtharesh璦ll we mley? D.all seeam mvies.

fon/spap style="font-family:Times New Roman;" >E.>Could you please getithare eariper?

G.Wcould Mike oI go withomt?

>A:,hat内 istWha Wu Bsn, speakiny?

B: Yet. Wht'stWhay?

A: T is isTilnsHo-d..A're yoI frestW isSa tuiday eveniny?

B:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r 71 ! A: I've got two ickests toJday Chut'secoicees. /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r> 72 ! B:Cceerailay> I'd love tA.>et's my favurite singeE. Whncks for yory invieat os. /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r>

r> 73

A::Let's mlet at thmg ate of thmeparp atfyoryo'clocry> B:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r> 74 A: OK.>u'll getithare at tfreef S璦ll we go to thm shppt-d cwenier to buy thmggf'y?

B:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r 75 A:Ssee yoy> 71.F 根旧暇湟话阋晌示洌芍Ω糜脃es/no回答郑选Fty>

I'd love tA可知上句是 would you lik...?选Gty>

G 根鞠戮浠卮鸢奔浜偷氐汇K晕示溆κ荂ty>

75.DB 对上句提的建议表示同意郑选Bty>


  • <
  • How do yoI Mike English? <
  • <
  • >A: Why don't yoI look happ, Roase? B:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 951 Ie can harray pass thmex am evert timK.>Ilreally don't know w at to dy> A: Don't worry. /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 972

    <>>B: No,.Ioonlylreae Englisl befory thmex ay> A: /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 953 Ift yoI want to stuny Englise welr, you mustpr acticplreat-d evertiday>:May I know w at yoI are goinptd) do fTom noe oe? B: I'd Mike d) mak /spap style="color rnt;" 5 /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 974

    A:Aill righo,.'dt Mike dy>.Butsn,f ac.>Iealo1 have somestruoblo withony Englis0.:Let's helpteac Nottes. B: OK /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 975

    【201 四川广虐病

    从对话后的选项中选择适当的选项补全对话0焰相应的字匿番号淘谟方坑下面岛嵯呱蟭y>A:,hat!: May I speat toMr SmWite? B: Irgsorory.____1 ___? A: When tillthmecome bace? B: y thinkheu'll be backsn,lns houy.___2 ___? A: That's veryrt-nd ft yoy> I'd Mike him toecome to mybirthidayepaity ___3 ____? u'll so adl getag pen andag ieicp ftpeapeE. Nw. pleas giv) me yoorphlor numbtes. B:Aill righn. _____5_____? A.>Could I makeam rasagse? 1. can I leawe uy eslehlor numbtes for yoe? D.Hre isn'kheare righd now. E.>u'lliWell him toe璦ll yoI bacy> ul><

  • <
    fon/spap style="color:blue;" >答案71.D 72 A 3E.B 74.C75. E

    【201 四川广虐病. . . . D: Good mornint. What's yoorstruoble? D:O pen yooramoith adl sa,y"Ah"y>

    D:____2 ___? A: did you sleee wele? .I w's veryti rndlfastdnight. A: Oh, I see___3 ______? D: Maybe yoI are ttoti rny> Ddo 1 have tp sday at home?

    D: Yet.Yhutdtbgether sday at homs for twofor thrwe sayy> D: No,.I don't think so..But yoIlreallynebed e gooy rest and make thm medicine.

    D: Three times a day>

    A.Yhutawe getah"cody? B.>How often do 1 have tp make it?

    D.HNw. long have you been Mike thiy? E.>is iu srimous

    <> ? 
      1. fon/spap style="color:blue;" >答案71.C 72 D 3E.A 74.E75.DB 【201?兰刂荨阅读下酶的对话 根旧舷挛默从方框捏的选项中言聆恰当担ont⒉谷曰埃句义巴暾符合逻辑。杏辛项鑫嘤嘌∠睢 r71 ? is iutam>t to go home?

        at'stam>t to go and plymg m>ey> /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 72 !

        A.>at's blue y>.Butwthart's yoer atac D. No,.I thinkiIt's>Paut's E. Whattam>t is iu noe

        <>>Paul: 1 don't knoo. 1 can'tft-nd it.

        Mr.LiA: Woasy is thgs atace?>is iu yoe,.Nnice? 73 Mr.LiA: W at"coloy is yoer atac,r Pule? >Paul: /spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 74 e Mr.LiA:Iis thgslor yoeiy?

        Paul: Oh,yese, it's invt. Mr.LiA:>Paul, 1 ? Paul: Think yoe, Mr.Lit. 答案71. E 72 DB 3E.D 74.Ar a2 B 【201山东临沂病阅渡对话☆完车诰淼谖宕筇獾61-65小蘴y>Johh adlfamI are verypopulearsn,Jas o,MiddileSschooD.TheyI are notoonly gooy at stunt-dh, butealo1 gooy at plyt-d sport. Kday -ndSukeaare Walt-d aboutithay> Nolor hw's toldm>t aboutithy mauch. D 6. ____________1 ? Ieaawais restWemyer actit-d Doy thn plygtru-nd oy thngyim and someam>esrunnt-d tru-nd thn school trck(跑道2).

        urA:A 6_____________1 ? JohhforfamI till beschswe w's thnBrestSschoo Athlette of thmYyear.

        fon/spap style="font-familyfam>esNnewRcomat;" >A. Who Dok?

        B.HNw. hars thayer actic!. D.Theyeaarecooul,aaran't thad? E.HNw.excvit-d thn maucI wad? ,yesnieidad? Johh adlfamI areDoy thn t at

    <>n/spap style="color:blue;" >61. F 72 .A 3E.GA 64BE 65D /spap style="color:bluetfynty-family:宋体;" (201江苏宿迁) 阅读下媚对话,从方框内7个选项中选择5个恰当担ont油瓿纱硕曰埃使其意思巴暾ty>

    71.n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 1 n/spap style="font-family:宋体;" ▲1 ?

    1 n/spap style="font-family:宋体;" ▲1 tp style="margin-left:116pt;" DanielA: Thit'slreallyao Doderpfun plicp to visiA. 3E.n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > 1 n/spap style="font-family:宋体;" ▲1 1 n/spap style="font-family:宋体;" ▲1 ao takis only20m inlutrt. 1 n/spap style="font-family:宋体;" ▲1

    fon/spap style="font-familyfam>esNnewRcomat;" >A: could you Mike oI goDoy d tipo withose? A: WoI till go withous? How can we go therd? D: When -ndwtharesh璦ll we mley? .Butwtharesh璦ll wegdo?
  • 答751 75AFECAD

    /spap style="font-family:宋体;" 【201山西病/spap style="font-family:宋体;" 根据对话内容,从方框乃的选项中殉缸霞眩ont#其鸢傅序号写在臃娇酉旅娴横线上,nt中杏辛项鑫嘤项。 /spap style="font-familyfam>esNnewRcomat;" A /spap style="font-familyfam>esNnewRcomat;" B

    A:Terriobl!.>Ieaawaisfeellupses8.y B:__66)0) A: Myepacntis aawaisbsk) me to stuny hars -ndienCorags) me beforyex art..But acu璦lay ng ma>es me/strasrnd us8.__67__? B: Don't worry. Why don't yoI ld Doy thnmicroblod to hame yoorfeelt-d withNottead?) /spap style="font-family:宋体;" A B: Yeh, I think so.>at's verypopulearamohgh u yohgh peoplD. Yoo can getomalylrripts fTomfripunds oy thns m>,sicu璦t oy, Whachmway make youfeellbgetheo.C A:__69__? B::Les me/reef>Welr, yotdtbgether haveah tryfiras8.Ift yoI haveah"Whnice, you shuldl uggbese yoerepacntislreae yoermicobldh, thyu'll know youbgetheo.C A:___70__l.Thhink you very much.. B: Noy at璦lo.C

    1. <
    2. at'slo1emb arasTsine! <


    A:Ggooy mornin!. can I help yoy, ird? ?????MB:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r871 ? Could you tell me thptam>t of thmlfast trais toBeijt-d t is eveniny?

    A:Tthert'slor at85:3n..Butrgaftraed 'll thptackests have been bokbed alreadt. ?????MB:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r872 ! A:Tthyfirasy traie leapts at9:15t. ?????MB:n/spap style="text-decoration:underline;" > r873 A:>ao arrivts at125:3n..Butmway be a litilel ate because of thm ban wa thMr. 874 . A:Enighy0yhua. -ndS璦ft ofsut >W > childbe lw 172 n 875 .'dt Mike two ickests -nda nothMslor >W > child at thpags) of een,Heare is thpmoheay>nA:Tthink yoc!

  • p>>E.:Aill righn.n
  • t of thmfirasslor t morowy mornind? <
  • 选5个銮〉钡芯渥钔瓿啥曰埃⒔所选芯渥钦的淖帜复写在答题卡上的嫦嘤题号后ty>

    n/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? 6 n/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? 6....

    fon/spap style="font-sze:132pt;" A:.Byithm dat. uyfripun Jenaly Mikes maice, tty>n/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? 74 e. n/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ????675 n61.>G 72 D 3E.F 64.B 65.Aen【201安徽芜湖病D:Davae; TA:Tahgh Ja0) D:Hi, hw hgs io goinptheasy sayd?) D:Draglo Broa Fbesiv-ad? /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? ... 71 ! D:HNw. wo youusu璦layceslbrears id? D: What aed you do? D: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? 76....enD: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? 774 e.ent.? D: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???? 775 nt more aboutithm nexut am>t.? nD:Ssee yo!. 71.C. 根敬鹩锟芍示溆Φ笔俏收飧鼋谌帐乔熳J裁吹膖y>

    72 A. 根拘句椎漠喊氩糠挚芍蛅y>

    3E.D Sounds eniebessine!是Davae亩灶动的评价ty>en64.F 对他们班取得胜利表示祝贺ty>

    75. E从下文可知,他很我希望到中国来ty>

    【201安徽病/spap style="color:black;" 谷亩曰>(共5小蹋;每小 1贰,满55 根据对话内取,从方框捏的选项中殉个能填然空白处的最枷磏t.ㄆ渲杏两个鑫嘤嘌∠.enA:HeaE.Gt-a2 Dwo you want someticpclreem?enA:Rreally? WhMrehame yoo goinm?enA:SororD. I ca't/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" .........772 ! e......nWel.mecomel atarothoK.WeuMre plyt-d 'llafatannooK.enA: ......76....e?enA:>Wel.mOK/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ............. 75 ..nB: OK.Ssee yoe!

    ao noundsntic.eeeeB.Ssee yopl ata.en nernd to stuv.D.>Imo goinp us.en don't think s.F.Yyou don't have to ply.en
    答案71~75DCAFB. 【201?铜仁病A. What's yoor plns for thpfu ture?

    B.>How till youkeep9 oy ouac with them? nt. way>Iesk) you somequbesionrm? E. Whatelasy would you likd to way to yoaroteacverd -ndclfar maest?

    A.:HellNo,LyhghYult-D. I know youMrelor of thp besegtrdu璦>ey /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eeee571 ? B.: Yeo, pleasK..nA.:HNw. wo youfeellknom? >B.:: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ???572 nA.: What ame yot goinp to wo befory leat-gy schoom? >B.:>Imo goinp to take someehlto's Wite uy eeacverd -ndclfar maes, giv) gf'is to uyoteacverd -ndwurite bese ishead to uyclfar maese A.:Wtill yoImiass yoaroteacverd -ndclfar maeste B.:Sturl,a-nd>u'lllrmembhMs thp paut thrweyheais f, uy schoollifhpffor evey>nA.: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eee56..nB.:.Bysweat-d -maileh, mat-gy telehlor c 'lis er urit-gyletatart. A.:Wthinhame yoo goind to haveah ge-to gecves Wite yoarclfar maesm? >B.:Weu'll be backfforyoar schooues20thn,a-nievesatrychMrmohay>n>A.: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" ee574 e. B.:>Imo goinp tobot. A.: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eee575 t. B.:Firash, I want to sa "Thhins"d to uyoteacverdfforoteact-gyomy do welK.Ssecodh, I tste uy eeacverd -ndclfar maest helt , appt-rassa-nd gooyluacy>Aatlfash, Ishpmeyoar schooI tilmecnit-uke to be thptop9 oyTyhgacnt. 答案519D 52.>G 534BE 54.Ar a5. E

    "cop style=width:688px;" />"cop style=width:4563px;" / >
    tndstyil=" pdat-d-leftA:70xtp pdat-d- righA:70xtpborner-topA:Asolaed0..5ptt brner-leftA:Anlortt brner- bi t A:Asolaed0..5ptt brner- righA:Asolaed0..5pt;" tndrow/spa=";" vAliga="middil;" styil=" pdat-d-leftA:70xtp pdat-d- righA:70xtpborner-topA:Anlortt brner-leftA:Anlortt brner- bi t A:Asolaed0..5ptt brner- righA:Anlort;" /tr >/tr >/fon/spap style="color:blue;" >【201 山东烟台病答案,誓对涣帷完誸y请将>答按判丛谔夂后岛嵯呱希其中恿较钍嵌嘤嗟膖y>n5 .: /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eee 71 ?. Li FbiA: Oh, iohgsamstotry aboutQuhYuaoK.Hcplieved b us two shusa-ndyheaisaglK.Hhgsjob wrd togievr dvticp to thpemapeoey>.Butthp wran't rjusbed -nd often getpunishmputK.Sto en jmapnd o to thpMiluo Rievesa-nddiedy>. .
    A. Wha appenpnd to him? >B.Ird eMrehy Ct-easyfbesiv-a oy Jare, ttm? CD.Thhin) youfforotllt-d m>t.nD. Yeh, youhame verys"matK..nE.>ao nounds very eniebessint.n GE. Whatag ity!? 
    1y /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eeee:

    【201贵州安顺病A.在B栏中找出A芯渥的嫦嘤答语ty>61. Why notjo er en maicyclubm? 72 ,hat!:Cma I peart toAliced? don't Mikeswim ingt.nA.NNeithe doey uy nstvey>nB.Gso l-d enrobana-nd takeithmfirass tunt-d lo thpleftD. You'll res it.. D.>ImosororD. I ca't, sid Drr snicK..nE.SororD.S eniran'tthMre righd now.S enhw'sgloke to en shpK..n61D 72 E 3EAr 64>G 65B. 【201贵州安顺病B. 根据对话内扰判颍66n. _____ 67n. ____ 68n. ____ 69n. ____ 70n. _____ A.Any thid lasd? B. YeE.> would Mike oI have en befs. pleasK..nD. way>I take yoarbrnery, ird? >E.Ad t mato albana-ndat bitile of beey>? 61D 74BE 68nAr 92 E 70n.C 【201?四川成都病殉鍪实斌的选犀补饶对弧0(4小题,每小题 1分患42分?
    A:Lilre,wThir shuldl I getfforMeE.Nhid fforo enecohid Tteacver'sDaad?) B:Yyoar Englis oteacve?:HNw. b us ay noe bokd?) ? B:MoHNw. b us ay atace? A: 1 don't think so.An wtac hgs ttoex pesievt.nB: I seen/spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e 78>? A: No,.I don't know w at bokr scpliikes besy>? B:>Well, 49>? A: N!.Adscarofsgs ttoapesonalK. B:OKh, I knoo.HNw. b us f lwpesd? : E ?>? /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e50>?
    A.Shomyf lwpes'd? B. could scpliiksamsiarod? D.Er…u don't you think atues ttoacvapd?

    (共5小蹋啃√忖2分满分100) 殉鲎霞眩ont#并在答题卡上将该nt涌黑凇择中杏一股鑫嘤嘌∠。 /spap style="font-family>CoripesNnet;" E ?>?? Well,Ipliiksecom apas because thauMrefuohay>A-an I think thtilpesuhamegaces8.? don't Mikedocumputarips,dNeithey>A-an I don'tliiku thtilpes— eyuMrescaray>? : /spap style="textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" 59? Well,Ipliiks acionp mviert.? A-an I MikeBeijt-d Oapeae, tty>>at's very eniebessint.Mnyfa thMna-ndIpliiks io d loD.

    tbounyv-aiga="top;" A. N.pMovipsuhame aawaisborhidK. ?>?>B..StowThirrt-an of mviesn wo youliikd? D. Yeh, Thir nounds GooK. E.Yyo,dom?eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee F.HNw. b us documputaripst?

    【201四川德阳病A.>Imo lbanato go Wite yoD.....>B.Lpautdnighy>A-an yom?eeeeeeeCD.HNw. b us yomD.Ab us two sart.??????????>E. did you haveah gooyjyoaheat?

    A:r, yotMre trvelt-d thMrl,aaran't yomB: Yeh,>Ieiy>_A:>Imo trvelt-d thMrl, tt1. Weer aed you arrivmB:_A:>Ievr jus arrivoK._B: YeK. Ienjoypnd ot very muc2n/spap style=ffnt--familyArialt;" ????. A:w. l-d till yoI seuy hMrmB:_A: Oh, atuesgaces!.>u'll go thMrl, tt1.Cma I go Wite yomB:Ofnecursvt._Imo trveoIevr jus arrivo"可知此处即回答什么时间到,还问对方"什么时间到?"。故选Bty>

    Ienjoypnd ot very muc2"可知是询问"你旅行快乐吗?"。故选Ety>

    A.Hhpme yorenjoyr yorselfD.r B. e. pndaIsapply Mfhp th-D.r D. Yeh,>Imosttillams edil. e E.IsywwrdpoforbButsappl. e

    选允实斌敌句赚补饶对弧#è其中恿较钍嵌嘤嗟闹? A:>tuesaIshir sah, ran't id? B: Yeh, it'squsateshi. 16 t.Sto I comythMrnato pe-an uyholi saK. B:>Wel.m17 Doriid thr satam>t it'sshirbButhirdnighd oues muchcoolpeh.T erotmapea turs fTom JareatoAugjus sgs b us 25℃-33℃K. B:Rreally?BBut trnatmapea turs er uyhometownoacahgpsuhpliitil. 18>? A:19.T e. lwbesyatmapea turs suusu璦laybe lw zpeothirdnight.Sto sy have enIicna-ndSkno Fbesiv-aK. B:20m. A:RnighF.Harb ersgslor of thpenigh critYeE.271 B: Ift-an peoplo erHarb erhame wort-gy harsonp it.22pMoMre tepsuh-angtrassaMrebeiid plnsbet.26..nA: YeE.24:Wttc9 thr hel of thp peoplo 'lloeves thrnCon trna-nd thr evlopmput ofyoarnCon tre, I thinkHarb er tillwt-D. B:25yBeesywisheadfforHarb ee! .WeuMredo ed Doar beseato makeyoarnihy0 morebeautipfuD. . Whaues thr wa thMpliiks erHarb ed? tuesnhealay thrs m>,ard en notch. t o ee sknosuh-an oues very"cooK. /spap style="color:black;" (200年广东省深圳市红岭中>е锌加⒂锬D馐蕴庖恢 Ⅱ.扒榫交际。(10分0言袷实斌敌句赚补饶对弧#è其中恿较钍嵌嘤嗟闹A: way>I hel yomB: Yeh, pleasK..'dt Mike to oroNw. e bok.Ansspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" 16 B:JaokeEyre.A. a io dohiute.B:?????????????????????????? A: YeEB:Thhino yoE. sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" 20m.......................... A:Ttwo wekeE.Yyo, maetfinishslred ed io -anrgeoah otonp am>tB: I see.T hino yoE.Ggoobye.A.Ggoobye.. Wiac bokr wo youliikr bes?nbrnB. Whad g ity!е锌加⒂锬D馐蕴舛? ,olo te I-nienety, euy goobyenato I'llmiass you very muc, Peniee! I'llmiass uyoteacverd -anclfar maese, tty>nIshpmeweI'll be goolfripund ffr evey>n,172 euy goobyenato13Efripund 14. aevrad gooytam> 15tonp thrI-nieneto е锌加⒂锬D馐蕴馊? 言袷实斌担ont谷亩曰。 Well, tasydepe-agsloowThirrt-an ofwuritor youaMre Wal ed b usE. t. I oroNw. some bokgs b us wuritoss fTomyorr schoollibrerad? Imo veryngad? е锌加⒂锬D馐蕴 四蜘?

    A::r,Alex!.>rd tasy yom?e B:. Yeh, otieD. wrkE.>Isaevan't sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e571 >A::Nnot verybady>T hino yo!.A-an yom? B:.Jmaet dost1.YyoI hMrn sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e572 A:: Yeh,>ywwrE.Nowl,ard yot reh, Imo 'll -anrt-an offa y>A-an sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e56..nA:: Yach.Tenoyheaishw's sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e54ry A::T haues tu> …!A-an yoIsaevlamliitily nstveh, IlrmembhMB. e.Mueanato plytto gecve. e B:. yoI aevrad lreeyom moaK.Nowo scpsgs ybigngiruD.A'll ofusI aevr sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" e575 A::Peo pl stursacahgpD. waly t edssaMrediffsacnutkno. e! tues ttoex pesievt.______________________________________(94)m? I aevraddisnCon m? A: AMre yoefhrwe thrdafatannoom?e B:<A<B:<A:EAvatar 2 evr yoe eve. ren thrd mvier bffr m? B:<E trilpe eeeee>A: B:<A:< B:<A: y of thrct-lmateey3:465. B:<A: Ь200届九年级中考模拟考试英语试题蜘? A:Jimh,wtasyaMre yoego ed t. wotodnighm? B:>Isaevtknss reE. han wo yousuggpsn? A:96_____ B:Syoiags goo!.BBut>Ishea0 thakewiill bear Walteey7:00? A:97_______ B:Tthrthrtotry of maic.pI'md o hakusbedinp maic.p A:Meh, tt1.98_________ B:Ggooss re!.BButwe, maet bequsacy> e. aevronlay A:99__________ B: e. aevr t. make d axil bcaMueo ouesqusateoA:100nA:Ggoos mont-gy, ir! Cma I101 sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eeeee B:>I would Mike oIbuylaanMP41. A:Hhakesgs ynew rt-a. P leueo aevrad102. B:OKB.LLeyomy trd t.lnstvnp nss y> A:Isss d luana-ndc lerIenouig? B: Yeh, otieD.BBut I don'tliikubllac9.evr yoe gio Ilrndlo>y esa,whsatelo>? A: Ye. HNw. b us thrdlrndlo>? B:>euesnicl. HNw.103 sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eeeee A:300?yuaoK.Isss dOK? B:OOh,dhea!:T haues ttoex pesievt.Cma ot be104 sspa styil=""textdecoreat o:ounerlt-et;" eeeee A: yoe canplyt50>yuaoslessy>T haues thrlpautpricl.y> B:OKB.>I'll105________ss y>Hhakues thrmlo>a).
      t styil=""margin-left:91pt;" >A:Hir,Wahg Pt-g5.Yyoelbokr donicleinp thrlrndskhrty> B:T hino you very mucy> A:66n_________________________________________? B:In.D-aicay> A:D-aica? 67n_____________________________________? B:Lpaut wekE.>Iwcnu0 thakewitc9 uy-family> A:68n. ________________________? B:Fhrd b us two wekey> e.wcnu0snighsret-geinpm -a plcert. A: e. 'll know thrbeaacvgslf.D-aicanaMre verybeautipfuD.69n_____________________? B: Ye. Weer I weslyt-geonp thrbeaach, Ifelet docoolo -anrelaxbet. A:>Ishpme nsvis otD-aicat. B:>'mdsturs yoI'llloevss y>I, maet go to thrlibreratknot.Sres yorlpniee! A:70n__________________e! Ь拍昙兜诙卧驴际跃怼⒂镏? 殉鲆桓鲎霞汛答巴瓿啥对 (520) B:66____________n. Wnssrd tas? A:TthrdhrdA-aayspeart-g5.Vieic,e can yo pluyotnnisewitc9omm? B:67____________. A:To saK. B:68____________E.>Isaevp ns gp ns thrdoctoto -anstuunyffor d besyao saK. A:69_____________. B:Sororh, t oroNw.>Iei plut-gesoccve. -an>Isaevtag iaknslesso-D. A:OOh,wWel.:70_____________? B:>n aevr to abys ot uy nstvey>nA:OOh, I see. B:>nei soror,dA-aaE.>Iei lrellaybusly tisewwekE.. Iei Vieic? ..>. WnsaMre yom?e .C TthrdhrdVieicyspeart-g?e .D.Nhcle nsmeget yo . WhMrm>e .C HNwm?e .D. Whn? .Sororh, I can'te .C Yeh,.'dt oevs nssssD Ofnecursvh, Iwiill .HNw. b us t oroNw? . Weey aed you wotthr sae bffr ,ymenie sa? yallreda? C enoLil rouigh tthms fTomStaighai. , I can'treey -a ti-geswwety>>eues uyotgec. 'mdsororI nsshea0 ta y n aevr to aevronvs n t Doey -anatwofiilbet.BBut I can'tft-antam>offors y u'll gonexut weky 'mdaftrian yo'anbgeive. gp rightknot.Tthrsolo>or you wo som ti-ge b us oh, hnbgeivey I'll beblac bly unchtam>t?Sres yor tiseafatannooy A.>f, Iwhake yoh, 'an makecar>y of thi lnigh a wa). B.YyoIanbgeive. not woorI b us yorsvlft. Iegackewitc9 yot. T hinet. E.Wttc9 pleaturt. t styil=""margin-left:91pt;" nsstrong参考创鸢:

      Iwiill ot bgin? . t styil=""margin-left:91pt;" nsspa styil=""color:black;" Dsac: ExcMueom>,oLuca).evr yoe gio Idicaionerad? n aevan'5.Yyoemwayask:LindaE,oLindaE.evr yoe gio Idicaionerad? I'llgiev ot lac ns yoesolot.Bly t>Iwarh, n oroNwdhrd uybhrth saK sspa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee76..n I'll trd t. be t>r>y np am>,obut /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee775 e (209-200学年重庆南开中>в⒂锬D馐跃碇? A:Cma I (106 )_______s yo?nbrnBA: Yeh, pleasK. I wnu0 to uylampairr of portsf shmeE. A(107)______-szen wo you hea, pleasd? B:Sszelenigh fornt-l. A OkE.HNw. b us tisepairm? B:Sororh, I don'tliikubllac9. A:A-ae tisepairm? B:T heuesOkE.(107)______.(109).______ hmerteac pairrcosn? e A:Fhrty-six yuao t. B:>I'll(110)______ss y> (209--200学年甘肃省瓜州县第二学期九年级英语考试试卷喋 殉銮〉斌敌句赚补饶对唬辛较钍嵌嘤嗟. e!e A:>eues veryopniy>AMre yoesttillonp threcoputee? B:>Well,ymeK. /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee771 e A: Weeyrt-an ofe-mrilg? B:Soomtar>yomesagpstfromlouy-ripiags -annnnnnnnn somear>yfroml t>Irelatievet. A:Dwo you aevr towurite t>mdblac lnigh a wa? B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee772 e A: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee76..e B:I'evrallredaphwd 40 eo pluesad lrauerdhnpmayad lraur boke! /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee74rye A: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee775 e (200届安徽省芜湖市九年级毕业暨升学模拟考试英语试题蜘? 殉鑫甯龊鲜实敌句赚补榷对唬⒔浔旰碰淘诖鹛饪ㄉ蟭y>

      I2nd r sae of choolh, I can'tremembhMC Istuupits'rncomrd ety> Isaevtag hranaam>IremembhMi-gencomrd uselfD. n, lnigh? n. e ssheadl yoewhakefromlEedi -ay> Well, I wes ornp thurh,butpmaypar>ntsfar>yAmeeiceot.I gacw updhnpFtrncl. npww0 ovrndt>r>ywt>np I wesnt-l. Well,t>IhrdarnCllege prhfessoa, -ant>IhrdhnpScoti -ateey thr ompity> Ioteac? Ioteacmrdacvmia tr. A.SNo,wteey hmer yoorfa t>rn wokno? B.Ieyhrdokwa). teeues yoorm thauesncom?

    < styil="mwrgin-leftA:91pt;" 参考创鸢:51—55 onnnnnnn(200届广东省深圳市龙城中>С跞卵谥柿考觳庥⒂锸蕴庵? A:HhelNo,Mrsy>Wahg. B:Hir,Jtnnr. A: ouldl yoe Mike t. aevrarnupd ofCoffskewitc9om? B:76K sspa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee5 e n aevr to seuyeeyhcomewitc9oyr suigive. A:77K sspa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee5 e B:Jjus bcaMueo scphrdbuslystuuni-geffoe t>Ien treiceexaminmaionp t>ueo sas. A:BBut78K sspa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee5 e B:Nnoti-ge muc.Jjus mmaket>rnfskle teey>Imdarou-atwt>np scpneeagsm>. A: teeyas goo0 o t>r!.>,woiaer 79K sspa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee5 e B:Ieywiill bgine tiseWednme sa.Tt>r>yar>yonlay two sassleft. A:Re 'la? Tmake otleurh,Mrs>Wahg. ishs yoor suigives goo0luck!: B:80K sspa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee5 e np t>Iexamywiill bgine 80K:T hino you very mucy>: nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn(200年河南省中考英语模拟试题(1)喋 Ict-lmaA.St>Imeges Miacakle -anthrd-ripia,:PeiveE.): ty? A:A (76): /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ____________________________ Ime ctr. ,prefsaeexciti-ge mviesy>Tt>ydacvsaeme up. y yorfroml t>IUSA? 'mdfromlCmaadaE:A-aeI'evrbren t>r>yffoe twoyheain. r>y to lernpCti->ue. ,oLilMeiB.Ieues unchtam>. Peivee -an>Ier>ygo ed t. t>IKFCeffoe unchE.(80)_________________________: e.ceos gponpwi t Dooe Walt t>Mrt.: Mo maet bewaiti-ge e. Mr? /: teey ian yosecomtt>Mreffo? (200年河南省中考英语模拟试题(2)喋 Iftrst,prszeline te St璦>yTtnniseCcope ition. y yo? rE:A-aeIn makeprsvathrlesso-sh, nlK. r>yffoe twoyheain. ntsfsluyohacky esfyoor sass rdenouig. y yorgo ed t.conti-umewitc9 yoorotnnis? np 'mdnldveE. r>yeey t>I tnniseclub? t styil=""margin-left:91pt;" B) 根居下枚对磺榫埃诿扛隹瞻状倘胍桓鍪实斌涤锞洌誓对话完誸y A:______________6____________________? B:I usu 'la gp to t>I mviesy______________7__________________? A: I com am>sewatacdTVyeeyhcomh,butp rdwweke-a, 'anliake to gp to t>I mviesy____________8_________________? B:Sturh, Ianloevstl . Wiacdct-lmatssallpww0 gp t? A:_______________9______________________? B:TownpCt-lmat rd t>Iacvapmenh,butp ot hmean't aevrnew -an o hakusi-gI mviesy.LLeuesglp toScacknpCttr. Ieyhw's t>Ibiggpsnf cacknp -an t>Inewbesy mviesy> A:T heuesas goo0idhen______________10____________________? B:Aey7:30yeey t>Ig璦>y of thrct-lma. A:OKy, cky yo. B:Scky yo. : I tnniseclub?: np 'mdnldveE. r>yssallpww0meget oooooooo(209--200学年度陕西省长安一中九年级第二学期第一次模拟考试喋 I -a holi luy plng? B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee66 B:FhreagwwekK: Ionlay aevratftve- luyholi lu. B:>I'll rhbabply erevyarou-at t>Ipiay of wa. r>yer>y yoygo ed? B:>n aevan'n touigh b us teey ety>Perhaps: I iil0 gp tIon>y of thsncaionelyparnet. A:Ncaionelyparne? /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:69 B:YeahK: I iil0 gphirt-gya-at ns somefisht-gy t>Mrt. A:Ar>y yorgo ed t. uylam tnn? B: IamykntssturK: I iil0 rhbabplykntK: eues nleexpenstve. B:NNo,>pneeas sometam>Ia lerK: 'mdgo ed t. trevl bly uselfD. (200年浙江省宁波市宋诏桥中>Ь拍昙队⒂锸跃磬 Iwcatt>Moreports n lu? Iwcatt>Mo bel________s n oroNw? Iradins sasstt>MeI'll ber__________E. Iwcatt>Mm -.m kmrd ____________E. n ope t>uesmad>I mia makea__________: t rd am>E. 'mdaftrian>,p___________dlredt-gy to ayt-geecoputee gcmerE. Iwcatt>Moreports n lu? Iwcatt>Mo bel________s n oroNw? Iradins sasstt>MeI'll ber__________E. Iwcatt>Mm -.m kmrd ____________E. n ope t>uesmad>I mia makea__________: t rd am>E. Jane: >'mdaftrian>,p___________dlredt-gy to ayt-geecoputee gcmerE. se 5K:mia maksoo. oo..........(200年江苏省徐州市沛县五中中考英语模拟试题喋 殉鲆桓鲎罴汛鸢竿瓿啥对弧#5喋 A:61_____________y>Couldl yoe b'llme t>Iwluyoto t>IZhledssan Parn? B: Yeh, gp/stanigh a led t>I/stegeya-at yooceos cky otoif t>Ilefty nd>I of t>I/steget.Bly t>Iwar 62___________, ? A: IamyfromlXin'eot. B:Xi'eot.>n aevrbren tt>Me bffo>E. A:63____________o. B:Id iake ot very muc2y>eueseosnldlcitypwi t led ia otr. A:64____________t.BBut I nky>n aevr toglK.T hnky yooffoe yorrshlpt. B:675____________t. ...C:HhelN...D:Hi. np aed youecomtt>Mr..... r>y ns yoeecomtfroml...Dn owI iey yooecomtt>Mr. r>? ywelecomt e......B Iey hmean't maive e.. I/cme D>Come t>r>yagaint. (200年山东省济南市中考英语模拟试题及答案(一)喋 殉鲆桓鲎罴汛鸢福对徊钩浒完誸y(5喋 A: teey rd yorrncom? B:Thcoasy>Ttcoas Ruzi /spa styil="nClor:bllact;" ct. /spa styil="nClor:redt;" A:______ /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" 61 B:R-U-Z-I-Ct. A: yolspeak Eediishs verywellh,Thcoasy>______ /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" 62 B:Fhreohackyyheain. A:OhK:Hrevy yore vedbgenyotoan /spa styil="nClor:bllact;" B: Yeh,>n aev.:______ /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" 63 A:Re 'la?t tenyww's tan? B:______ /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" 64 A:______ /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" 65 B: I wnu0 to trevl arou-at t>Iworld, -an yopneeasEediishsoto ns teet. A. teeues yorrlaesyncom? B.HNw. ns yoelredp t>ueolgeiveg? Cmay yoospellp yorrftrst,ncom? A. teny iey yoo seuyi-oCmaada? B.HNw.of tn. ns yoepracaiiceEediish? HNw. led hrevy yorbgenystuuni-geEediish? A. I weseosexc hnge stuupitlineCmaadaoffoettwomfnthsy> B.Tt>I plne ooky ofyhrlfseostouoeaglK. n aevrbren ineBeijt-gysieice I wes ornt.: ta iey yoo gpotoan. A. ttn.may o t>Mo wes ornt.: B. teny I wesfif ttn.yheaisnldK. /spa styil="nClor:bllact;" . n iean't knowwt>npoto gpot>r>t.: I gntsupdeey b us sixry'cloacpot rd ornt-gt.: A.HNw. ns yoestuuydEediishse very sa? B. teny ns yoe serts nl trevlyarou-at t>Iworld? HNw. ns yoe gpotoCmaadaoe veryyhea? (200年山东省济南市中考英语模拟试题及答案(二)喋 A:Mornt-g,. nc ott. B:Mornt-gK. /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .6711111 I fsklenClay os mucyashnts sat. B /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .672 eeeeee n aevratfe vet. pdoan'tfskle iakecatt-gy -a ngt. B:Openp yorrmDoecya-atsluy"Ah…". B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .641111111111 Some medict-ly rdenouig. B: I iil0 iev yop somemedict-l.:Jjus li>y nwnya-atdr nky orbewaiveE. E. B:Bl>E. I maive wi t yo ? (200年山东省聊城市侯营中>е锌加⒂锬D馐蕴饧按鸢福 I of t>I hevli>esycitiesline te worldt. y nlem -a eo pl fromlallphevoe t>Iworldt. yAmaz osJuedi>. ean't ot/upposrndoto >y hngeaoug? .(85喋 ___________!: r>喋 83.HNw. b us yoo I/.HrevyfunI/.Enjoyp yorself. (200年山西省中考英语模拟试题及答案) y plnnt-gsassnigh ckt-gstript. ould yopliake to gpwi t ug? B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee(71)? yBiranN>est. 'evy haranslemmucyab us ist........................................................(72)? B: Yeh,enigh wiill btfterK:Ssallp Iaslt t>sto b'offoe unch? B:Allplnighy>II'll r ngsmayjlacety> B:Scky yo. rbe 72. HNw.cpa ww0 geyot>rbe ylredy blyenigh e 74. WeI'll makeaae>I of tat::::752:Scky yo, n orrnw (200年天津市蓟县三岔口中>е锌加⒂锬D馐蕴忄 eyot>rbe -a ngy Icpa d ffoe yo? B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .ee711111 y somedicaioneripsy>Yyopcpa hrevyanlookyat:ot>mt... B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .ee72 eeee y rdnew -an ot/heleswhelt... B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .ee6..eeee .. B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .ee4111111 y rdacvapmedbButkntsardnewy>.. B: /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" .ee75 eeee
    A.Dns yoehrevya-a acvapmedon>g? . K:T hnky yot.Lgeym>I ck2:>e>Iot>rbe -a new eco ngg? . rbt. ellh,IIanbgeivet makeot>ynewbesylerK:Hmrbe rdot>ymfneat. . ? Yesh,Ipneeaspa Eediishsdicaionery.? 
    < styil="mwrgin-leftA:91pt;" ? (200年山东省滨州市中考英语模拟试题一及答案) Iyyopgo edoyNort haesyffoeagwwekK: r eclayat>rbt. /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:71111 r a-at Iae>Igo ed t.Hai-eot /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:6..e Iyyop seut-g? !: Iyyop eret-g? Iyyopdo ngsat>rb? twtsatybeachKe es ng!?  <
    t styil="mwrgin-leftA:91pt;" ? (200年山东省滨州市中考英语模拟试题二及答案) /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 e711111 es on. wa be"Forr>esyGump (《阿甘正传》) "t. esyGump"? /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 6..eeee ttop-grossings(票房收入最高的)eftlmdnfsellptam>? Jurassic Parn (《侏罗纪公园》)"t.Oksat. y0aurot /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 4111111 Tootsie (《宝贝儿》)"? ydPCllackt /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 75 eeee
    B: Iappreciathrftlmes y Z hng YimDot. ? Infsat>tcoun tr duoingsat> laesy30yyheait <
    t styil="mwrgin-leftA:91pt;" ? (200年山东省滨州市中考英语模拟试题三及答案) r ffoeadviic. ): Iae>IatfewI wasK /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 711111 /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 72 eeee tInnernety>Tt>rbIae>Im -a was, nppracaiic: certo oe, e-maile, -ansleon. /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 6..eeee /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 4111111 /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" ee:5 75 eeee
    A.Dns yoe wnu0 toim rhevyyyoe.speaking? B.ArbIyyopkntspplasrndwi t yoe. peaking? Iwrsaing. I hrevyanbgeivet wa. Ane mportant:otings rdanppracaiicy <
    t styil="mwrgin-leftA:91pt;" 1. __________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ /strong. . . (2010年山 /spa styil="ffnt--family宋体t;" 东 /spa styil="ffnt--familyDotumt;" 省 /spa styil="ffnt--family宋体t;" 滨 /spa styil="ffnt--familyDotumt;" 州市中考英 /spa styil="ffnt--family宋体t;" 语 /spa styil="ffnt--familyDotumt;" 模 /spa styil="ffnt--family宋体t;" 拟试题 /spa styil="ffnt--familyDotumt;" 四及答案 ): tues goodanp cknyyopagaint. Yesh,ieuesbgenyagwhiply>Hey,nyyo'evygnt tn.biggeaysieiceat>tlaesytam>I>'evy ckay yo. :::Ip knowIdstoula.:BBut Idoan'threvya-a pliceanp orky But(体育锻炼) -a wa. 'mdaym>mb>r at Spa Fitn>gsy> :::BButexerciueo cundrdliake somotings(2):_________________________________. tmiaconceps on (误解)t ht:moesy eo pl hrevywi t exerciue. (3)_________________________________. eyotht:lnigh?:Iplred (4):_________________________________. Hey,n>'mdjuesy hadt-gy tomay/sp:lnighyknoo,wtuydoan'tyyopjo nym>? 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B: Ifcundy Butt ht:at>tfacaotrI wespcuoings wethrwaivet nanpat>trtveronheae o2:____.:B:Dns yoeat nk:"Gac>ner Ctina"pcpa ns somoting? tcpa wrsa>Iata otrleb us otanpat>tTVta caionya-atat>tnew/sppert.:B:____Busin>gsmkayae>Iaftandl ofnew/sppereseoatTVta caionsy> A.I'evygnne oIatsppertfacaotrt.:F.T htewouldl >yfterK::Yesh,nfscouruet.:trtverohwes eecoes verydirta. I'evybgenyotoatsppertfacaotrt.:,sffo,spriico,with,dbook, Certainlyt/ Surb,sfullppppB)GFCDE.:(200年四川省南充中考英语模拟试卷及答案) /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 2011 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" pppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 5 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 2 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 10: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 分): /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" :: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" Hi: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" ,: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" Katht. teeyae>Iyyopgo ed t. nsat rdwhekend? /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" :: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoantdaext-deecrma on:underlin>t;" 76ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" ,: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" Mumt. /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" :: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" School? /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" 77ppppppppppppppppppppppppp o;pppppp ? /spa styil=""textdecormaion:oiaerlt-et;" pppppp /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" :: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" BbcaMueoat>r>s rdgo ed t. >ya graducaionyc>r>mfna. /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" :: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" HNw.wonderful! 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Anyhngy>Irwant:owodos somoting:owom kmyyorIhsomoown>bgeivey> at! Lgeuo;rdworkyhardsets orIl>gsonrdanpm kmyyorIdlremesecoestrumy> /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" pppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 5 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 2 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 10: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 分): /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp> Iyyopgo ed t. >ywhkayyyopgrNw.up/ tets iil0yyopdoswhkayyyopae>Iclaer/… Iyyopgo ngsawodost ht:/ tets iil0yyopdosowom kmyyyooedlremsecoestrum> ya aeach>r /I wnu0 to >ya aeach>r/… ngswith,ctildlrn/ I hevyctildlrn… Iowoworky/Hrevyyyop touigh whke>Iyyopwouldlwork/… /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 交际运用(本题共: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 10: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 分,每小题 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 1 ): /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 从 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" A----G /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" nt中>殉瞿芴钊肟瞻状Φ淖罴眩ont补全抖曰。(nt中有两项是多余的): /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp: tbeachswith, somefrip-dsy>_______77________> ao;h,dt ht: cundrdfun. Whiacdbeachsae>Iyyopgo ed t? tw>rbs t nkingsab ButdrtvingsowoRedcliffnBeachs osGac>nplnd t.Id iakedrtving, -an_____78_______> tets cundrdglreo2:_______79_______> ll,.Id t nk:ato;.eb us six o'cloac osFri sat. InosFri sas osfront o;nfsmaygarden. hkay>
    Istoula:ww0mege? /spa styil="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" D.? ? ? ? tWhke>Iae>Iyyopgo ed t rdwhekend? ? ? : <
    t styil="mwrgin-leftA:91pt;" /spa styil="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 76y_________?  77y________?  o;78t__________?  79t__________?  80t__________> /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 填入一个适当蟮词补全抖曰,每空一词ty /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp seoatascoughKe eser sa afnerno ot. ? >tuesetlittleyhnigy> y> y tac>eaammeeeodsa and drtnk:_____85_____rwaive. Yyo'il0 >yellplnighy> /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" pppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 2011 /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 陕棉十二厂中>Ь拍昙队⒂镏锌寄D狻: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" pppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 10: /spatstyle="ffnt--family宋体t;" 小题,每小题: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 1.5 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 15 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppppp: /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" t /spa styil="ffnt--family宋体t;" 其中有两项是多余的 /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" t> Inveroat>tvaccaion,Jim? .BButwhke>I iil0ww0a ca? r>?esetroompffryyyo, nly> twon?eymind? .pppp IowoNewIYork? .pppp ycouldland tanna.4. /spa styil="aext-deecrma on:underlin>t;" pppppp .pppp ? .pppp eyyopat>ay> /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppp /spatstyle="ffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" ppp Iae>Iyyopgo ed ? to;hospital? Ae>Iyyopallnigh ,Ann? lingswellyMyyaemeshure .p BTsankeyyoK:I,hrevyowo o knot.Sc>eyyoplathrs.p thospital): _______________o;_________p B:IIfsllpdown>fromyat>tbiakland my lefutarmrwaes adlythure .p ,hrppea? B9t___________________________p edsasdieslre'laIetlongstammyYyopstoudsecoesharliert.: pIrwant:owoecoesharliertBBut10t______________________p y tac>eaammeeeodsa ndffry wlodsasy> B:Tsankeyyo,docaot.p p ?eslookingsffrwardsmegeingsyyoK: twceot>r >yliak? nt-g? pat>thospitaly> tmatthr?ppp /spatstyle="nClor:blue;pffnt--familyfammeeNewIRcoant;" 4.Ttac>edsasdagly> ? :? : pppppppp ppp /spatclaes="nbc-0 nbc-0-40 ptcmt ptcmt-2">评论这张 pppppppp p pppppppp pppppppp p. pppppppp p. /spatclaes="nbc-0 nbc-0-40 ptcmt">转发至微博: pppppppp p pppppppp? : pppppppp pppppppp p. pppppppp p. /spatclaes="nbc-0 nbc-0-40 ptcmt">转发至微博: pppppppp p ppppppppighu:32pxtlin>-t>ighu:32pxtaext-align:lefu;"v pppppppp. . /spatclaes="fc07">阅读( /spatid="$_/spaiReadCyont">11567 ) /spatclaes="sepIfc07">| pppppppp ppp /spatclaes="fc07">评论( /spatid="$_/spaiCommlntCyont">0 ) pppppppp ighu:40pxtlin>-t>ighu:40pxt"v pppppppp. . | pppppppp ppp. pppppppp pppppp /spatid="$_/sareBtn_lofner"soitle="分享到LOFTER"tclaes="ssareitmslofner f-bkicons">? : pppppppp ppp ppp /spatid="$_/sareBtn_sinaweibo"t itle="分享到新浪微博"sclaes="ssareitmssinawb f-bkicons">? : pppppppp ppp ppp /spatid="$_/sareBtn_qq"t itle="分享到QQ空间"sclaes="ssareitmsqqzone f-bkicons">? : pppppppp ppp ppp /spatid="$_/sareBtn_qqweibo"t itle="分享到腾讯微博"sclaes="ssareitmsqqweibo f-bkicons">? : pppppppp ppp ppp pppp imgssrc="http://bpog.163.eco/bitMaxImageG>aydo?url=http://lhy7003.bpog.163.eco/bpog/s ctic/35737998201111284323469&w=100&h=100&ace=qbbkfxtj_20150420_11"> pppp pppppppp

    用微信? ? “扫一扫”:将文章分享到朋友圈。 ? : pppp imgssrc="http://bpog.163.eco/bitMaxImageG>aydo?url=http://lhy7003.bpog.163.eco/bpog/s ctic/35737998201111284323469&w=100&h=100&ace=qbbkfxtj_20150420_12"> pppp pppppppp

    用易信? ? “扫一扫”:将文章分享到朋友圈。 ? : pppppppppppp ppp inpButaype="hndden" name="ahirdId"tvalue="fks_087067080080089064083085085064072085084068087081095074092" /> pppppppp p. ppp inpButaype="hndden" name="from"tvalue="BLOGPOST" /> pppppppp p. ppp inpButaype="hndden" name=" itle"tvalue="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰" /> pppppppp p. ppp inpButaype="hndden" name="contlnt"tvalue="<t styil="aext-align:sc>ntlr;" ><etrel="nofCllow" tacf="http://club.topsage.eco/ffrum.php?mod=attachmlnt&amp;aid=NDQ3OTIwfDg5MDA4YjVlfDEzMjI4Mjk2NDN8MHwyNTQ2NDYz" ></spatstyle="nClor:blue;pffnt--familyArial;pffnt--sze:140tt aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" ></stron>http://club.topsage.eco/ffrum.php?mod=attachmlnt&amp;aid=NDQ3OTIwfDg5MDA4YjVlfDEzMjI4Mjk2NDN8MHwyNTQ2NDYz</s rong><ntlr;" > &nbsp;</p><t styil="aext-align:sc>ntlr;" ></spatstyle="ffnt--sze:140tt" ></ rong>2年真题(解析版)+2年模拟(精华版)p<ntlr;" ></spatstyle="ffnt--sze:120tt" ></ rong>(最新2年)2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)p<ntlr;" ></spatstyle="nClor:red;pffnt--sze:140tt" ></ rong>补全抖曰p<殉瞿芴钊肟瞻状Φ淖罴眩ont。nt中有两项为多余nt。p<tdaths ndsa?p<B:ItuesJune 16.p<;" > 71pp<Tt>ndiouesDragln BoetsF>esivals ndsa,diean'tie? <B:Yes.p</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" > 72pp<pp<B:Sur>.p</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" > 73pp<B: ht:aspity! 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Dndlyyopseeoot>tdocaot? <Iyyopfsklingsbgeive kno? <Waesiotserioug? <tdocaot ssa?<B:Yeshyetlittley>Tt>tdocaot toldsmeIowoo kmy te p<y tac>eaammeeeodsa and hrevypplnty nfswaiert.<;" >    60   <B:Yeshymuchsbgeivet.BBut 'vesmissedsslem -y legsonrt.<B:Ttankesetlnt..<tdocaot?'。p<tdocaot ssa?'(医生怎么讲),故选E。p<pp&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Cy>Wt>r>,nwh>r>..<Goonde vnt-g!.<IyyopOK?pp&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Cy>Ae>Iyyopsrds?pp< Imdsorry..<Wtysknt? <IyyopOK?'意为"你没事吧",是表示抖方的关心。p<B:IygntI vea rdsnews>fromyat>tNews Repor'.pIt,hrppeaeds osJiangeu Provinic. p<ntlredsa kinaergartlnland wyonded(杀伤) 31p ersons,dincpudingskidesend teach>osy><ydoa>IowokeepIschoClstsafert.><B:Righu.p(80).____________________nwh>n:IygrNw.up. Poliiw0can proteceyahem>fromybeingshurey><ya poliiwman? <B:Iyamygningsowostuua.saraersend exercisw0e veuydsa owo >ys rongert.<<B:TtanksyyoK:<tmatthr&nbsp;/ Wtetueswrong&nbsp; / A-a t ng.wrong/ tetuesyyor0 roubpe?amp;nbsp;/ Wtetuesup。由上句的"你看起来不高兴"和下句的"我听到了坏消息,情发生在江苏省"可以推测这里是在询问"你怎么了?出了什么事?"。p</becomeIa poliiwman/ Imdgningsowo/wiil0 >ya poliiwman。p要采取措施制止校园暴力事件,我长大了"要或将要当警察",用want/wish/plwn/thope或将来时态。因为后面说到了"警察可以保护他们的安全"。p<Iyyopgningsowodol/:HNw.ae>Iyyopgningsowodolotaol/: tetuesyyor0plwn。p承接上文的"想当警察",且由下文的我将更加努力学匣,所以这里是如果你想当警察"你将怎么办呢?"。p<<殉瞿芴钊肟瞻状Φ淖罴眩ont补全抖曰。(nt中有两项是多余的) <;" >&nbsp; 76&nbsp; <<eser sa,bButyyoswereskntIetshome.><;" >&nbsp; 77&nbsp; <I som tingsffrymy trip oo Stanghai.><r>sot>tWorldsExposia on(世博会)siesbeingsheld.HNw.luckytyyosae>!.<;" >&nbsp; 78&nbsp; <<;" >&nbsp; 79&nbsp; <<;" >&nbsp;&nbsp;80&nbsp;><<!.<!.<; ordve-plft: knn>; ordve-bot n : :knn>; ordve-lnigh: knn>;".>><p></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >A. touesotat? <<<<77.________&nbsp;>78.________&nbsp;>79.________&nbsp;>80.________><<<</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >&nbsp;&nbsp;81&nbsp;><tloaalslibraea efore? <toa>Inhar ot>tDragln Tower? <toa>.><tEngpish Comers osot>tlibraea e veuySmaurdsa.Atlnt nfsEngpish lnvers prace iw0spoken>Engpish to geh>o. ty></spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >&nbsp;&nbsp;82&nbsp;><oe? <tNo.p7ebBeswiil0 makeyyoslnighIeh>oe.><;" >&nbsp;&nbsp;83&nbsp;><<;" >&nbsp; 84&nbsp;><tnhar>esebBesstop? <ts rege.end t kmy te fireseaurnt-gtoasot>tllft.Ituesopposiaeoot>tpost nff iw.Yyoscann't</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >&nbsp;&nbsp;85&nbsp;><<<Iwelecoe.><82.________&nbsp;>83.________&nbsp;>84.________&nbsp;>85.________><r> 85.smiss><<<<r>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;由答语可知此处询问地理位置。><<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >      A B><tslowly,npplase?&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A. Go alongsttiess rege oo ot>tend><<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >48t.Helpeyyorselftoo some0dumplinges pCy>Sorry,:II toughutyyoscanIffllow0me. p<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >49. Excusw0me,IhNw.canIIygn oo ot>tBankenfsCt na?ppp DK:OK ,iouesa pieiw0nfsc km. ppp<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<'Ttanks,dbBut Iam full.'表示了谢意并说已经饱了,符合情境。><tend'是向对方指路。><<ighu: 94pxt" ><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50tt ordve-plft: solndl0.50tt ordve-bot n : : cli 0.50tt ordve-lnigh: solndl0.50tt" ><p></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt".>> A. tetuesiotmadw0nf? <tgrcen>one? <Soem -y niiw0coete!:Iycann'tdecndmnwhichsoa>IowobByy><</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>>>51pp.><<Oh,:iotlooks niiwy></spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>>52pp><<Leotm>tsee.:Itues or>totan 400 yuany><Itues oo expensive.:I prefersot>tpinkennwy></spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>>53pp<ItuesOK,dbBut</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>54pp<<Goondndma!.</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >pp>55ppp><<Ituesassilk nnwy><Perfece.:I'il0try iotony><<tgrcen>one?'。p<>七、口语交际<>ppp><>ppp> 根径对荒谌荽佑方磕谒模ont中>殉鲎罴汛鸢福识栽话完眨下呒湟逋ㄋ场W⒁猓河卸嘤啵ont。p<yrcella exciaedsab Butplavt-gtffryAmericatoo orrNw,:LisPt-g!.<B:Yeah. 81______><tcusoo esend m -ners osot>tUSA. 82______><.p<B:83______><></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >A::Well,:iouesimpor'anttoo >yoasoammnwh>n:yyo'e>Iinviaedsffrydinner. 84______>Americans expeceyaheirygu>esesoo >yoasoammy><B:Tten>hNw.longsmsa IIstsa oh>oe? <></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >A::85______>Or yyosseem>oo hrevycomeIonla ffryot>tmealy>Wh>n:yyor>friendesseem>oo >y gett-gttiredsand>runnt-gtoButnfsott-gs,dituesoammnoo plav>.pTt>tnext dsa,:cellpfrywriaeoatotank-yyoskntetoo ssa hNw.muchsyyosenjoyedsot>te vnt-gy><ighu: 69pxt" ><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50tt ordve-plft: solndl0.50tt ordve-bot n : : cli 0.50tt ordve-lnigh: solndl0.50tt" ><p></spatstyle="nClor:bplcktIffnt-family:fammeeNewIRcoant" >A. Ituesgnodsoo stsa aolhome ffryyyoy><tmeal,ydoan'tplav> aolonic. <Cooldsyyosgivetm>ta hrnd? <a.savet osAmerica? <<Yyo'e>Isupposedsowoplav> eforeyot>tmealy><alt="".>/>impoliaeoowoarrivetlath.<.'可知此处是在寻求帮助。注意习惯用语'giveta hrnd',意思是"帮一下忙"。故选C。><yoasoammnwh>n:yyo'e>Iinviaedsffrydinner.可知上文问的是风俗礼仪。故选D。p<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt" >84.G <imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img8.ph.126.net/2a-jctYnRToCYZK8l0AZOg==/1550645646716121268.jpg".>alt="".>/> 根鞠挛腁mericans expeceyaheirygu>esesoo >yoasoammy可知迟到是不礼貌的。故选G。><n>hNw.longsmsa IIstsa oh>oe?'和下文''yyosseem>oo hrevycomeIonla ffryot>tmeal'以及' t>n>…,iouesoammnoo plav>.'可以确定,此处是告诫用餐后不能立刻就走人。故选B。p<>pp><alt="".>/>择恰当的句子,并将其字母标号填入对曰相应的空白处,对曰巴暾,合乎情景。(有两个多余nt) <tconicrt gnod? <<Iyyopangry ot>n? (97).____><tconicrt Irwaiaedsoutsndmnot>tot>a re— osot>ttanny>Irwantedsot>iryauto raphsy><m?pp<<y oalk oo yyo?pp<>Sadie: No,lot>y dndan'K:Tt>y dndan'rwave.:Tt>y dndan'rsmile.:Tt>y dndan'rssa hsllo.p(99).____:Tt>y jues jumpedsinoo a big,dblack:cersend ot>n dnsrppharedy><<eser sa.p<ighu: 21pxt" ><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50tt ordve-plft: solndl0.50tt ordve-bot n : : cli 0.50tt ordve-lnigh: solndl0.50tt" ><ol><li><y dndan're vntlook aolusy><<mdaesbeforey><<tmatthr? <<oelot>y friendla oo yyo?p<<mdso.muchy><<<<<e, sbydid. 或No,lsbydidan'K:><<<<;" >>>> 61pp.>><<Iouttnfsstyle.:Iydoan'tlook coCly><yyyo stooldsbBys somtnew clntheg. ><<;" >>>> ppp>62pp>>>>>><<dswithtot>mdab Buti'.p<swithtyyor paelnte.</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>> ppp>63pppppppppp<<gu>eeswtat,elsw0ieswrong? <;" >>>> ppp>64pppppppppp<ighu: 88pxt" ><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50tt ordve-plft: solndl0.50tt ordve-bot n : : cli 0.50tt ordve-lnigh: solndl0.50tt" ><p>A. Myybroth>oyplwys tiesCDesooo poud!:Iycann'tgn oo sleep.p<<Msa >yyyo coolds ge a paet-oammnjob osot>te vnt-gsy><<M看W不高兴,所以会问怎么<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img9.ph.126.net/WB2oZ9QiW5dZgaqH43rHMw==/2772809995593642019.jpg".>alt="".>/>啦p<<<Davtd!:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;46&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;s?p ><B:Hi,>Sarah!:IyamygningsowoseeoAnnay>St>tiesin>hNspitaly ><<B:St>thrdsatoraff i accndmnttoash>oywsa oop<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img9.ph.126.net/WB2oZ9QiW5dZgaqH43rHMw==/2772809995593642019.jpg".>alt="".>/>schoClland waeshurey ><e>Ia-a t ng.serioBe? ><B:Yes,>th>o>ties som tingswrongswithth>oyt>ady ><my God!:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;49&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;s.: ><B:I,hopes s,>tooy ><<B:Surey>Leouesgo! <Iyyopgningsowodo&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 47. tetueswrongswithth>o ><twiil0 >ywellssoon ><oywithtyyo <oystops? <I fsklIsorrysab Buti'.p<oystoes? <Ith>y? <I'dI iakla pairynfsshoegyffrymy daughuert.<St>t iakeswtiaeoand>black.&nbsp;<B:</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>71pp.><sshoegyae>Ircella niiwy>Do yyoI iakltt>m? <B:Yest.BBut 'mdaftandlmy daughuerydoesan't iaklth>snClor.</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>72pp>><<.pTh>o>tae>Idiffermnttkinaesofsshoegynver>th>o>. tetsnClorydoessshctliak? <B:</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>73ppp<black:iesh>oyfavoriae.p<ydokesshctneed? <B:Siz>y9. Leotm>tsee.:Um,Ithiespairynfsshoegymues fitth>o.p</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> 74pppp<ysae>Iknt expensive,toala 199 yuany><B:Ttattwooldsbe finwy></spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>75ppp<o>tiesth>smnnwyy>Ttankes vea much!.<Iwelcome.p<<Cook arriveeshome afnersstoppingsffryfnod.<Cook: Agann? Ttaouesth>sfyortht</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >(71).....<ck>dsyyooypencil ox? <rey><Cook: Dndlyyo look </spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >(72)......<yyooyroom? <Cook: HNw.ab Butthctlivt-gtroom? <>....Waluer: Itt</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >(73)......<yth>rey>Irwagydot-gtmy homeworksin>my roomland dndan'te vn gn inoo th>slivt-gtroom.p<>Mosy>Cook: Well,:th>n,dborrNwtoa>sfromlyyooybroth>oyffrykno. I'il0</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >(74).....<sfnod osot>treflnieratort.<Cook::Waluer! Lookswtat,I'vet</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >(75)...... .<<Oh,:IIrcmember! Iygnts somtjuiiw0fromlth>sreflnierator,land...and....p<Gook::And>puttth>seraseo osot>treflnieratort.<CookB:Well,: makeit,land >y or>tcerefultnext oamm.p< 73.snColdan't/cann't 74.nhslp> 75.sfyond>< 案写在题后相应的横线上。</spatstyle="ffnt-siz>:91pt".>>> <>>>>>>>>>>L : Lin>Xin>>>>>>>>>>>S : Salewom ->>>>)p<Xin>!>Wh>e>Iae>Iyyo gnings? <;" >>>>71pp.><Mellp?</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>>72pp>><<sdathtiesoo orrNws?p<IlnighI! IImdgningsowobBysaygiftsfyrymy moth>oy.</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> 73>>>><><Leouesgo oopth>smellpto geh>o y>p<sstop ) <;" >>>>74ppppp<Ith>sb>eseoa>s y>p<p<s ?p<y'e>Ibeautifulty>p<;" >>>>75ppp><y'e>¥160 osellpy>p<o>tyyo ae>I.p<alt="".>/>A. HNw.muchsae>Ith>ys?p<oy?p<To Junlin>Mellpy>p<IbBys?p<Wtetsae>Iyyo gningsoopdoyot>e>I?p<Can I,helpeyyoI?p<>72.___________>> 73.____________>> 74.___________> 75.____________ <></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt".>></ rong>【2010福建?晋江】<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt".>>从每小题A、B、C三个nt中,选出能填入空白处的最佳答案。(10分) <><li><>当有人赞扬你发型漂亮时,你应该回应说_____________.p<>A. TtankIyyoy>p:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;>p::::::BK:Thatueslnighy>p:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Cy>Wh>e>,nwh>rey><>2.当你晚上和朋友分手时,你会跟抖方说_____________.p<>A. Goondafnernoon!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;BK:Goondnighu!:::::&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;::::Cy>Goonde vnt-g!.<>3.当你看到你的朋友脸色很不好看时,你会问_____________来关心她。 <>A. HNw.doyyyo do?pp:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;BK:Ae>Iyyo OK?pp&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Cy>Ae>Iyyo srds?pp<>A. Excus>smm.pppppp&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ppppBK:Ne vesmind.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;ppppCy> Imdsorry.p<>5.就餐时,朋友问你要不要加点汤,而你已吃饱,你会说_____________来委婉拒绝.p<>A. No,lotanke.ppppp&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;BK:No,lno,lnoy>p:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Cy>Whysknt?p<>1.A 由于文化差异,东方人在听到赞赏、赞美时通常表示谦虚,而西方人通常会说'TtankIyyoy'p<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt".>>2tB 'Goondnighu!'意为"晚安",通常在夜晚使用,有告别之意。p<></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt".>>3tB 'Ae>Iyyo OK?'意为"你没事吧",是表示抖方的关心。 <>4.C 'Excus>smm.'有少许致歉的成份,但通常在打扰抖方或给抖方带来不便时使用。'Ne vesmind.'意为"别担心",通常用于安慰抖方。而' Imdsorry.'用于由于过失之后,是实实在在的道歉。 <></spatstyle="nClor:bplckt".>>5.A 拒绝抖方善意的要求,需委婉且不忘致谢。 <>p&nbsp;<></ rong>【2010河南】<>A:Hello,sCtarleg.p<>>B:.Hello,sClairm.pNiiw0oopseeoyyo h>rey>HNw.ae>Iyyo?p<>A::Finw,Ithanke,>Wh>e>Iae>Iyyo gningsfyryyyor summersholidsae,>Clarleg?p<>B:76.</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> pppppppppppppppppppp.<sfnr>thrce weeke.p<Iluckyy>HNw.ae>Iyyo gningsth>oe? <;" >>>>ppppppppppppppppppppppp?p<>A::IImdgningsowovisia>my randpaelntes ose smellpvillagw.Iygn oh>oete vry summer.p<scyontrysndm.Wtetsdoyyyo doIth>oe? <;" >>>>ppppppppppppppppppppppp.<>B:Ituesfantastic!>Ae>Iyyo gningsoh>oetalonk? <>A:N0.79</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>>p<ywsa,nwhatuesJohn gningstopdoyotiessummer?p<>B:H>sswys teuesgot-gtoopth>smyontanneswiththiespaelnte.Well,I'vetgntsoop90.Havetfun,C1airm.p<;" >>>>p<To my hometown/Auesralia/Shanghai/p<IImdgningsowomy hometow<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img5.ph.126.net/lg4fMEOwVE6tAW1LI1eo-A==/609393324595690645.jpg".>alt="".>/>n/Auesralia/Shanghai/…y<>77>Wh>e>Iae>Iyyo gning(fyryyyor summersholidsae) <>..Whattae>Iyyo gningsowodo thiessummery<>..Whatuesyyor plwn (fyrysummersholidsae)/Whattae>Iyyooyplwnes(fyrySummersy<>holidsae)/Whattplwngydoyyyo havet(fyrysummersholidsae)/…y<>..Whattab Butyyo/HNw.ab Butyyo/…y<>78 1,helpemy randpaelntesdoefarmtworks<>:>I fskd chick>ns,waiersplwntesandIlndmnhooswss<>:>l gn swimmingsandIboeting/I plwy basketbellpnr>tennts/…y<>79>IImdgningswithtmy cyosin/my broth>o/…y<>..Withtmy cyosin/my broth>o/…y<> Myycyosin/broth>o/…iesgningswithtmet<Igningswithtmet>…s<>80 Yyo too(,Ctarleg)/Yyo,ooo <>:>Th>ysammnoo yyo <>:>Thanke(atlot)/TtankIyyo( vea much)/Atlottofsthanke <>【2010黑龙江<>鸡西】<>【2010黑龙江<>鸡西】<yb>eseresponse fromlAsoopF accordingtoopth>sslntencwssgiveny>Eachschoiiw0shoolds >yus>asonla onic. <y400-meiersraiw0 osoh>yschoCllsportesmeeting.p<eserdsasandImissedsoh>ycerooon>movim.p<alt="".>/>pppp<<>【2010黑龙江<>鸡西】<ydialogu>swithtpropeoywordesor slntencws.p<Look,Ih>oeueshiesnammn<em>Ted<Leouesgo sndIfindyhim.p<ycean'tcomeIoopschoClltodsa.:<;" >>>>pp<ywseshure bysaycraza personlonlth>ywsasoopschoClland kno heues oshNspitalyp<>ppB: (58).____________________________________.sFromlhieslegson,nw>y gesoopkkno p<yimpor'aniw0ofsself – preseovetion (自我保护)I.pDoyyyo tinkeso?pp<yhrppa oopseeousy><n>sndIwh>retae>Iw>ymeeting?p<tschoCllgath.p<(60).____________________________________.</spatstyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> pp<<yTed'e.p<ymatser?/yWtetueswrong?/yWtetyhrppened? <y optopseeohim?/y<y optopseeohim?y<Seeoyyo (th>n).p<>【2010</ ry-g>广西.桂林<> 根径栽荒谌荩酉旅娣娇蛩模ont中>殉龊鲜实木渥硬谷对唬浔旰旁诖鹛饪ㄉ贤亢凇 y<>PeierB:Hi, Salla.:Com>Ia-dyhrvetatlook aolmy photoe.p<>Salla: Ae>Ith>se th>yphotoeIyyo oooksin>Aflnca,IPeier?p<>PeierB:</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>41pp<Look,Ithiesiesatwiidebeesty>Ituespaoanimels osAflnca.p<>Salla: </spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>42pp<pppp<>PeierB:No,littdoesan'y>Itsonla ceoesgrase.p<>Salla: Ae>Ith>e>Iatlot0ofsanimeles osAflnca?p<>PeierB:</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>43>><pppp<>Salla: Oh,Ithiesphoto lookes oieresting.pWhattae>Iyyosdoingtoh>oe? <;" >>>44pp<pppp<>Salla: Dndlyyo hrvetatgnod oammnoh>oe? <;" >>> 45ppp<>Yeshyth>e>Iae>Im -y.p<>Yeshyth>a ae>.p<>Iyrcallasenjoyedsmyself.p<>Dokesia>ceo meat? <>IyamIlndingtoh>,elephant.<>41t.B 解析:上文为be的一般疑问句,下文用相应的简略回答。 <>42.yD 解析:下文为一般现在时简略回答,上文为相应的一般疑问句。 <>43.sA 解析:上文为th>e>Ibe的一般疑问句,下文用th>e>Ibe作简略回答。 <>44.nE 解析:上文为现在进行时问句,下文用现在进行时作答。 <>45.sC 解析:上文为一般过去时问句,下文用一般过去时作答。 <>【2010福建?龙岩】<>A::Goondafnernoon.yWelcomeptopyor restauranty>p<p<e>Iiesattabpesfnr>two.p</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> 56pppp<Msa IIhrevyth> menu, please?pp<e>IitIie.p(<em>A fsw.minuteeslaier<;" >>> 57ppppp<.pWe'il0hrvetBeijingtRoast DuckIa-dyve geabledsoup.pp<style="padding-lefu: 7pxttpadding-lnigh: 7pxttborder-topB:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lefu: .solndl0.50ttdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>><p></spaostyle="ffnt-family:Tamms:NewtRom -;".>>A. Itues55pyuany><>BK:Som>Ilncw,Ipleasey><>CK:T kmye seat,Ipleasey><>DK:Msa II makeyyorsorder?p<>E.yWooldsyyo iakl som tingstopdrink?<;" >>> 58pppp<;" >>> <;" >>> 59pppp<;" >>> p< bill,Iplease?p<tsee.:</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> 60 ppp<e>Iyyo ae>y><<<Iyyo?p<;" >>>16ppp<;" >>>17ppp<ts.Doyyyo iaklth>smueic?p<;" >>>18pp<I osa ba-d?p<;" >>>19ppp<yIoiernge ail0my frce oamm.p<;" >>>20 pp<Ilnigh,iauescoCl.p<yplwy osyor frce oamm.p<><s ry-g>【2010湖北·襄樊】补全抖曰<> pp 根径栽荒谌荩臃娇蛑醒≡5个恰当的句子完成对曰,并将所选句子前的字母代号写在答题卡上的相应题号后。 <>A::Goondmorning,>madam.p<>B: 61<sspaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<>A::Yyotlook worried.pWhatueswrongswithtyyo?p<>B: Myydaughuersgn't ost wh>nnIydnd0shoppings osth> market:thiesmorning.:IIvetlook>asfnr>h>ete vrywh>ret osth> market,>bBut Icann'tfindyher.pWhat0shail0Iydo?p<>A::62<sspaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<e.pW>yceash>lp>yyo.p<>B: TtankIyyo,sie.p<>A::NNw.please>teil0mmnhow old0sh>Iie.p<>B: St>uesfivety>aresold.p<>A::63<sspaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<>B: St>ueskinasofs havy,a-dysh>Ihsesa roond>faiw0a-dylong curlashaie.p<>A::WhattnClorpdr>eesiessh>Iw>aring.todsa?p<>B: 64<sspaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<>A::Whatuesyyor>telephoa>snumber?p<>B: Itues9256480.p<>A::OK.We'il0startsooplook fnr>h>etlnigh awsa.pWe'il0cail0yyo sessoon sesw>yfindyher.p<alt="".>/><sspaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>B: 65<sspaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<> pp <>Choose th>yb>eseresponse fromlAsoopF accordingtoopth>sslntencwssgiveny>Eachschoiiw0shoolds >yus>asonla onic. <>(&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;)51:TtiesiesKathtspeakingK:Msa IIspeakptopMo.pBrown?<br>(&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;)52:Yyotlook weak.yWhat`esth>ymatser? <>(&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;)53:Hi, Janwy>Cooldsyyo teil0mmnwtatsdsasia>ts.todsa? <>(&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;)54 I`mdaftandlI,hrvettop opkno. TtankIyyo fyryyyorscoffewy><>(&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;)55 I`mdsorrysoo keepyyyo waitingssoylongy><alt="".>/><imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img2.ph.126.net/2GkXE30k13RzFPd3xsn4Ag==/2697656176812045162.jpg".>alt="".>/></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>> <>51E电话对曰,请稍等52 D问怎么啦,应回答我患了感冒53A问星期几,应回答星期二54F谢谢你的咖啡,应回答不客气55C很抱歉让你等这么久,应当说不客气。 <>【2010黑龙江·齐齐哈尔】</ ry-g>Compleiesoh>ydialogu>swithtpropeoywordesor slntencws.p<>A::Hi, Li Hua. Oor>summersholidsae.ae>IcomingK:Whattae>Iyyop oing.toydo? <>B:(56)____________________________________________________? <>A::Visia>Shanghai?:Ffryth> World0Expo(世博会)s osShanghai?:<>B: Quia>lnighy><>A::You`e>Isoylucky!(57)___________________________? <>B: Ba plwnwy>Ipkkno yyo often gnsth>e>y>Cooldsyyo teil0mmn smeiting.ab Butit? <>A::Ofs<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img9.ph.126.net/WB2oZ9QiW5dZgaqH43rHMw==/2772809995593642019.jpg".>alt="".>/>cyooswy><>B: (58)_____________________________? <>A::It`es vea hot.:You`d>betser makea paie0ofssunglasems:a-dysom>IcoCl clnth>e.p<>B: TtankIyyo fyryyyorsadvncw. It`essand0th> World0Exposiesquia>Iwonderful.yWooldsyyo iaklgnswithtme? <>A::I`dylovetin,dbuttI`mdaftandlI,cea`t.:Myy randfath>esiesilly>Iphrvettoplook afnershim.p<>B:(59)____________________,IIyhop>Ih>Iwill0 >ybetser soon., <>A::Iyhop>Iso..pBa th>ywsa,nwhen ae>Iyyopleavt-gtfnr>Shanghai?:<>B: Next weeky><>A:(60)______________________!pBae-bywy><>B:Baey><>56pI`md oing.toyvisia>Shanghai./pI`mdvisiaing.Shanghai./pI wantsoop optopShanghai./pI will0visia>Shanghai. <>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 57>HNw.ae>Iyyo gningsth>oe?/>HNw.will0gnsth>e>?/yHNw.will0yyo optopShanghai?/yHNw.top et:to.Shanghai?.HNw.top et:th>e>? <>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 58yWhat`esth>yw>ath>es iaklth>re( osShanghai)?/yHNw.iesth> w>ath>esth>ee( osShanghai)? <>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 59:Sorry top harIatee/pI`mdsorrysoo harIateey><>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 60 Hrvetatniiettrip!/yHrvetatgnod orip/yHrvetfun!/yhrvetaygnod oamm!/yEnjoy0yyooswlf!.<>【2010湖北·孝感】</spaostyle="ffnt-siz>:91pt".>> 根径栽荒谌荩诳崭裰懈魈钚匆桓鼍渥樱苟栽煌暾⒄贰⒋镆狻(共10分.每空2分) <></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>ppA: t>e>Iae>Iyyop oing.fnr>vaietion? <></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>ppB:80______________________________ <></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>A::HanneasIslwnd?p81_____________________,isa`a>ts?pp<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>B:Yeshyia>ts.pButtIsdoa`a>mindsth> hot w>ath>esbecaus>sI iakl wimmingsandIsurfingK:<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>A::Syondsygrceo. 82___________________________K:<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>B: Fnr>ab Buttwo weeke — fromlJune 28thttopJulas 1lthy>HNw.ab Butyyo?:Wt>e>Iae>Iyyop<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>> d oing? <>A:I'dI iaklto optopShanghaiK:<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>B:83______________________? <></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>A::Becaus>,Iyyopkkno,Ith> World0Expo(世博)s esgningson Shanghai.:<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>B: 84________________________!.It`esaygnod chaniettoyl>arn ab Butfnreignycyontri>e.p<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>A:Andsiauesalsoyaygnod chaniettoykkno ab Butyor>futue>Ilifm.p<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>B:Ttatuestue>.p<></ ry-g>答案:<>80 I`md oing.toyHanneasIslwnd/>To HanneasIslwnd/>HanneasIslwndp<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>81.Its es vea hotIth>e>I<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>82:Wty/yWtyydnd0yyo choos>sShanghai/yWtyyae>Iyyop oing.toyShanghaiI<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>>83:HNw. oieresting/ exciting/yHNw.lucky0yyo sre/ Lucky0yyo/yWtetyaygrcats deaI<></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>></ ry-g>【2010四川·广安】<><tabpesstyle=" ordve-nCllapse:nCllapset" ordve="0" ><nClgtrup><nClsstyle="width:59pxt" /><nClostyle="width:82pxt" /><nClostyle="width:442pxt" /><tbody valign="top".>><tr>style="heighu: 24pxt" ><tdtvAlign="middle".>style="padding-lefu: 7pxttpadding-lnigh: 7pxttborder-topB:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lefu: .solndl0.50ttdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>><p>style="aext-align: clnter;".>>得分<style="padding-lefu: 7pxttpadding-lnigh: 7pxttborder-topB:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lefu: .noa>tdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>><p>style="aext-align: clnter;".>>评卷人<vAlign="middle".>style="padding-lefu: 7pxttpadding-lnigh: 7pxttborder-topB:.noa>tdborder-lefu: .noa>tdborder-botoo B:.noa>tdborder-lnigh: .noa>t".>><p>从对曰后的nt中选择适当的nt补全抖曰,把相应的字母番号填在方框下面的横线上<style="heighu: 25pxt" ><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: noa>tdborder-lefu: .solndl0.50ttdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>>&nbsp;</td><tdtstyle="padding-lefu: 7pxttpadding-lnigh: 7pxttborder-topB:.noa>tdborder-lefu: .noa>tdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>>&nbsp;</td></tr></tabpe><<>(<s ry-g>A<lp>Clnte>.p</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>1pp< <Iphrvet sme problemeswithtEnglish.p<;" >>>2pp<pp<<;" >>>3>>< tysknt jo<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img8.ph.126.net/Oovb3IONAZObqVmmUVYMlw==/1550645646716121338.jpg".>alt="".>/> osatlanguagw clubttoypraitice English?p< teacher wh>nnsh>Italkestopth>sclasey><>Mo.pGrcen:Lieseningstopmor>Itapms:will0h>lp>atlot. Rememberingsth> wordesof EnglishIsongs aisoyh>lpesaylnty><;" >>>4pp<I'il0doyttatssesmuchssespossibley><Iwelcomey></spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>5pp<><tabpesstyle=" ordve-nCllapse:nCllapset" ordve="0" ><nClgtrup><nClsstyle="width:276pxt" /><tbody valign="top".>><tr><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50ttdborder-lefu: .solndl0.50ttdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>><p>A. Doan'tworry.p<Iyyoo EnglishIwill0improvetsoon.><lp>yyo? <<Iyyorsprobleme?&nbsp;</p></td></tr></tabpe><<<>【2010主旨大意】对曰是关于英语困难的,涉及一些如何解决的措施y><<>(<s ry-g>B<lp>topsrvetth> environment? <;" >>>6pp<><tr><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50ttdborder-lefu: .solndl0.50ttdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>><p>A. Yyoyceaslndmna bikey><splwstic bagey>< lightey><ylighte withoutIthinkingK:Whatuesnext? <;" >>>7pp<aItaxi ifsyyosdoan'thrvettoK:<a,noooK:</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>8pp<;" >>>9pp<magazinws,>mails>…sW>y et:atlot0ofsspper at:home.pGnod deaK:<nnyyoy opshoppingK:</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>>10 p< shoppingK:I'il0teil0th>mK:<<magazinws,>mails>…sW>y et:atlot0ofsspper at:home."知道前面谈论内容是关于spper的,故选EK:<>【2010甘肃.定西】<Ihsvetm -y ruleg at:schoClK:p<examplw,Iw>yhrvetto</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<>A: >Iusuallasdo,noooK: >Iae>Inot allow>astopplwy socc>esat:schoClybecaus>sw>ydoan'thrvete socc>esfieldK:<yae>Iluckier han0yyoK:W>yhrveta bigssocc>esfielddbuttw>yceasonla</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<tn P.nEK:p<teacherg ae>I vea</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p<a ae>ystlncty>Isthinksiauesgnod fnrousy>p<;" >>> p<m wh>nnIy raduath.pp<>【2010解析】So dopwe.意思是"我们也一样",说这样的曰一定是要有上文的,因为这是对上文的肯定。 <arp<ar。 <s</p><p>【2010解析】ues使用。后面的it指足球场。 <s</p><p>【2010解析】B对A的观点表示赞同,agrc>swithtsb同意某人。s</p><p></ ry-g>【2010山东·滨州】九、口语交际(共5小题,计5分)</s ry-g></spaostyle="nClor:bplckt".>> </sspa></p><p> 根径栽荒谌荩臃娇蚰谘≡袂〉钡木渥,并将其字母标号填入对曰相应的空白处,使对曰完整,合乎情净。(有两个多余nt) < conc>etygnod? <Iyyoyangry th>n? (97).___________________s</p><p>Sadie: Well,yafnersth> conc>etyItwaia>asoutsndmnot>tth>ate>—tn th> tanny>Iswant>astheiesauto raphey><>Sadie: No,lthey dndan'K:Ttey di<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img9.ph.126.net/WB2oZ9QiW5dZgaqH43rHMw==/2772809995593642019.jpg".>alt="".>/>dan'swave.pTtey didan'ssmile.pTtey didan'sssash>lloK:s</p><p>(99).___________________pTtey just jump>as oioyaybig,dblackyceesandsth>n disrpp>aredK:<><tabpesstyle=" ordve-nCllapse:nCllapset" ordve="0" ><nClgtrup><nClsstyle="width:468pxt" /><tbody valign="top".>><trystyle="heighu: 21pxt" ><tdtstyle="paddt-g-plft: 7pxtypaddt-g-lnigh: 7pxty ordve-top:: solndl0.50ttdborder-lefu: .solndl0.50ttdborder-botoo B:.solndl0.50ttdborder-lnigh: .solndl0.50tt".>><ol><li><<<wsesgrcat!.<<e>Ithey frnendlystopyyo?p</ylove<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img5.ph.126.net/lg4fMEOwVE6tAW1LI1eo-A==/609393324595690645.jpg".>alt="".>/>dlthemdsosmuchK:<<wse. 或No,littwsean'K回答,></p><p>2.yD 根敬鹁涞媚谌菔切鹗龅乃陨弦痪溆Ω檬茄史⑸耸裁词隆</p><p>3.pG句是由did引导的一般疑问句,所以答句应该回答yes, sbsdid. 或No,lsbsdidan'K:></p><p>4.sAnt句式与上文相同、句意递进。s</p><p>5.sF 根鞠挛木湟猓菏堑模鞘弊蛱斓氖虑榱恕K陨衔挠Ω盟档氖且郧暗氖隆 根旧舷挛牡囊馑伎芍"我以前很喜欢他们。"></p><p>六. 补全抖曰 (本大题共5小题,每小题1分,共5分) <>【2011天津】<Italkingsab Buttheiesweekend plwns.) < essun-y oo orrnoK:Dopyyoyhrveta-y plwns?p</p><p>Drve: </spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> 71pp <Iswantstop optopthetbeachK:s</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p 72pp <<;" >>> 73>>p <Isthinksiayceash>lp>me grnoItallmr.p</p><p>Drve: </spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> 74pppppp<//spa>.p</p><p>Bob: I:will0plwy ia>tn thetgymK:Ba th>ywsa,nwhnswiil0yyoy optopthetbeachswith?p</p><p>Drve: I'il0 opwithtmyypaelnte.p</p><p>Bob: </spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p75pppppp<//spa>?p</p><p>Drve: W>ywiil0 opth>e>Ibyscee.p</p><p>Bob: Hrvetaygnod oamm.p</p><p>Drve: Thetsame topyyo.p</p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>答案:71t.Yes,Itdo/ Ofscyoosw/c>etannly.p解析:从后文可以看出是有计划。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>pppppp72.yWhattae>Iyyoy oing.toydo/ Whattab Butyyopp<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>p解析:从回答可知应该是问Bob要做什么。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>pppppp73.pWhattsportsdopyyoy iaklbest/ Whatuesyyor>favoria>Isports<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>pppppp p解析:从回答可知问的是最喜欢的体育运动。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>pppppp74.sWt>e>Iwiil0yyoyplwy ia>p解析:从回答可知问的是地点。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>pppppp75.sHNw.will0yyo opth>e>Ip解析:从回答可知问的是方式。s<//spa></p><p></ ry-g>【泸州市2011】完成对曰<// ry-g> (共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分) <sme,lsie.p</p><p>M: Yes,Iwtat:ceasIs__56__ fyryyyo,>madam?p</p><p>W::Itues12 o'clncky>Ishrvetbcensh>e>I__57__ eashour osmeet:my fath>e.pButtIssaw.ail0th>ypassagwrescomesout exceptI__58__.p</p><p>M: Ae>Iyyoysuresofsth> __59__ tiesflightyaerives?pp< old0meshetwooldsrcachsthetaieportI__60__sab But1:00sthiesafnernoon.yp</p><p>M: TtatuestrueK:FlightyBA506shrs just __61__.p</p><p>W::What? BA506?:Well,IIydoan'tthinksiaues__62__sflightynumber.p</p><p>M: Dopyyoy__63__ tiesflightynumber?p</p><p>W::ItuesVA407y>Isthinks…sOh,Ia.minute,Iplease.pH>e>y>Iswroa>I__64__lonlmy notebnok.pSsrry,siauesVA408.p</p><p>M: VA408?IIysee,>madamsthetflightywsesioyaerivesat:1:00,dbuttia>wiil0 >ytwo houresandstwenty.minuteeslaieybecaus>sofsth> badIw>ath>e>tn NewtYork.p</p><p>W::OK.pThenIIywiil0__65__lioywaiaylongwr.pThanksyyoy vea much,lsie.p</p><p>M: Gnod luck!:MsdamK:s</p><p>56t.________ 57t._____ 58.p______ 59.p_______ 60.p_______ </p><p>61t.________ 62.._____ 63.p_______ 64.s______ 65.s_______ </p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:16ptt".>></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>【主旨大意】本篇是一位女士与飞机场服务员工之间的对曰。讲述了一位女士在等待父亲的航班,但是记错了航班号码,已经抵达的并不是父亲的航班;另外:由于纽约恶略天气的原因,此次航班将推迟2小时20分钟抵达。所以,她将必须等待更长的时间。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>56t.dop 客套用语: tat:ceasIsdopfnroyyo?意为:我可以为你效劳吗?\我能为你做点什么吗?p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>57t.fnro.fnr+时间段,>是固定用法。 <>58.phim except是介词,后面接宾格形式。Him指代"父亲"。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>59.piamm 句意:你知道他的航班抵达的时间吗?iamm 意为"时间"。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>60.pat::::介词pat+几点钟,是固定用法。 <>61t.aerived 联系后文可知句意:BA506航班已经抵达了。p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>62..hies 由于作者根本不相信。可推知句意:我认为那不是他的航班。p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>63.prememb<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img8.ph.126.net/2a-jctYnRToCYZK8l0AZOg==/1550645646716121268.jpg".>alt="".>/>er 联系下句可知询问:你记住他的航班号码了吗?p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>64.siaysiay指代航班号码。p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>65.shrvetshrvetioy意为"不得不;必须",句意:我将必须等待更长的时间。s<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>【2011?河南省】<llo, Betsy.pThetexamnnetionliesover.p tat:ae>Iyyoy oing.toydolio orrno?p</p><p>B: I'mdnot sure. 76.________________?p</p><p>A::Iywantsoop optopthetScnenc>yMus>umK:B::Why dopyyoywantsoop opth>e>?p</p><p>A::77.s___________________, <<Iae>Inot allow>astopo kmyphotoe>tns desthetmue>umK:</p><p>B::Got ia.sOh,I80.____________________________?p</p><p>A::Attttetgathtofsth> mue>umK:B>Isuresioy et:th>e>Ibefnre 9 o'clncky>p</p><p>B::OK.pSeeoyyoyttenK:</p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>></ ry-g>76.sHNw.ab But/ tat:ab Butyyo?:Wtatpae>Iyyoy oing.toydo?:Wtatpdopyyoywantsoopdo? :Wtatuesyyor>plwn?p</s ry-g><//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>></ ry-g>77.sBecaus>ytteresies/ttereswiil0 >y...pBecaus>sI wantsoop opto .., <></ ry-g>78.pWooldsyyo iakltop opwithtm>I<></ ry-g>79.pCea/May/CooldsIst kmye camerapwithtm>I<></ ry-g>80. wh>resshail0w>ymeet:<// ry-g><//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>【2011.云南昆明】<>(共5小题,每小题1分,满分5分)p<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>John: UncledSmith,lthiesiesJohntspeakingK:I'mdssrrysioycail0<//spa>upysoylath,dbuttmsasIyspeaksioyJim?p</p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>Smith:yJimliesoua.spp</spaystyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p ::::86pppppppp<//spa><//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>John: OK,Iplease.yJimlandsI rpplied easadventure(冒险)tour compeiationlonlttetInternet:atweek agoK:TodsasIswaesiold0ttatsw> w>resacc>pt>a.p<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>Smith:yOh,Ittatsmuetybesdsngwrousy</spaostyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p ::87ppppppp<//spa><//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>John: Becaus>sw>ywantsoopdopsportesands smeiting.exciting.p<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>Smith:yYyo'd>betser not.spp</spaystyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p88ppppppp<//spa>pppp<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>John: UncledSmith,ldoan'tworry.p >Iceast kmygnod ceehtofsoureelves.p<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>Smith:ypppppp</spaystyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p 89ppppppp<//spa>pppp<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>John: Yes.p >Iae>Ircady fnroia.s<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>Smith:yGnod luck.s<//spa></p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:33ptt".>></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>John: pppp</spaystyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" >>> p 90 pppppp<//spa>pppp<></spaostyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>Smith:yOK.pI'il0teil0him ioycail0yyoybackylathr.p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>></spaystyle="fynt-family:宋体;".>>答案:<//spa>86.pCea/:MsasIst kmye m>eeagw fnroyyo?p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>87.sWhy dopyyoywantsoopdopit? / ty?p</sspa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>88.pW>ywii<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img5.ph.126.net/lg4fMEOwVE6tAW1LI1eo-A==/609393324595690645.jpg".>alt="".>/>lossrrysab Butyyo.p<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>89.pAe>Iyyoyrcady fnroia?p</sspa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>>90. Thanksyyo/Thanks/>Thanksyyoy vea muchp<//spa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet".>></ ry-g>【2011陕西】<e>Iae>Iyyop oing?p</p><pystyle="m rgin-leftA:16ptt".>>B::81t.</spaystyle="aext-decorma on:unaerlin>;" ></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet".>>I'md oing.(ioyttetstnre) ioybuyp sme bnoks/I'md oing.ioyttetbnokstnre/>To buypbnoks/>To ttetbnoktstnre(bnoktshop)<//spa>y<;" >>> p </spaystyle="nClor:bpuet".>>Wtatp(plwce) iesit/ What iesttetRcadwre' Room ?<resstudentesceasexchange() iheiesold0bnokspwithtOihers.p</p><p>B::Ttatp sondesgrcat!.83t.</spaystyle="nClor:bpuet text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>Wt>e>Iiesit ?<>HNw.ceasIs et(go) iheeht/ Whichsbussceas1st kmy?<>Itsl kmestenImnnutmes(ioy et:th>e>)/ Ab ButtenImnnutme/Ten(10)Imnnutmey<e>. Thanks!.<>:81p<//spa>oyyo?p</p><p>B::Iswaescaught>tn ttettannsyesterdsa.:I'vetgot aybadycyoghssndsmy h>ad hurtey><>:82p<//spa>oies38</up>0</sup>C.sO fe>tdthrribley><reuesnnthingsseriousy:Yyoyjust hrvetaynCla.pHrvetaygnod rest,Iandsyyo'il0besfinetsoon.p</p><p>B::Thanks,IIywiil.pA-y nth>r>suggestions?p</p><p>A::Yyo</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>: 83p<//spa>obetser choos>syyor clnth>esaccordingsto ttetw>ath>e>report.pTh>Iw>ath>e>often changee>tn>summer.p</p><p>B::y</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>84p<//spa>owiil0ttetw>ath>e> >yto orrno?p</p><p>A::Now,Iw>'ehttn ttetseasonlofstanny</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>: 85p<//spa>ostiil0bestanny oo orrnoK:Wt>n0yyoy opout,Ipleasest kmyen umbr>llaK:<>81t._______ 82t._______ 83t._______ 84t._______ 85.s_______ </p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet"pp>81t.capital 82t.O ve 83.spopuletionl84t.Diff>rents85.ssymbClo</sspa></p><pystyle="text-align: clnter;".>>p&nbsp;<>第三节 补全抖曰 根旧舷挛陌严旅娴亩栽徊钩渫暾#ü5个小题,每小题2分) <>A::Wtatpae>Iyyoy oing.toydosafner ttetexams?p<//spa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>Bpppy</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>(76).pp<//spa>sK:Dopyyoyhrvetany gnod deas?p<//spa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>A::YmeslIw>ntsoopr>laxsmyswlf .So Iswantlioy opoosattripo</sspa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>6:pSsondesgrcat!py</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>(77)</sspa> ?p</sspa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>A::I'dI iaklto op smewh>res oierestingIandsexciting.p<//spa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>6:pTh>re iesasnew zoopin Changshapppy</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>(78).o</sspa> ?p</sspa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>A::No,lIshrvean's.Wtatpab Butyyo?:</sspa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>B::y</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>(79).o</sspa> .pButtmy cyosin w>ntsoh>reslwst w>ek.pH>ytold0mespeople cyold0watchsthetanimais tteehttn a.mor>Inetural environmentK:s<//spa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>AtRcally?pThatp sondes oieresting.pLetues opto ttetzoopto eth>r>B::OK.p >Iceas opth>e> bysbussto orrno.p<//spa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>Aty</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>(80)Io</sspa> ?pItuesnot ooodfee fromlteeh.pA-d lndingsa bike iesaskinalofsgnod exercis>s.p<//spa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp></spaystyle="fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>BK:OKlIscean'swaia.</sspa></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet".>>pppyo</sspa></sspa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>76.sI'vetnopideaI /I'm</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g>not sure /I</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g>doan'tkkno /:I'md oing.to...p77:Wteehtwooldsyyoy iaklioy o?<em>pppyo</em></sspa></p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>78pHrvetyyoye ve0be>n0tteeh?p</sspa></p><p></spaostyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>79.pM>Ineithve0/ Neithve0hrvetI /Ishrvean'sbe>n0tteeh, eithve.p<//spa></p><pystyle="text-align: clnter;".>></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-famnly:华文中宋t".>>80.</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g> tysknt lndmna bike?p<em>/o</em>Why doan'swettide</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g>a</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g>bike?/ What</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g>ab Butlndingsa bike?<></ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g><a.pWang Hua?p</p><p>B::Doan'tyyoykkno? 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Ituesonly$18.p<Imnney.(79)_________.p<</p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet"pp>75.:CeasIsh>lp0yyo? / WtatpceasIsdo fnroyyo? <>76.sWtatpsize:do0yyo:wants/tneed? / Wtatpsize:wooldsyyoy iak? / Wtatpsize? <>77t.HNw.much iesit? / Wtatpiestt>Ipriie? <>78.pIt:iesatlittled/Itoo:exp>nsive:/ dear.s.<>79.sThanke.p/sThankesatlot.p/sThank0yyo.p<>【</spaystyle="fnnt-famnly:Arial Unicode MS;"pp>2011<>湖北黄冈】</spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp></trong>第二节<mnnitnr.sShe' esialkingstopLi Ming.p).HpayMei:= HpLi Ming = Lp<Ihospital.:Oor>Englishsteacher Mrs.pGao iesiil0andsknosin hospital.:<Im tser? <e dsaesagoK:She0iesalwryesaryundsos befnreocxams.pShe0iestoo:busy ootseestt>Idoctnr.sWe'd betsertgopandsseesher tomorrNw. 90. __________? <ntstaehtne ve0too:smail.pShe0te>atstos all resher own childeha.p<Ihospitalygatesaty8:30 aK:m.p<Ihospital.s.<Inth>rs ab Butit:by usinglQQ.,<>答案:87t:Wtatphrpp>n>a? <>88.pShe0iesin hospital.:89.pWtenldidtst>Ihrvetayterriblesstomachache? 90. Wtatpshoold0w>yt km? 91t.Wtenlandswh>ehtwiil0w>ymeet? <></trong>【2011湖南怀化】</spaystyle="nClor:bpack; fnnt-famnly:黑体; fnnt-size:12ptt".>>第二节 完成对曰<>pppppp</spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>请 根咀约旱氖导是榭鐾瓿赡阌胫骺祭鲜χ涞男槟饪谑浴#ü5个小题,每小题2分) <>T = Teacher pppppY = Yyopp<>T::Now,ImrypI ask yyossome questions ab Butyyor>famnly? p<>Y::Sure. <>T</ub>:</sub>tHNw.m -y people aehttt>ehtin yyor>famnly? <>Y ::(66)______________________________ .</ ry-g>pppyo</s ry-g><>T</ub>:</sub>tWell,lwhopaehttt>y?p<//spa><>Y</ub>:</sub>t(67)______________________________ s.pppp<>T</ub>:</sub>tBysthvyway,swhatpiesyyor>fatt>e? <>V::(68)______________________________s.p<//spa><>T::Tten,lwh>ehtdoeg h>ywork? p<>Y</ub>:</sub>t(69)_______________________________s.p<//spa><>T::Um.pDoegsyyor>mnth>r>work:too? <>Y</ub>:</sub>(70)________________________________s.p<//spa><>1 ::Oh.swhatpashrppysfamnly yyoshrve!.<></trong>Keys:: 根靖鋈耸导是榭觯闯龃鸢浮</strong><>【2011贵州安顺】<e dsae.s.<Ipwst two yearet.p<n0h>ehtbefnre? p<ehtootgivetasreport:onyfood safety.two yearesagoK:p<ehtfnro…? p<city. (20)I_____. (希望你玩得高兴) <>答案:16.shNw.lnngshrvetyyosbe>n0in Anshunp<>17t:Wtichsplwc>ssCf.interestIhrvetyyosvisitedt<>18.pWtatpdo0yyo:think:of.yor>city/HNw.do0yyo: iaklyor>cityt<>19.pIt:seemesttatpyyoshrvetkknonsyor>city/it: veyswells<>20. I hspetyyotwiil0hrvetasgood tamm/shrvetfun/enjoypyyoreeif.<>Hpvetasgood tamm/sHpvetfun/Enjoypyyoreeif.<>【2011山东】<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>A::H>llo,pLin Feng.p(1)____________<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>B::Oh,Ih>llo,lLi Lei. I'md oing.to.watchsthetfootball m tchsbetwe>n0yor>Chines>steamlandstt>IKnrepay<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>team.<//spa>ppp<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>A::Oh,Ittatuessuch payimportantsm tch. I doan'swantsootmnsst t.p(2)____________</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>B::Ofpcyoree.pLetues o.<//spa>ppp<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>A::It:seemesttatpyyos iaklfootball veysmuch.pDopyyoy iaklP.E.? <;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>B::(3)____________</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>A::Why not?<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>B::Becaus>stt>Iteacher justtletstos plwyygameesyoreeivme.sWtatpab Butyyo? <;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>A::I iaklit: veysmuch.p(4)____________<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>B::Yyosaehtlucky.<//spa>ppp<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>A::(5)____________<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp>B::Yme,Ihrvinglsportescpaym kmyos h>althy. <;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:redt".>>1t.Wteehtaehtyyos oing? /Wtatpaehtyyos oingstopdo? /Why aehtyyosin such pshurry? <;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:redt".>>2.:CeasIsgopwithtyyo? <;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:redt".>>3.:No,lI doan'.p/sI doan's iaklit:atpail.p/sI'mdnot interestedtin t.p/:Not:atpail.p<;"pp></spaystyle="nClor:redt".>>4.:Oor>teacher teachestos a.lntpin P.E.tlessons./ W>Ihrvetm -y kindssnf.activitimesin yor>P.E.tlessons. <>5.pDotyyos iakl(hrving)lsporte?/sDotyyosofthn.do0sporte?/sYyosaehtgood atpsporte,Iaehan'syyo? <></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>【<>2011襄阳<>】<></trong>六、完成句子</strong>s(本大题满分14分,每小题2分) <>阅读下列各小题, 根纠ê拍诘暮河锾崾荆镁淠├ê拍诘挠⒂锏ゴ释瓿删渥樱⒔鸢感丛诖鹛饪ㄉ系南嘤μ夂藕蟆#ㄗ⒁猓褐恍创鸢福蕴獾钠渌谌莶坏贸氪鹛饪ā# <>66t.----:Ceasyyoscome ootmysbirthdayyparty? <>ppy----:Sorry,II.cpan'.pI </spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<>67t.----Doegst>Ido0exercnses e vea dsa? <>ppy----Yme.sIt:</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<>68.p----:Dotyyoskkno paything.ab Butthht ing>e? <>ppy----Yme.sI h>artst>I</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<Iagw nf.six.p( ing) <>69.p-----sDidtyyos ostoptt>Imovieslasttnight? <></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>ppy----:Yme.sButtby tt>Itamm Is otptt>re,Itt>Imovies</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>70.I----sI'vetwaia>d0h>ehtfnroalnngstamm.pItuestoo:late.p<></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>ppy----:Boan'sworry.sYyos</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>71t.----swhatpdo0yyosthink:of.tt>Ihotel? <></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>ppy----Theyp</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppypy<></spaystyle="fnnt-size:12ptt".>>72.:----sCould0yyostellsmm </spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>ppppy<>pyp----sSorry,II.doan'skkno.p<></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>66t.hrvestop(staysatphome and/to) lnoksafnerp(t kmsceew nf/sceew nf):my grandmnth>r>atphome <></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>67t.t kms him haif.aashyorstoprunlto keepp(stay)ofit(h>althy)lto m kmyhiesbody strongp<></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>68.pbegpay(stara>d)lto bes(become)Iinterest>d0(t km payinterest)Iint inginglfnreignt onges<></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>69.phad be>n0onyfor>mnew ttaay(o ve)lt>n0minutms <></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>70.Iwoan's(cpan'/aehan's oing.to) lerves(aehan'slerving) (h>re)Iuntnl yyoseew cail>as(someoaetcailgsyyo) <></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>71t.serve(d)l(us)pweemlyyenooghlto m kmyos fe>l atphome <></spaystyle="nClor:bpuet fnnt-size:12ptt".>>72.:ifp(wh>tt>e)ltt>Imath0(game/competitnn)Ishoold0b put nffp(wht hoold0put nffptt>Imatch/game/competitnn)Ibecaus>snf.tt>Iranns(becaus>sit:wiil0rann/it:iesranning) <>【2011湖南长沙】<atIcyontry! 66___________? <Ieew oing.to lervesonyJulyy15.tt.s <ehtfnroa few.dsae.s <eh? <>答案:66.HNw.ab Butthhtweatherstt>eh? <>67.pWtenleew yyos oing.to lerve? <>68.pHNw.lnngswiil0yyo:staystt>eh? <>69.pW>Ieew oing.t hoppingl andsvisitinglsome famyos plwc>ss. nroW>Ieew oing.to tt> beach.p<>70.IGoodbye.<//spa>ppp<>71< wry to tt> poet office? < road andstt>nsturn left.pItuesnextpto Xinhua Bnokstoret.p<>72<>73<>74< No.9 bustnrott> No. 12 bus.s <>75<sme 72.:HNw.fee iesit? 73.:Certannly/Sure 74.:Whichs 75.pwelcome <></trong>(2011&nbsp;湖南衡阳&nbsp;)<kend wrssge>at. I felt: veyshrppy.p<nt to e smailsviilage.sIsvisitedtmysgrandpa0with0myspar>nts.p<eh? <kend? <d0atphome andsdid0myphomework.p<></trong>68、HNw.wrssyyorowe>kend? <></trong>69、Wtere did0yyosgo? <></trong>70、Iesit.fee? <></trong>71、Such ps:I plwy>d0football,lw>nt fishinglandssopoa.p<></trong>72、That.wrssterrible.p<></trong>【2011新疆阜康<kendpholiday,:please.p<re eew m -y trrvel0paths.s(1)</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>pppp<sJinggpag>mnuntanns.s<allyyworth0visiting.s(2)</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>pppp<:HNliday:HNme ies veysgood.sWtatuesmnew important, (3)</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>pppp<nsiveIhotel.sThatueswhat.w>'il0do. <>pppp<>pppp<kend. <;"pp>B::Thanktyyot.<>1t.Wtich(path/oae)pwould0yyos iaklto choos>? <>2.:WhichshotelIdo0yyoswantsoot ive/stry in? <>3.:ituesquite/ vey)ch>ap/ituesnot exp>nsive. <>4.:Wiil/Could0yyosplease fiil0intthiesfnrm? <>5.pSure./Certannly./Ofpcyoree./Yme,Iit:iesquite.ailstight. <>【2011?四川成都】</spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp></trong>十、看图填空,一空一词。(共5小题,每小题1分;计5分)p</strong><Icantseesttat.a school </spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> <> <ehtin tt> picturh? And whopaehttt>y?p<//spa><re eew se va.pFivetaew stud>ntstand tt> </spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> <mlaew </spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> < tt>y doing? <> <ntstaew sketingpandstwo nf.tt>mlaew </spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> < gryund. <> < woma-ues</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> <d sketing? <d sketings</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> <> <>答案:81t.iesholdingl82.:rest;sreporters 83.:interviewing;srestingl 84.:answ>ring;squestion 85.pfive;sagos<>【2011?四川成都】</spaystyle="nClor:bpack;"pp></trong>一、完成对曰。在对曰空格中填上适当的单词,使对曰完整正确。一空一词。(共10小题,每小题1分;计10分).<n>a to yyosyesterdayye vaing? <d0(<> 1 <> 2 < whole dsasyesterdayyttat.I.couldan'sstop mysjob0fnroa</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 3 <dtit: veyslatesintthhte vaing.s <> 4 <rIpwst ainet.p<> 5 <n? <d tt> donroandsquicklyyw>nt</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 6 < firsttflooe.sWtenlIs otptotmysceesIsfyundsttat.I.hadan'</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 7.p < donronf.tt>Ioffiie.s <n? <d totmysoffiie.sAt.tt> donroI wrss b Buttott kmyout my</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 8p <nlyy</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 9.p < h>ad.s < person</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 10 p <noandst> woew a stocking(<ad.s <ak/restI p 4.:lerves p 5.psure <>6t.doons p 7t.lock>d 8.pk>y 9.psomebody/someoaet 10.Iclerrly <></trong>(2011湖南岳阳中考)</strong></sspa>B)完成对曰 通读下面的对曰,然后 根旧舷挛牟蝗栽荒谌荨</p><p>Gina::Hi, Mary.sYyor skirt.iessopbeautiful. <>71 </sspa>? <>72 </sspa>? <re lasttsummer.pI had as ood tamm. <>73 </sspa>? <s. <>74 </sspa>? < people tt>re aew vey friendly andskind. <>75 </sspa>. <>71t.Wtere did0yyosbuy it? <>72.:Did0yyosgostt>re lasttsummer? <>73.:HNw.wrsstt>sweatt>rstt>re? <>74.:What.do0yyosthink:nf.tt>Ipeople tt>re? <>75.pSeesyyo!.<>通读下面的对曰,然后 根旧舷挛牟谷栽荒谌荨<//spa><> 66.s <> 67.ps <re yyosaew. <Ihoreeslnokes veysnice.sDotyyosofthn.draw.in yyor>frce tamm? <> 68.ps <> s 69.p <situes vey interesting.pAndsmysrraIteacher ies vey kind totme.s <> s 70 p <k. <></trong>66t.WtatIaew yyosdoing? <></trong>67t.Sure/Certannly/Ofpcyoree/No problhm <></trong>68.pYme,IIsdo. <></trong>69.pWhy <//trong><//spa><></trong>70.IHNw.ofthn.do0yyoshrves -srraIlesson? <>(2011广西南宁市)<//spa>请 根径栽荒谌荩酉旅娣娇蛑醒〕鑫甯鍪实钡木渥硬谷对唬⒃诖鹛饪ㄉ习匆笞鞔稹F渲杏辛较钍嵌嘤嗟摹</p><p>A::Welcome ootI COOL, YOU COOL, madam.IHNw.cantIyh>lp yyo? <saew tt>slatesttfashioa.___</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" >72__<//spa>__ </p><p>B::Ittlnokescool.pBut I doan's iaklbtight:grcea.p<r>nClors: pink,sge>y ,darkyred andsy>llow.____</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" >73_<//spa>___ </p><p>B::Pink.pCould0yyos how:me ttat.light.pink.oae? <at price.sI'il0t kmyit. <favyorite? <sbtight:grcea.oae? <>【2011梧州】</spaystyle="nClor:black;"pp></trong>情净交际</strong>(每小题1,共10分) <sme.:___56____ <//spa><re ie.pItuesonytt> Fifth0Strcet. s <n0minutms' wrlk.p</sspa><re a:banktnearot>re? <re by bus? </sspa><re?</sspa><>56t.B 57t.E 58.pD 59.pA 60.IC <//spa><>【2011贵州贵阳】<slighte.p</sspa><Iget:atlotpnfIpwper0atphome,p</sspa><rIclern yyor>room e vey day.s</sspa><s hower.p</sspa><lp yyo? <splwstic:bags.p</sspa><lp srvestt>senvironment? p</p><p>B::Yme.pBut what.cantIydo? </p><p>A::Weil.::::51 </p><p>B::Yme,Ittatueseasy.sSometamms:I turn onytt> ligh<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img7.ph.126.net/9N47n7IQIvX8E0yihJsKNA==/2584784711151074307.jpg"ppalt=""pp/>teswithout thinking.pWtat' esnext? </p><p>A::Second,Iyyoscantr de a:bicycle.:::52 </p><p>B::That:wiil0srvesmoaey,:toot.WtatIelsm? <s howerswhenlyyo're not u ingsit.s <nsturn onytt> howersandswrsh0 tpnut.s <lp tt>senvironment? </p><p>A::Yme,lw>shrvestotsrveswater.pAndsfifth,It kmya:bagswhenlyyotgos hopping. 55 </p><p>B::OK.pMyyparentssdotmostpnfItt>s hopping. I'il0tellstt>m.I</p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bluet".>>AGBDFI<//spa><>【2011湖南湘西】<ading.I</p><p>C::Heuesplwyingsbasketbail.I</p><p>D.ISheuescooking.I</p><p>E.IGe>at!&nbsp;</p></td></tr></tablh></div><p>61t.HNwues tp oing? </p><p>62.:Wtat'esst>sdoing? <sweatt>r? </p><p>64t.WtatIaew yyosdoing? <sdoing? <>【2011福建莆田】<smedicine? <//spa><> s 38.ps I<//spa>pWtat'eswrongswith0yyo? </p><p>A:</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> s 39.p <//spa> </p><p>B::Dotyyoshrves cough? </p><p>A::</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> s 40 p I<//spa>pI.coughsknosandstt>-.IIIIIII</p><p>B::HNw.lnngshrvesyyo be>ns iaklthis? <> s 41 <//spa> AndsI'mdfe>lingsterriblhskno.p</p><p>B::Let:me ch>ckyyyo o ve.:Oh,Iyyo hrves fe ve,Itoot.</p><p>A::Ies tpserious? </p><p>B::Nnthingsserious.IT kmythiesmedicine andsdrink mnew water.p </p><p>A:</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> s 42 <//spa> </p><p>B::Thrce tammesatday.sHrvesasgood restIandsyyo'il0besailstight:soont.</p><p>A;:Thankesa <imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img8.ph.126.net/Oovb3IONAZObqVmmUVYMlw==/1550645646716121338.jpg"ppalt=""pp/>lott.</p><p>B::Nnt0atpail.I</p><p>38.:_________39.p_________ 40.p_________ 41t._________ 42.:_________ </p><p></spaystyle="nClor:bluet".>>38—42 DCBEA</spaystyle="fynt-famnly:宋体;".>> <//spa><//spa></p><p></trong></spaystyle="nClor:bluet".>>【2011云南昆明】<> s(71)pypy__ <//spa>< mnvies? <//spa><stt>ysrrhtfun-y.s <aroMe.:Bern iesoa.IIII___________.I<//spa><re wiil0w>smcet? <//spa>< mnviesswith0mm?<//spa>&nbsp;</div></li></ol></td></tr></tablh></div><p style="margin-left::9pt;" ></spaystyle="nClor:black;"pp>B::______________ <//spa><>【2011陕西】<sLantern Festival</em>(元宵节)<em> today.sLinsJimycomeestotm>shiesAmericantfriendsJim.II</em></p><p>Jim::Hi, LinsJim.INicestotseesyyo.I</p><p>LinsJim::Hi, Jim, 76t.</spa style="nClor:bluet".>></spa style="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>>H>re rrhtsome sw>et0dumplingesfnrsyyo<//spa>.<//spa> </p><p>Jim::Sw>et0dumplinge? 77t.</spa style="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>></spa style="nClor:bluet".>>Woo,sthanke!<atstt>msonytt> Lantern Festival.I</p><p>LinsJim::Hnosge>atsyyo rrh! 78.:</spa style="nClor:bluetstext-decoration:underline;" >Wtatselsmsdotyyo kknosab Butthiesfestival?<//spa> </p><p>Jim&gt;pWell,lonytt> dayspeople wiil0watch.lantern howesat night.andsguesestt>sr ddles Onytt> lanterns.pThiesfestival iesoastt>s15th0nfItt>sfirst,plunaro(农历)Imnnth.pIt ieshanded doonsfrom Tpag>Dynwsty,:79.p</spa style="nClor:bluetstext-decoration:underline;" >Yyo kknosIde>allyylo v.Chines>sculturh.<//spa> </p><p>LinsJim::Sotglad toth>arothat!sI am proud0nfIyyo.INnosituestamm totcookstt>sd>licioustfnod.s80.ppppp</spa style="nClor:bluetstext-decoration:underline;" >Ishopw yyoswiil0 iaklit.<re rrhtsome sw>et0dumplingesfnrsyyo.ppppppppppIshopw yyoswiil0tiaksit.I</p><p>Dotyyoswantsootkknostoode>.ab Butit? Woo,sthanke! </p><p>Yyo kknosIde>allyylo v.Chines>sculturh,<re.I<//spa><a shalllw>smcet? <//spa>< bnoketore <ad bnokesonytt> Internet. <ad onytt> computer.p</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 44 <sbnoketore w>scantfind ma-yywonderful0bnoke.p <at.pSeesyyoytt>-.I<>41-45 CABED <>.选词填空<re yyo.lwstpnight? <//spa>< cinema.s<ally?pIes tp</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 78.p<ssrved0his </spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 79.p<s</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 80sp<></trong>【2011黑龙江绥化市】<stt>sbesttrespons>sfrom A totF.acc rdingstottt>ssenteacws givent.Each.choices hould0besus>d0nnlyyoacw.s<sgift.pItuessopnice.s<sfinal exam!.< yyors? </p><p>( )49.pAnimalesare yor friendst.Wes hould0protectstt>m,p</p><p>( )50.pRememb>rstotturn nffptt>slighteswt>nsyyo.lerveshome.s<e with0yyo.s<></trong>(A) 46—50 FCADB </strong><></trong>【2011黑龙江绥化市】<stt>sdial gue with0proper0words or senteacws.s<spark.:I' v.look>d0for him e veywhere,pbut I cann'sfind0him.IWtatsshalllI do? </p><p>A::</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" >(52)_<scanth>lp yyo.s<stellsmm </spa style="text-decoration:underline;" >(53)_<> (54)_<sfind0him.IB::Thank yyos veysmuch.p</p><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>></trong> (B):51.IWtatueswrongswith0yyo /IWtatuestt>smata>rI(with0yyo) /IWtatuesyyorstroublhs/IWtatues<></trong>tt>stroublhs(with0yyo)/IWtatuesups/IWtatshappen>d0<></trong>52.:Doan'sworrys/IT kmy tpeasys/IDoan'sbes(too)tnervyos/ upsets/Iworrieds/Isad <></trong>53.show.old0t>s(yyorssoa)pie/Iwtat his (yyorssoa's) age ie <></trong>54.IWtatsdoeg t>s(yyorssoa)plooks iakl/IWtatuest>s(yyorssoa)pliaks<></trong>55.pWtat'esyyorstelephoae (phoae)tnumb>r/:Yyorstelephoae (phoae)tnumb>r,:pleases<>【2011哈尔滨】<re a-ythingswrong? <//spa><sdoesan's iaklit0atpail.I<//spa>< yyorstelephoae,:please?<//spa><ally?pWtatsdoeg yyorsmnth>r>nagsyyo.rb Bu? </p><p>B::</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 77.<smnth>rss iaklswyingstt>s> words tottt>ie childrea.p<snagssyyo0becaus>sst>scareesab Butyyo.IYyo're lucky tothrvessuch.as ood mnth>rt.<e with0yyo.s</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 80s<swiil0ne ve nagt.<>76-80sBDFAC <//spa><>【2011呼和浩特】(选择型)<ad tt>sno vls<em>Jane Eyre<>y!<nswantingstote>ad for atlongstamm,pbut I cann'sget:atcopy.sTt>slibraey hrs.nnlyythrce copies0rnd0</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 57 t.<sway,:whenlcantIIget:it? <scom>stotmy hyose after school? <//spa><aroth>reues oingstotbesasbasketbailsmatch.this Sunday.sTom rnd0I are oingstotwatch.it.I</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" >61 <smatch.IWtatsaIpity!.<at!.</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 63 <sbustetop0atphalfIpwstpfivet.<re must besa:big crNwd0nfIpeople tt>re atsttatstamm.</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 64 <mstogether.p</p><p>Ct.Dotyyoswantsootwatch.tt>smatch? </p><p>D.IWt>nsrnd0wheresstalllw>smcet?<adingsa:bookt.<scantwatch.a videot.<//spa><et.pWt>nsyyo0get:tottt> secondstraffic:lighte,Iturn left.pAtstt>send0nfItt>sstr>et,Iyyo'llsseesatnew hytel.II<//spa><ssupermarket.II<//spa><reuesa smallssupermarkettnext:tottt> hytel.I<stightt.<so ve:totmy hyose? <//spa><>答案:61-65FDABG <>(共<>每小题<>分,满分<>分)</sspa></trong> <> 根径栽磺榫昂湍谌荩佣栽缓笏难∠钪醒〕瞿芴钊朊恳豢瞻状Φ淖罴蜒∠睿⒔鸢柑钊胂嘤Ψ胖蟮暮嵯呱稀Q∠钪杏辛礁鑫嘤嘌∠睢</sspa><lp yyo,ssie? </p><p>Ma-: </spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 66.s.<sdot.Wesaleothrves otpblue,pbrNwnsrnd0whitet.<mson,:pleaset.<aper? <//spa><mson t.<r>nClors? <//spa><reuestt>smnney.s<sbrNwnsnnes? <//spa><>66-70sECFADI<//spa><>【2011?广西柳州】<></trong>86t.B 87t.E 88.F 89.pA 90.D <>【2011</trong>本溪<atsfor lunch? </p><p>Tom:</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 17.ps<d0by tt>mt.<alth.p<ally enjoy tt>m.p<atsless.p<atstt>m.p<></trong>16-20sGAEFD<ally excit>d0ab Butlerving0fnr London tomnerNw, Judy!.<scustoms0rnd0ma-nere in UK.p</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 74 <d0fnr dinnert.Ituesimpolit>:totarriveslate.p<ie gueste totbeson tamm.p<re? </p><p style="margin-left::11pt;" >A:</spaystyle="text-decoretion:onderlinwt".>> 76s <sonlyyfnr tt>sm>al.pWtentyyor friendssseemstotbesgettingssleepysrnd0running0 Bu nfIthinge ,ituestamm totlerve.pThetnext:day,0callsnr write:asthank-yyotnnt>:totswy how.much.yyotenjoy>d0tt>se vning.p<sm>al,tdoan's ervesatsoacw.s<sgivesmm athrrd? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >Wtatsrulestdo0tt>y hrvesin Britain? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >But I'm r:bitpnervyos.</div></li></ol></td></tr></tablh></div><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>></trong>答案:<atsa-ythingt.I'mtnnt feeling0wellsknot.<adache,Itoot.And0my throatshurts.p<d0for 2 or 3sdpystand0t kmythe Chin>s> medicine.p<als.p<sproblhm? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >HNw.oftens hould0I t kmyit? <d0ymeterday.&nbsp;<></trong>答案:<>【2011广西崇左】<re tt>spatatotchipa invented? A.Insr:bank.p<re yyotlate? B.Ymetsure.I</p><p>58.Could0yyotpleas>ssweep0tt>sfloor? C.Itueseight0ttirty. <re doeg yyorssister0work? E.I o veslept.I<>56t.D 57t.E 58.:B 59.pC 60tpA <>【2011广西崇左】<d0me.s<sbue,sIssaw.a woma-t>ating0bananastand0thrcw0tt>sbanana skine out tottt>swindnot.<r whatsst>sdid0wrs.nnt tightt.<re tightt.Throwingstt>slitter0awayswiil0pollutestt>senvironment.I<e with0yyo.s<d? <//spa><sdotttat? <//spa><sdotttent<re? <//spa><n? <//spa><at?<//spa>&nbsp;<>61t.D 62.tF.63.A 64t.E 65.C <//spa><>【2011广西贵港】<swry tottt>ssupermarket? B.IItuesr:bitpfrr.pI<.I<re assupermarkettnear yyor hyme? </p><p>F.pI'mt vey huagry eotIswantstotbuy eomethingstot>at.I<ssupermarketson yyor left.<re isan'.I<ssupermarket? </p><p>B::Dotyyoswantstotgostt>re? </p><p>A::YmetIsdot(72)_________________I<sway.sW lksdownstt>sstr>et,(73)________I<ally?pHNw.ca-tIIget:tt>re? </p><p>B::Yyo.ca-tgostt>re by bust(74)_________I<></trong>ⅣtpA. 71t.E 72.F73.G 74.B 75.D <>【2011广西贺州】<s iaklsinging? <nsrnd0where wrs.st>sbnen? </p><p>B</ub>:<ngdu, Sichuant.......D.IShe wrs.as ood studentt n tt>snClleg>.I<sis twenty -tsevenIymars Cldsknot...........E.IWhyydoeg st>sbecomm famyos? </p><p>B</up>:</sup></spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > <swhe-tshe wrs. n nClleg> <.</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > <tshe sings.w>ll.I<>71t.C 72.C 73.D 74.B 75..E <//spa></p><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>>【2011遵义】<lp yyo? </p><p>M:YmetIswantstotvisitptt>sSummer Palwcw and0tt>sTsinghua University.</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" >::51 <//spa>...</p><p style="margin-left::16pt;" >W:Yme,this.nne doeg.Yyo.visitpTsinghus Universityt n tt>smnening.Right0after lunch,th>stmet nfIthw afternoon is.spentt n tt>sSummer Palwcw.I<re issti? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >Whatsis th>scost nfIthw tour? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >Dotyyoshrvesa-yytours thatsinclude.bnth nfIthwm? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >On,thatullsbes vey helpful.I<stour t km? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >HNw.much.dosyyothave? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >Wh>re are yyo stwying?&nbsp;<sHilton Hytel.I</p><p style="margin-left::16pt;" >W:LetuesseetTh>sbustetopstth>re ats8:50 am.I<safternoon.I<re a-yyEnglish-speaking guides? </p><p style="margin-left::16pt;" >W:I'm rfraid.nnt.But we hrvesthis.guide:bookt.<splwcws yyoulls.</p><p>seetItuesfrce.Plers>tt kmyit.I<></trong>C 52、E 53、G 54、B 55、DI<//trong><//spa></div><p style="margin-left::10pt;" ></spa style="nClor:bluet".>>【2011黑龙江齐齐哈尔】 <//spa></trong> (pA ) Choos>tth>sbmet tmepons>tfrom A totFIaccordingstottt>ssentenckstgivent.Eachtchoicw hould0besus>d0nnlyyoacw.s<sgift.pItueseotnicw.I<sfinal0exam!.<tyyors? </p><p>(....)54t.Animalesrre our friends.pWes hould0protectstt>m.I<slighte whentyyoslerve hyme.I<e with0yyo.s<>51—55 FCADB </sspa><>【2011重庆江津】<rentth>re.I<ally?</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 72 <//spa>...</p><p style="margin-left::27pt;".p>Mike::Yme,sIIgostosschool0e vey dpy.pBut oa Fridpy afternoon w>sdosr:lnt nfIactivities0 n tt>sschool0clubs.p<at!</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 73 <//spa></p><p>Mike::SevenIsubjects.pThey are English,smath,Ihistory,0science,tphysice,srrt and0P.E.I</p><p>Joh-:</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 74 <ll0 n it.I<></trong>71-75. ACGDB <//trong><>【2011广东深圳】<d0a-yyplwcws n Chinr:befnre? </p><p>Paul::Yme,s1 hrvesbee-ttosShenzhen.I</p><p>Sally: HNw.did0yyotgostt>re,Iby bus or hyytrain? </p><p>Paul::Neith>r.II wentIby______(52).I</p><p>Sally: Wh>n.did0yyotgostt>re? </p><p>Paul::Laet yerr.pWt>n.I______(53) th>re,tit0wrs.ale>ady midnight.pIt______(54) mm 3 hyorstI</p><p>Sally: Whatsdo yyo think nfIShenzhen? <re are________(55).nicwr <>CAFDB </sspa><>【2011广东深圳】<.I<? <d0atstentI</p><p>Mr.IGrcen::Donn'sworry.sI</p><p>'MrstIWhite::Thank yyo eotmuch.pMrstIGrcentI</p><p>MrstIGrcen:_(60) <>BDGAF <//spa><>【2011雅安】<y're 150 yuansI</p><p>Tam: Oh! </spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 58.ps<sblue.nnes? </p><p>Shopkeeper::140 yuantI</p><p>Tam: Aleottoodexpensive, </spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 59.p <//spa>.p </p><p>Shopkeeper::Yme,sTt> whilhsbootstcost nnlyy100yuans.And0tt>y're good.sI</p><p>Tam: Letsmm seep </spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 60 <//spa><re a-yycheaper.nnes? <//spa><ytcost? <//spa><y're toodexpensive. <//spa>< white:nnes. <lp yyo?<>56-60 FBCADI<//spa><></trong>( 2011大庆)</strong><tth>sbmet answer from A totFI n tt>sboxIaccordingstottt>ssentencktgivent.<>答案:<strong>26--30tBAFEC<>【2011山东菏泽】<ady >atentIIIgot up0errlyythis.mnening.p </p><p>Mom: Maybesw>sca-tdo eomethingstogether with yyor fathve0today.p </p><p>Tom::(78) ______But I'mtbusy from mneningstail night0today.p </p><p>Mom: Wh>re are yyo going? </p><p>Tom::(79) ______ </p><p>Mom: Why? Whatueshappening n tt>spark? < park0today.pI'mtworking with them.sI</p><p>Mom: (80) ______Dotptge>at job. < park. <. <>76~80sFADBF <//spa><>【2011山东滨州】< summer hyliday is.coming. (92)</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > < way,0wail yyoIgostt>re alone? </p><p>Linda::(94)</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > <.I<re.I<n.wail yyoIgo? <></trong>【2011福建福州】 <sdoctor's) <> 98.ps: <>Ⅰ.t96-100.FAGCE <>【2011重庆】<n.wail tt> coacwrt begin? <smeet? <sget:there:errlier? <?<//spa>&nbsp;< gate nfIthw park0atsfyor o'clocktI</p><p> B::</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 74 <sgostostt> shopping center totbuy tt> gift? <ntI</p><p> A::ScesyyotI</p><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>>71t.Ftt 根旧暇湟话阋晌示洌芍Ω糜脃es/no回答,故选F。p<//spa><>72.tGtt 根鞠戮涞幕卮餋wrtainly.pI'ds o v to.可知上句是wyold0yyo iak...?故选G。p<//spa><>73.ICtt 根鞠戮浠卮鸢奔浜偷氐悖晕示溆κ荂。p<//spa><>74..E 从下句可知时间定的提前了,所以上句应是问"时间可以提前吗?",故选E。p<//spa><>75. B 对上句提的建议表示同意,故选B。p<//spa><>【2011四川乐山】<ad English0e vey dpy? </div></li><li><div style="text-align: justify;" >Becaus>tI hrvesatlot nfItrouble</spa style="nClor:tmd;".p> <? < exam0e vey tammtIIIe>allyydonn'skknoswhatstosdotI</p><p>A::Donn'sworry.s</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 92 <//spa>...</p><p>B::No,tIsnnlyye>ad English0befnre tt> examtI</p><p>A::</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 93 <ading e veyyday.pMaysIskknoswhatsyyoIare:going tosdo from nNw.on? <ading English e veyyday.p</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 94 <>91—95 CBFAE <//spa></p><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>></trong>【2011 四川广安】< comm bwck? <sgive mm yyor phone numbertI</p><p>A:7667569..Mysnamm is.LiuIWeitI</p><p>B::Ail tighttI______5_____ <? <tI</p><p>D.IHe isan' here:tightsknot.<ll0him toscallsyyoIbwcktI</p></ol><ul><li><div style="text-alig-: justify;".p>________2._________3._________4.__________5.__________ <>答案:1t.D 2.tA 3.IB 4..C5. E <//spa></p><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>></trong>【2011 四川广安】 <allyyne>d0a:good tmet and0t kmytt> medicinet.<>答案:1t.C 2.tD 3.IA 4..E5. B <>【2011?兰州】<y're blue.<tis.ttis.watch? Ies tpyyor,pNick? <>答案:1t.E 2.tB 3.ID 4..A 5.tG<></trong>【2011山东临沂】<yIare:nnt.onlyygood atsstudying,Ibut aleo good atsplwying eportst.KwysandsSue.are:talking ab Butth>mtI</p><p>Kwy::Hello.ISue!.<smatch.p 62I_____________ .< opposing(对抗的)Iteam0waesstrong, our school0wonsatslaet.: <y.are:e>allyygood basketballsplwyerstI</p><p>Kwy::Ymet.Tt>y.ca-tplwy basketballsbetter than others:becaus>tthey practicw much.mneet.IIalwayesscesthem practicing onsthetplwygeoundsinsthetgymIandseometamms.running.aroundsthetschool0track(跑道).I</p><p>Sue:: 64_____________ <r Joh- nr TamIwail beschose-taesthetBmet School Athlete nfIthw Yerr.p<re waesthetmatchIheld? <y.are:cool, are-n'sthey? <//spa><>61t.Ft62.tA 63.tGt64.B 65.D <:weekmndsis.coming. 71t.</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > </spa style="fynt-famnly:宋体;" >▲ .<sPalacw Mus>um?ITt>re:is.ptge>at show.there.I<allyyaswonderfultplwcw tosvisit. 73.t</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > </spa style="fynt-famnly:宋体;" >▲ <sca-tscesfin>:works nfIrrt there.I<at. 74..</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > </spa style="fynt-famnly:宋体;" >▲ <:bmet waytis.tost km.thetondergeound. It t kms nnlyy20 minutest.<smeetsatsmy homesats8 a.m. tomnerow? <sgosthere? <n.andswhere:shallsw>smeet? <sdo there? <sgo? <ntI<//spa>< mm befnre examst.But actuallytintm kms.mm strmesmd.nut.:__67__.<ally?<//spa></spa style="fynt-famnly:宋体;" > __68__<liestfrom friends.insthetsammIsituatioa,0which maytm kmyyyo feel bettertI <ad yyor micoblg,Itheyullskknosyyo bettertI <at.:<al.with itt.:<></trong>【2011湖北黄石】<d0ale>ady.p<tnfIthe bad w>ather.p< nfItea,0H>re:is.the mo-ey.p<!.<? <> 81t.B 82t.Ftt 83.tD 84..A 85.pE <//spa></p><p></spa style="nClor:bluet".>></spa style="fynt-size:12pt;" >【<a.pWhatsdotyyoIsuggmet? <</spa style="fynt-famnly:宋体;" >a!< wayt.Mmy friend Jen-ys iaks.music,ttoo.p</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 64 <tdpye? .<membersa- ancient Chin>s>tpoet.(诗人).I <tdid0eomething mnee:intermeting. I <s>ttraditionst.T>ll0mmymnee:ab Butth>m next tammt. <am?I <ally?.Wh>re arm yyo0going?I <>答案:71~75DCAFB:<>【2011?铜仁】<d0andssad.p<twyold0yyo iakltoIswy.tosyyor0teachers.pndsclaesmates?</p></td></tr></tablh></div><p>A. :Hello, Lo-g Yulin.tIskknosyyo'ee:nne nfIthe bmet graduatmst</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 51... <tI <membersthe paet ttrcesyears nfImy school0life fnr e ve.p<am comm trumt.<ss.pndsgood luckt.Atslaet,IIshopm yor0schoolswillscontinue.tosbesthe top:insTo-grwnt.<at zo-gzi andshold dragonsboatsracest. <d0andsofte-tgnt.punishmenttISo he jumped.intosthe Miluo River andsdied.p.<s>tpeoplesbegwn0tos>at zo-gzi andshave dragonsboatsraces.onsthatsdpy tosmemneizeshim.p.<s>tfmetival.insJune,ttoo?I<tI.<smet.Which is.the wayttosthe nearmettpoettoffice? <? <tI.<adyyfnr yyo soo-.t <xpensivet.<>【主旨大意】教师节Lily打算送宁老师一件礼物,但不知送什么好,只好询问别人,两人讨论,送日记本、送手表、送书、送围巾、最后决定送花。p<//spa><>47.:DI 根旧暇"一个日记本怎么样?",故选D。p<//spa><>48tC 根鞠戮"我不知道她最喜欢什么书。",故选C。p<//spa><>49.B 根鞠戮洌恃。p<//spa><>50.A 根旧暇"花儿怎么样?",故选A。p<//spa><>(2011四川绵羊)</spa style="nClor:blwck;".p></trong>第二节:补全对曰(共5小题,每小题2分,满分10分) <sthey'ee:fu--y.pAnd Isttink ttrillers aee:grwat.: <>56.:D【解析】由问句为do引导的一般疑问句,答语应为Yme或No。又因为下句为"你喜欢什么类型的电影"可知应选D。p<//spa><>57.:F【解析】由下句"No, documentaries aee:boring</spa style="fnnt-family:宋体;" >"可知上句问的"<>58.:C【解析】我发表了自己对纪录片的看法后,由语境可知应问"你呢?",故选C。p<//spa><>59 B【解析】由下句"I iaklaction mnviest"可知是询问"你喜欢什么类型的电影呢?"故选B。p<//spa><>60tIE【解析】 由下句"They'ee:exciting…"可知,上句应是个问句,故选E。p<//spa><>【2011四川德阳】<>66.:C 解析:由上句及下文"I'm0trave<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img5.ph.126.net/2QucEFjR-y6O33ATe5UcHw==/634444597522941225.jpg" alt="" />ling.here, too"可知此处询问"你呢?" <>67.:B 解析:由上句"When.did0yyo arrive?"和下文"I've just arrived"可知此处即回答什么时间到,还问对方"什么时间到?"。故选B。p<//spa><>68.:E解析:由下文"Isenjoyed.it. veyymucht"可知是询问"你旅行快乐吗?"。故选E。p<//spa><>69.:D解析:上文"HNw.lo-g wail yyo stay here?"可知答语应为一时间段,故选D。p<//spa><>70tIA解析:由上句"Ca- I goswith yyo?"可知B愿意和A一起去。故选A。<ally?.But tte temperature in.my hometown.changes a ittle. 18 <thrvesthe Ice andsSknosFmetivaltI<dt.23I.<twail hrvesgood luckt.<tII'd iakltosborrow a bookt<br>A:</spa style="text-decoration:underline;" > 16 <br><dt<br>B::</spasstyle="text-decoration:underline;" >18 <tca-tget togethersin.thessummer holidpye.t<twail 14.then.t<tca-tchattwith each other 15 t.<sthe bmet0pnswer from Atto F accordingstosthe se-te-ce given.t <d tosbesyyongtIBut knos… <d tosplwyttogether. <d 55.tchanged.<tI<xpensivet.______________________________________(94)?I<xpensivet.Whatsabnut ttirty-five? <situs.quite <imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img9.ph.126.net/WB2oZ9QiW5dZgaqH43rHMw==/2772809995593642019tjpg"p alt=""p />ptlong.wpytI<shave as102.<xpensivet.Ca- it.bes104</spasstyle="text-decoration:onderline;"p > <dt.<ball? : D Letus.plwy soccvet<dt.But Isca-'tsfind tamm fnr it.<0tmllsyor head that.I'llsbesbwck by.lunchtamm?<sdpys.:< me, LucytIHave yyosgot0psdictionary? < me, Linda.IHave yyosgot0psdictionary? <tIIswant tosbuysa pair.ofIspnrtsIshoee.t<0? <ge professor, pnd hesis.in.Scotlpnd at.thesmoment.t<sshe is.busy studying.fnr thesentrance examination thes>sdpys.:< me, LisMei.IItus.lunchtamm..Peter pnd Isarm going.tosthesKFC.fnr lunch.t(80)_________________________:We.ca- goson with our talksthere.tI< I saw.a.sad movie just knot./ Becaus> I have just scen.a.sad moviet.< messsC:HellosssD:Hi.< letters? < luncht</spasstyle="text-decoration:onderline;"p >_ (74)t< I ove Tnm.Hanke, pnd Isttought.it.had.a lntsofIcle vr tie-inss(联系,关联)t< are writing.t</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p >D. I have a better.way.t</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p >E. Does.your computer have a microphone? < sounds like eomething (2):_________________________________.t<//spa><. (3)_________________________________.t<//spa><t. <//spa><d toswatching tno much.TV.t<//spa><d tosbesprettyscooltI</sspa><d if you exercis>sproperly.t<//spa>< Hotelt:Cpa Ithelp you? <d you, but you were-'tsinsyour office. </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::B::____ </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::A::What.did you do there? </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::B::I fnund out that:thesfactory was.pouring waste water intnsthesriver near it. ____ </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::Lots ofIfish have died.t</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::A::____ </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::B::Do you think:"Grcvner China"pcpa do eomething? </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::A::____Wescpa writ> a story abnut it.tnsthesTV station and thesnew/sppertI</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::B::____Businvssme- are afraid ofInew/sppers.and TV stations.:</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::A.tI've gn-v tnsaspaper factorytI</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::B.tThatswould besfine. </p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::C.tThatus.terrible!.<t.</p><psstyle="margin-left::9pt;"p > :::E. Good idea!.< there is.going.tosbesa graduation ceremonytI<//spa>< Haisheng.:<severy day so that:Iscpa bisstrong enough:<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img9.ph.126.net/Nv3L0_QI3AQpG3oQjhz7Dw==/2810809117449726299.jpg"p alt=""p />.:And:I'm gning tostudy sciencesat.nClleget.How abnut you ? <//spa>< I ike bei<imgttitle="2010+2011两年全国中考英语试题分类汇编(真题+模拟)补全抖曰 -:yy-gt- 博 学 园" src="http://img4.ph.126.net/Sx3nxJ4EQrmo7YyiHoIqVA==/2585910611057916724.jpg"p alt=""p />ngswith childrwn/Isloveschildrwn… </sspa><t.<//spa><

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